3 Incredible Benefits of Spinach for a Healthy Lifestyle!

Spinach boost energy level

Spinach, also known as spinach Oleracea in Botanical language is among the most wonderful green leafy veggies.  It is recognized for  many of its health support characters,immune supply due to its wholesome antioxidants, nutritional values, and anti-cancer composition. Crispy, tender, dark-green leaves are among the favorite ingredients for chefs around the world. Botanically, spinach belongs to Amaranthaceae family. Its scientific name is Spinacia oleracea.

It grows about a foot in height.  It can be grown during all seasons of the year. Its fresh green leaves are best available from March to May in Northern hemisphere. They appear to grow between September to November in the south of the equator.

Spinach goodness

Bright, as well as vibrant-looking leaves of spinach,  are more appealing to the eye as well as nourishing. According to a recent research, its leaves  have  a huge amount of vitamin C. Studies suggest that supply of vitamin C assists in the protection of all oxygen-sensitive nutrients. This makes them look fresh, shining and vibrant.

Spinach is also known as one of the best dietary magnesium and potassium sources. These are two important electrolytes that are essential in maintaining human health. It gives around 839 mg of potassium per single cup. This could be  compared to around 539mg potassium taken  from one cup of sliced bananas. Potassium through dietary supplements has many health benefits. It lowers the risk of formation of kidney stones. It protects against muscle mass loss and preserves bone mineral density. This has the medicinal effect of fighting type2 diabetic ailment. Many medical practitioners suggest their patients of t2diabetics to take spinach periodically. The special character of low in fat and its capacity of cholesterol limitations protects from cardiovascular problems to an extent.

1Storehouse for several photo-nutrients

It is the storehouse for several photo-nutrients. These have disease prevention and health promotional properties. It is low in fats and calories (a hundred grams of raw leaves gives only about 23 calories). The leaves hold a plenty amount of soluble dietary fibers. The dietary fibers always provide the digestive system a proper function in routine. Green spinach leaves are the finest of leafy vegetables. So dieticians’ choice in many parts of the world among green vegetables is undoubtedly the Spinach. It is also recommended in controlling cholesterol and also weight by nutritionists.

100gm of fresh green spinach contains around 25% of the everyday intake of iron. It is the richest green leafy vegetable in iron. Iron is an essential trace element needed by your body for the production of red blood cells, which is the essential part of respiratory functions and transporting blood to various parts of the body, so to say to keep the human body in an active stage.  It also plays a key role during the process of cellular metabolism.

2Spinach Rich in Anti-Oxidants

Fresh spinach leaves are rich in sources of many key anti-oxidant vitamins such as vitamin A and C. It is also rich in flavonoid polyphenolic antioxidants like zeaxanthin, beta-carotene, and lutein. These compounds play the role of protective scavengers against free radicals derived from oxygen. Reactive oxygen species play an essential role in aging.

Zeaxanthin, which is a dietary carotenoid is absorbed selectively into retinal macula lutea in human eyes.  It is believed to give protective light-filtering function and also to give anti-oxidants. So it helps to protect one  from age-related and muscular related complications, more so at old age.

The antioxidants and the flavonoids contained in it help in combating  cancer-related complications. This includes prostate, ovarian and breast cancer. It can also boost strong anti-aging properties andeye health eye health.

According to a recent study, a daily dish of spinach can improve your muscle efficiency. Researchers have  found that individuals who took 300gms of spinach on a daily basis reduced the oxygen amount needed. This was required to power their muscles. This effect was evident only after three days of eating spinach.

3Spinach-Incredible Medical effects

Spinach can also lower the risk of cancer. This is according to a research conducted by Queensland institute of medical research. Researchers discovered that green leafy veggies like liver been and spinach are linked to lowering the risk of cancer, especially among individuals with previous history of this disease.

Low in cholesterol and fat, spinach is rich in zinc and niacin and also fiber, proteins, vitamins A, thiamine, C, E K, vitamin B6vitamin B6. It is also rich in Iron, folate, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus. Copper, potassium, and manganese are also the other constituents in spinach. In summary, it’s loaded with goodies for every part of the body.

With no negative, Spinach has been proved to be having many positives and nobody needs to hesitate to make it in the recipe or dining table as frequently as possible. One more thing to note importantly is that  the cost of it never bites the purse.

Low in calories, yet packed with plenty nutrients, spinach are the leading green leafy veggies. They are becoming more and more common on salad bars. Due to their versatility, they are easily adaptable in healthy veggies smoothies and drinks. Lightly sautéed as stand-along side dish, added to stir fried vegetables or soups. Best of all, spinach contains plenty of health attributes.