10 Unique Fruits To Take Care Of The Baby In The Womb!

It is a universal truth that becoming a mother is a profound and unique gift to a woman. This gift makes a woman a mother, a man a father and so on. Motherhood is an experience unlike any other thing else on this earth. It is indeed remarkably challenging, yet uniquely rewarding at the same time. There are many life experiences bringing you joy or fulfillment. They  encourage you to grow, but none is comparable to a scale of becoming a mother. Being a mother is totally a different thing as it provides you with a new level of responsibility. It is a full- time job that begins the moment your child is born and doesn’t end until the day you leave this world. So, the gifted woman, the Mother  needs to be extremely careful in identifying those fruits and vegetables which are good for herself and the baby.

There are some pregnancy complications. They may be due to the inner mechanism of growth of the baby in the womb. Some are related to the lady and her health factors and others are genetic and invisible and that can be found out during the delivery process by the gynecologist. The reason for these complications  might be varying, but the fact is food habits also affect it to quite a much extent. So choosing the right food and fruits, in particular, will be of immense necessary.

As per a recent survey, the care taken for  a pregnant lady during this time varies among the rural and urban population. The increase in awareness by governing bodies, people themselves and education system have shown a good result by now.  Still a lot of many efforts is required to eradicate this problem as a whole.

So it is the time to take a good care of you and your baby’s health. As per a famous saying, ‘your baby’s health will be good, only when you take care of your diet during your pregnancy.

Fruits to be consumed at this time

1Bananas: fulfilling fiber + potassium need.

Bananas are  fantastic fruits to relish with taste during your pregnancy. These fruits provide an excellent source of potassium, which helps to keep blood pressure at a normal level. It is also good for the proper functioning of kidney and nervous system. These fruits are the best source of vitamin B6.  These helps the body to make red blood cells and neurotransmitters such as serotonin (the ‘feel-good’ hormone).  It also has vitamin C which has proven its anti-oxidant benefit on our body and strengthens the immune system of fetus and mother both. A strong immune system decides the health of baby for a lifetime too. Very favorite point for bananas is it is available universally and at an affordable price.

Suggested intake: Daily consuming 2-medium sized bananas is advisable. This will provide all healthy nutrients as required by developing a fetus.

Be careful at: It may not be good to eat unripe or partially ripe bananas at this time. Also, it is good in calories, so excessive consumption is not suggested.

2Apricots: fulfills the iron requirement.

These fruits belong to plum families. As fruits, Apricots are known to be high in minerals like silicon, phosphorus, potassium, iron and calcium. Most of the pregnant woman face iron deficiency during this period. They can look to consuming these apricots which are rich in iron. Pregnant women are advised to consume these fruits to gain at least 30 mg of iron on a daily basis to prevent anemia.

Suggested intake: Consumption of 1-2 kernels daily is perfectly safe.

Be careful at Too much of apricot consumption is said to affect the nervous system.  Further, avoid eating unripe apricots, during pregnancy.

3Kiwi: Energy-Booster

Kiwi is not one of those visually appealing fruits as its topical flavor and dull brown color does not attract many people to eat kiwi. But once it is cut and opened, its vibrant green color will definitely leave us mouth-watering. This is an excellent fruit to be included in the diet of pregnant women because of being loaded with plenty of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Rich in Folic acid, and dietary fibers, it assists in keeping a healthy digestive system. Easy digestion is essential to a pregnant woman and she should not face constipation at any time. They need  to eat foods containing folic acid. It assists in easy conception, and doctors recommend to take folic acid rich food at the last months of pregnancy. But avoid this misconception here that it will lead to miscarriage since folic acid is one that  facilitates conceiving.

Suggested intake: Consume 1 kiwi in a day or 2 will provide you with enough nutrients and energy.

Be careful at: Do not eat unripe kiwis. Kiwi in a combination of sugar tends to increase calories, so be assured that you are eating it in natural form only.

4Apples: Anti-anemic

Anemia has been an age-old problem seen in pregnant women. Since these fruits are rich in iron content, they  help in fighting anemia to take care of the mother as well as baby health. Also, these fruits help to combat asthma related problems. They do this by lowering the risk of wheezing,  which ailment your unborn child may suffer in its  early childhood. It acts as a detoxifying agent, minimizes heartburn and empowers immunity. It is a ‘must to take nutrition’ during this time.

Suggested intake: Consumption of 1 apple a day else eating 2 apples, a day will also not cause any harm.

Be careful at Avoid eating crushed form of apples or eating any salty food, 1 hour after eating an apple.

5Mango: Storehouse of vitamin A, C, and calories

Mangoes are those fruits which contain good amounts of vitamins A, B 6 and C, folic acid, iron, and potassium. These contain all essential nutrients for pregnant women. These fruits are also rich in antioxidants, including beta- carotene, and contain plenty of fibers. All these are useful for relieving pregnancy-associated constipation.

Taking a vitamin, A rich diet will aids in good vision, making the strong immune system and maintaining a healthy skin. It is essential for growth and development of body organs of the fetus.

Suggested intake: In your third trimester, to boost up your calorie intake.  Consume mangoes in moderate by sticking to only one or two a day.

Be careful at As per a myth, mango being a thermogenetic fruit, is known to increase your body-heat. But, there is no such evidence that mangoes increase body heat in any way, so the won’t be harmful to your baby.

6Pear: Folic acid supplement

These fruits are safe to eat during pregnancy. They are low in calories and contain several nutrients that are especially important for expecting mothers. Pears are also rich in folate, containing approximately 14 micrograms of folate per piece of a large pear. The presence of vitamin C, fibers and calories are an added benefits contained in it.

Suggested intake: Not excessive eating but 1-2 pears daily will add in baby’s development

Be careful at Pears contain pectin which has a mild laxative effect on the body. You can use pears for constipation by eating them plain or drinking pear juice.

Guava: Fulfilling your rare-vitamin needs.

One of the best health benefits of consuming a guava is that it is rich in ascorbic acid. These fruits contain rare vitamins like vitamin B-9 and folic acid.  These are good for the healthy circulatory system. It also decreases the chances of neurological disorders. With added benefits of lycopene, it regulates blood pressure and blood cholesterol.

Suggested intake: Eating 1 guava in a day or 2 will be beneficial for any pregnant woman as it is a non-allergic fruit.

Be careful at Consumption of unripe or half-ripe guavas during pregnancy should be avoided since it may also lead to a toothache.

7Watermelon: Fulfilling your daily water and mineral requirements

Watermelon, fortunately, is one of the fruits you can and should consume. Watermelon is healthy, nutritious, refreshing and energizing too. It is a good source of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, magnesium, and potassium. It solves many of the problems a woman faces during early pregnancy. It reduces heartburn problems faced during pregnancy. It  alleviates morning sickness and prevents dehydration and swelling. It also decreases muscular cramps and unwanted pigmentation during this time.

Suggested intake: Eat a bowl full of freshly cut watermelons and drink fresh juice.

Be careful at Watermelon gets spoil easily. So, avoid any form of watermelon that has stayed in the open for long as it may cause gastrointestinal problems and lead to nausea and vomiting. Also, watermelon already cut open and kept outside is not good for consumption.

8Strawberries: Immunity booster

Strawberries are a rich natural source of vitamin C, that helps slow down aging and protects the body from free radical damage. It also works as an immunity booster, which helps protect the body against many illnesses. Strawberries contain good amounts of folic acid which helps in protecting the baby against neural tube defects. Adequate folic acid in the diet can help reduce the risk of premature birth and several other disorders.

Suggested intake: Take strawberry smoothie or add a bowl of strawberry to your breakfast cereal. Also, freeze crushed strawberries in ice pop molds are good to eat.

Be careful at Avoid eating unripe or stale strawberries, as it will be harmful to the developing fetus health.

9Cherries: A delicious-red, mineral source.

Cherries contain vitamins, minerals, protein, iron, calcium and several other nutrients. Therefore, cherries can be a healthy snack option for pregnant women. It contains a good amount of anthocyanins compared to other fruits. Anthocyanins boost memory and reduce the risk of dementia-related disease. Cherries are a rich source of potassium and can help regulate your blood pressure. If you are gaining excessive weight during your pregnancy, munch on a bowl of cherries.

Suggested intake: It serves as the best combination with an ice-cream, or as a fruit salad.

Be careful at The tangy taste of cherries may tantalize your taste buds during pregnancy. But, some types of cherries can prove dangerous for you as its seeds contain a toxic chemical, try to be careful while eating.

Avoid eating these  cherries during pregnancy.

Another point worth of mention is to take pomegranate in a measured manner and to avoid papaya during pregnancy.

ur baby’s cells are growing at an exponential rate, and every cell is made of protein, so it is important to take a good care of your daily protein requirement too. These fruits with a well balanced diet will certainly take you to a healthy pregnancy and a birth of a mentally and physically strong child. GOOD LUCK !!!