11 Super foods those combat stress!

Stress how, why and what? What do you think, if you are following all your healthy diets, doing exercises and taking right hours of sleep?  So you are perfectly on the right track to achieve your goals? You are taking the unnecessary stress and worries about your professional. and personal life and struggling too much with the flickering second arm in your clock. It is really like fooling oneself with all the burdens and not enjoying the life, the way it should be.

Stressful events as the daily hassles of life cause our cortisol levels to rise. Do you know this hormone in our body causes food cravings? And in women, those cravings tend to be strongest for carbs, especially sweet foods, according to researchers?  The more we eat these foods, the worse our mood gets.

These Health Problems affect your body due to Stress.

Once you will check the list you will come to know that you might have faced these problems with yourself.  Or it might be faced  by your closed ones for once or other time in the lifetime.

  • Heart disease
  • Asthma
  • Obesity
  • Headache
  • Diabetes
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Premature death
  • Accelerated aging

Symptoms of stress

Some diseases  affect only one or the major part of our body. Stress doesn’t affect any particular organ or organ system, but it affects the body as a whole and the system as a whole. For example, one under heavy stress does not tend to eat, share a joke, sleep, play with the child, or even sit calmly and pray. As it is not directly related to our immune system directly, so symptoms of stress can vary. Symptoms can be vague and may be the same as those caused by medical conditions. So it is important to discuss them with your doctor. You may experience any of the following symptoms of stress.

  • Becoming easily agitated.
  • Losing control easily.
  • Having difficulty in relaxing.
  • Avoiding others.
  • Headache.
  • Insomnia.
  • Chest pain.
  • Upset stomachs.

So if you rely on stress calming foods, which are also called comfort foods, they are actually meals and snacks that will truly soothe and calm you with intake of  the specific nutrients. They provide  the steady, reliable source of energy. They will get you through the day the  feeling focused, even, and balanced, so that you’ll have the ability to conquer anything.

Let’s check this list of super foods:



The funny thing to know about, these slender stalks are that they make your urine smell funny. And it is due to the high amount of folate in them. You can enjoy it as steamed or can add it to salads. You will love the taste even it is broiled until crisp. Go ahead and eat as many asparaguses as you like.

Avocados    These creamy fruits are really stress-proof for your body. It is rich in glutathione. This is  a substance that blocks intestinal absorption of certain fats that causes oxidative damage. Avocados contain lutein, beta-carotene, vitamin E, and more folate than any other fruit along with plenty of B vitamins, too. Thin sliced on sandwiches, it adds a whole new layer of flavour with it.

Berries as a stress buster

Blueberries have a high level of antioxidant known as anthocyanin. These provide all kinds of positive health outcomes, including sharper cognition for your brain. They belong to a rich family of berries, including strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries. They are rich in vitamin C, which has been shown to be helpful in combating stress. One of the  research theories  has found out that the high vitamin C lowers blood pressure and lower levels of cortisol too after the stress- fest. Frozen berries are also a good supplement.



Out of all nuts my favourite is cashews which make a great snack, and because they are crunchy and a little salty, they cure many cravings. As they are high in calories, so you need to be careful if on a way to lose your weight.  But cashews are an especially good source of zinc which has been linked to both anxiety and depression. Since our bodies have no way of storing zinc, it’s important to get some every day. You can enjoy many ways to make it your regular eatables.  Like coarsely chop a handful and toss them into a chicken stir- fry, or simply roast and sprinkle a pinch of salt.

Chamomile tea


This is probably one of the most recommended bedtime drinks that soothe around. It tastes like the daisies, flowers that are so pretty and charming. With their rich aroma and taste, they are ready to work as your stress busters on a regular basis. Just pour a cup of boiling water over 2 to 3 heaping tablespoons of the dried and steep for 10 minutes. Try having a cup every night. Remember to settle down peacefully with all the technologies turned off like TV, music system, Internet and laptop. Enjoy with ice or plain.


Dark chocolate, in particular, is known to lower blood pressure, adding to a feeling of calm. It contains more polyphenols and flavonols, which are  two important types of antioxidants than some fruit juices. You can safely allow yourself dark chocolate as a snack once a week.  It might also be  as a conscious indulgence and still stay on track with your weight loss results. I always keep a few squares in my bag.



This little gem obtained from the ground is packed with many hidden benefits. The chemicals present in them can neutralize free radicals.  This may reduce or even help prevent some of the damage the free radicals cause over time. A well-known compound Allicin is present in it which has been linked to fending off heart disease, cancer, and even the common cold. Because stress weakens our immune system, we need supporting agents like garlic, which can toughen it back up. You can add it liberally to all the meals on the plan like soups, roasted chicken spread, chutneys or meals.

Green tea

While it does contain caffeine, green tea also has an amino acid called theanine. Researchers had described that in addition to protecting against some types of cancer, this slimming food is a brain booster. It also acts as well, enhancing mental performance. Drink two cups each day to minimize your stress.


Talk about comfort food! A complex carbohydrate, oatmeal causes your brain to produce serotonin, a feel-good chemical. Serotonin has antioxidant properties and creates a soothing feeling that helps overcome stress. Studies have shown that kids who eat oatmeal for breakfast stay sharper throughout the morning. Your satiety can be beaten easily by beta-glucan. This is  the type of soluble fiber found in oatmeal, which promotes greater satiety scores than other whole grains. On a busy morning, it makes your best part of the breakfast.


Another vitamin C powerhouse, you can see in your fridge shelf are oranges. They have the added benefit of being totally portable. That tough skin keeps them protected while they’re bouncing around in your purse or backpack, meaning you can use them anywhere.


oysterAnd you thought oysters were only good as aphrodisiacs! They belong here, too, because you can call them the Godzilla of zinc. Six oysters, which is what you’d typically be served in a restaurant as an appetizer, have more than half the RDA for this important mineral. I think they’re best served on ice with nothing but a lemon wedge.

Set your watch five to 10 minutes ahead to avoid the stress of being late.Break down your big problems into smaller parts. For example, answer one letter or phone call per day, instead of dealing with everything at once. Drive in the slow lane or avoid busy roads to help you stay calm while driving.