10 Wonder Spices to Spice up your health!

These spices not only add flavor, color and preserves in the food item but also have antimicrobial properties. Spices are very different from herbs that we commonly confuse them with. These are commonly used in warm climate areas where the possibility of the spread of infectious diseases is more common. Spices make its use in meat too. The adding by which early spoiling of meat reduces. These are the list of top 10 very useful, and easily available spices in our household.

1Sage as a Spices

Goes well with: Squashes; parsley; rosemary; thyme; walnuts

Good for Preserves memory, soothe sore throats.

Suggested eating: Sweet Potato & Turnip Mash with Sage Butter and More Sage Recipes

Today’s botanists prescribe tasting sage tea for bombshell stomachs and sore throats.  one study observed that showering sore throats with these savvy arrangements gave help from viable pain. Also, whoever gave the herb the knowledge hinting “sage” term might have been pointing something related to its preparatory use. Alzheimer’s disease occurs with growing age in few.  In this Acetylcholine a chemical substance in the brain that passes signals gets disrupted rapidly. Experts recommend that’sage’ may enhance a few side effects of schedule Alzheimer’s ailment. This is done  by keeping a key catalyst from crushing acetylcholine. In another study, it has been found that the person who took sage concentrates performed essentially better on memory tests.  Their temperaments made strides.


Goes well with: Potatoes; citrus; honey; garlic; onions; Chile peppers

Good for   Enhance mental focus, fight foodborne bacteria.

Suggested eating: Rosemary can be eaten in combination with Flatbread and Yellow Split pea. It can also be flavoured in tomato based dishes like seafood, beans etc.

In antiquated Greece, researchers wore rosemary wreaths to assist them with studying. One late study found that individuals performed better on memory and sharpness tests. This happened when fogs of sweet-smelling rosemary oil were funnelled into their study work areas. Rosemary is regularly utilized as a part of marinades for meat and poultry.  It is their exploratory insight behind that custom. These spices battle from microscopic organisms. It keeps meat from ruin, and may even make cooked meat more advantageous. It also fulfils iron, calcium and dietary fibre requirement of your body.


Goes well with: Garlic; citrus; ingredients in curry powder, such as coriander & cumin

Good for Quell inflammation, inhibit tumours.

Suggested eating: Turmeric with milk or honey is a natural medicine for lung purification. Also, it makes a necessary part of Indian food.

In India, turmeric glue is connected to wounds to speed mending.  Turmeric powder has become one of the ingredients in Indian kitchen shelves. Individuals taste turmeric tea to soothe colds and respiratory issues. Cutting edge drug affirms some strong gold medical advantages too. Most are connected with curcumin, a compound in turmeric that is known to have intense cell reinforcement. It also helps in calming properties. Curcumin has been appeared to assist ease with tormenting of joint inflammation. It also treats wounds and dental methodology.  It’s additionally being examined for its potential in overseeing coronary illness, diabetes and Alzheimer’s infection. Many experts claim that these spices combat colon, prostate and bosom malignancies.  Preparatory studies have found that curcumin can repress tumor cell development.  It smoothens compounds that initiate cancer-causing agents. Turmeric powder blended with warm milk is a certain source o soothing throat.

4Chile Pepper

Goes well with: Ginger; chocolate; beans; beef

Good for Boosting metabolism.

Suggested eating: Paprika & Red Pepper Soup with Pistachio Puree. There are many Chile Pepper Recipes used these days.

Chiles, which make impressions of warmth, from mellow to red hot, are particularly prized in hot atmospheres.  Incidentally, the flavor helps trigger the body’s regular cooling frameworks. Studies demonstrate that capsaicin is an impactful chemical in hot chiles eases up the body’s digestion system and may help fat blazing.  However, the jury is still out on whether that means long haul weight reduction. Capsaicin might likewise lower danger of ulcers. This is done by boosting the capacity of stomach cells to oppose contamination by ulcer-keeping.  This  brings about microorganisms and helps the heart “awful” LDL cholesterol from transforming into a more deadly. Most of the “chilly” powder or chile powder are said to be adulterated with unwanted ingredients but seemingly of the natural chilly. One can take natural chilly than these powders for cooking menu.


Goes well with: Soy sauce; citrus; chile peppers; garlic

Good for Soothe an upset stomach, fight arthritis pain.

Suggested eating: Ginger forms a part of regular tea and also it can be cooked with vegetables and soups to get an extra flavour.

Customarily  this is used to alleviate colds and stomach inconvenience.  These spices are rich in irritation battling mixes.  For example, gingerols, which a few specialists trust may hold guarantee in battling a few malignancies. It also lessens joint pain problem. In a late study, individuals who took ginger containers every day for 11 days reported 25 percent less muscle torment. This was evident when they performed activities intended to strain their muscles when compared with general medicines. Doctors prescribe ginger juice for fighting obesity also. Another study found that these spices concentrate infusions aided diminish osteoarthritis agony of the knee. Furthermore, ginger’s notoriety for being a stomach soother appears to be merited.  Studies show ginger concentrates can help decrease queasiness brought about by morning affliction or taking after surgery or chemotherapy; however, it is less compelling for movement ailment.


Goes well with: Cloves; nutmeg; allspice; chocolate; fruit; nuts

Good for Controls blood sugar.

Suggested eating: Cinnamon Bread Pudding with Cranberry raisin Sauce has gained popularity from recent times. It can be made a part of the tea or cooked veggies.

If you consume up to 6 grams of these spices per day, it reduces serum glucose, triglyceride, LDL cholesterol. It also reduces the total cholesterol in people with type 2 diabetes. The inclusion of cinnamon in the diet of people with type 2 diabetes will reduce risk factors associated with diabetes. It also assists in combating cardiovascular diseases spikes. Different investigations propose the impacts are constrained best case scenario. These spices combat fungal infection, Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis. The likely effect of cinnamon is also in fighting from liver diseases.


Goes well with: Shellfish, rice, tomatoes, garlic, onion

Good for Boost your mood, relieve symptoms of PMS

Suggested eating: Milk combined with saffron makes the best cure for infection and boosting your immune system. It also has the accessory role in keeping skin healthy and young.

These spices are not readily available ingredients in your house.  But when typically steeped under a medicinal tea pack or used to get ready rice. One of the studies discovered that saffron acts greatly to mitigate indications of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Carotenoids and volatile oils present in it prevent free radical reactions. These  produce harmful by compounds and diseases. Some of the carotenoids like zeaxanthin, lycopene, alpha and beta carotene are widely appreciated. It also checks for your heart health.


Goes well with: lemon zest, mint, garlic, capers, fish, beef

Good for Averts cancer

Suggested eating: Rustic Parsley & Orzo Soup with Walnuts are used for garnishing burgers, salads and soups.

The delicious, vibrant taste and wonderful healing properties of these spices are often ignored in its popular role as a table garnish. Highly nutritious, with herbal properties can be easily found in a supermarket. These spices function as antioxidants that combine with highly reactive oxygen-containing molecules. These are commonly known as oxygen radicals and help to prevent oxygen-based damage to cells. In addition, extracts from these spices have been used in animal studies to help increase the antioxidant capacity of the blood. Specialists suggest including a few pinches for minced new parsley on your dishes every day


Goes well with: lemon, ginger, beans

Good for Blood pressure regulation and heart function

Suggested eating: Garlic and lemon soup

Garlic is very well known spices in our kitchen, with the presence of Allicin, a chemical compound rich in sulphur that gives it a distinct smell. These spices combat many types of sickness.  If you have an age-old problem of hypertension, instead of medicines, chew 2-3 small pieces of garlic. It might be either raw or partially baked, it will certainly keep your blood pressure level under check. Garlic destroys cancer cells and may disrupt the metabolism of tumour cells.


Goes well with: Yogurt, cheese

Good for Averts indigestion

Suggested eating: Prefer eating fresh, green leaves to dry ones. You can add it to soups, tea or as a flavour enhancing ingredients in cooked food items.

Peppermint is an incredible wellspring of vitamin C and it can help alleviate heartburn and peevish disorder. It works well to treat irritable bowel syndrome, a well-known name for long- lasting digestive problems. Menthol present in it fights prostate cancer and enhances brain memory. It works well to fight diseases like tuberculosis.

Spices may play an essential role in your favourite recipes, it also adds a secret ingredients in your skin care regimen. Many spices contain high levels of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, and nutrients your skin and hair need to look healthy. The list of these fragrant botanicals is used in developing damage drugs and beauty products.