11 things to be kept in a medical kit at home.

We all have seen a situation in our house, where the mother is running and worrying about  the availability of medicines because she wants to cure her kid as early as possible. The season-dependent, re-occurring troubles like sinus problems, viral-fever, headache, upset stomach, menstrual pain, athlete’s foot, dandruff, lip conditions, dry skin or simply carrying out dressing of the wound, can all be taken care of, at home only, if the mother is well educated enough. How good it will be, if we can save ourselves from the last minute rush and be prepared to face such situation with confidence. All you need to do for this is to be ready with some vital medicines in your medical kit, that are a sure-shot cure for a particular type of medical condition and to control it at that moment, and if needed then to take to the physician.

You might wonder that you can knock each of these everyday occurring health problems out, for the count and just maybe avoid a visit to your doctor. The secret? A well-stocked medical kit.

Very importantly in a medical kit, you need to take stock of what’s in there already, and then keep a check at its cleaning, expiry and restocking annually. This is also the right time to get your prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medicines out of there, for making it up-to-date. Store your medical kit in a cool, dark and dry place in another room. Let us check the list, about what medicines or medical tools to be kept in a  medical kit.

1Antiseptics as an important part of medical kit

In the case of a minor cut or scrape, you need to clean the wound immediately and stop the blood loss. Apart from the general washing off dust or dirt with soap and water, you can use an antiseptic, to reduce the risk of infection. These are available with different labels in the markets like mild to a high mix of anesthetics, to reduce the sensation of pain. And keeping a bottle of isopropyl alcohol around, will take care of your bathroom fixtures, tweezers, and thermometers, remove hairspray from the bathroom mirror and even prevent ring around the collar.

2Adhesive Bandages

Adhesive bandages come in a variety of shapes and colors, to cover the wound by preventing further damage. Most scrapes do just fine if left uncovered, but if you cut or scrape yourself in a place where the wound could get dirty or where your clothing will rub against it then you need to cover it smartly with an adhesive bandage.

In case, you have a deep cut or can’t stop the bleeding? It is better to see a doctor.

3Pain Lotion or Muscle Cream

It happens sometimes, that you get hurt by a jerk or banging on a solid surface, there is no cut but inner swelling, it shows muscle injury. Usually, we suffer from lower-back pain, in that case, use ointment or pain reliever cream, to get instant relief. In a recent study, it was found out that, anti-inflammatory skin cream reduced soreness by 45 percent in the 48 hours after exercise as compared to pain reliever pill.

As part of the functioning of these topical creams, these get absorbed through your skin into your bloodstream, meaning you should be stingy with how frequently you apply them. Many contain an ingredient called methyl salicylate which is similar to aspirin, but it can be toxic in high doses. Use these anti-inflammatory treatments in moderate amount and safely.

4Tweezers in a medical kit

These are considered as multitasked in removing things lodged under your skin and keeping you pretty.

Tweezers can swiftly remove stray hairs and shape eyebrows. Tweezing excess facial hair, as opposed to shaving it, is meant to last for several weeks as it removes hair from below the skin’s surface.

Most importantly, keeping tweezers in your at-home treatment kit allows you to remove foreign objects from your skin like splinters and ticks. You need to practice a little before using it finally over your skin.

5Fungal Medicines

During rainy seasons, we fall a prey to fungal infection affecting our skin leading to rashes or more severe athlete’s foot. Getting rid of these fungal infections is a tricky business. Treatments can be time-consuming and more often, you need to continue it, even after the symptoms have disappeared, still the chances of re-infection are high. Fungi overgrowth causing infections of skin and nails, the vagina, the mouth and the sinuses should be treated by your doctor only. However, you can usually treat athlete’s foot at home with non-prescription fungal medicines like cream, spray, gel and powders. These are an integral part of your medical kit.

6Dental Floss

If you brush but don’t floss, you’re not cleaning 100 percent of bacteria out of your mouth. Flossing is actually checking the health of your adjoining gum-teeth. Floss removes it from between teeth and from under the gum line and is the easiest way to prevent gingivitis. It can increase your risk of heart attack and stroke. Teeth. Without regular flossing, you’re missing 40 percent of your mouth cleaning. Brushing alone sweeps away plaque but only from the surface of your teeth. Keep it as a part of your medical kit.


Everyone should keep a thermometer on hand to check for fevers. Even the type of thermometer matters as mercury is a neurotoxin that poisons our nervous systems, damaging the brain, spinal cord, kidneys and liver. It also affects our hearing, speech, and sight, as well as how we think and feel.

Human health isn’t the only concern about mercury: It’s also bad for the health of our environment. So, it is better to switch your mercury thermometers with its alternatives such as a digital electronic thermometer, a glass alcohol thermometer, a glass gallium-indium-tin thermometer, an ear canal thermometer, or a flexible forehead thermometer.

8Nasal Decongestants

When you develop a cold, there is bound to be nasal congestion that irritates you much due to nose-blocking. The best way to treat this is by inhaling steam either as such or by adding a little quantity of a nasal decongestant. There are many decongestants available in the market such as Vicks vapor rub. Alternatively, you can have nasal decongestant drops such as Navision and inhale or spray a few drops every day to find relief. If you have space to grow plants, think of tulsi or mint, the best decongestants with their leaves put in warm water do the purpose.


Some people are extremely allergic to insect bites or even dust, which can trigger off an allergic reaction that manifests as intense itching, severe swelling, a runny nose and watering of the eyes. All these symptoms are a result of the release of a chemical called histamine that alerts the body of a foreign substance entry and its intolerance. Your medical kit should contain the antihistamine medicines such as Avil and Cetzine can help in dealing with the symptoms of allergy; however, these tend to cause a slight drowsiness and therefore, it is vital you do not drive or perform any activity that requires you to be alert after taking this medicine.


Upset is a well-known trouble occurring in population these days due to poor sanitation practices, if you suffer from a burning sensation or pain in the stomach or excessive gas, it is quite likely that the acid normally present in the stomach is causing such problems. In such situations, an antacid is useful because it helps to neutralize the harmful effects of the acid, helping with digestion. Products such as Eno or Gelusil are antacids that can help overcome simple indigestion problems.

11Oral Rehydration solution

When something you eat does not agree with your stomach, you are likely to develop symptoms like diarrhea or vomiting or both. At these times, your body loses a significant amount of water as well as vital minerals and you need to replace these to prevent dehydration from setting in. Oral rehydration salts sold under names such as ORS or Electoral are therefore a vital medicine you ought to have at home in such situations.

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this article are not only meant to help you understand the basic requirements at home better but also meant for your safety. We do not endorse any of them. A healthy and hygienic lifestyle can help us avoid major illnesses.

Finally, to include a well-known quote here: Prevention is better than cure. Instead of falling prey to unknown body-threat or diseases, you can take a step to avoid such situation by keeping a check at your diet and eating schedules. And if at times you become the victim, then instead of panicking, be ready to face the situation with all the armaments ready to give it a tight fight. STAY HEALTHY!