5 Effective ways of dealing with stretch marks

The word ‘Stretch marks’ gives most new mothers and body builders that awkward feeling. It is the time when new mothers are often concerned about getting their bodies back into shape as soon after giving birth as possible. Dealing with flat tummy is not all that tough as it sounds. It just involves eating  the right foods and doing the right exercises. It is sure that you may be able to get a flattened tummy in just a few months after childbirth. But what are you planning to those stretch marks which gives us a nightmare.  It gives us a feel that it might stay for our life.

Even for bodybuilders, their muscles grow at such a high speed, yet their skin would not be able to cope up with the speed of the muscle.  This often results in those ugly and awkward marks which everyone one of us wish to hide.

These marks are caused by simple  tears in the deeper layers of the skin.This layer of the skin is called as the dermis.

Stretch marks can be caused due to many reasons. They are namely puberty, weight gain, hormone fluctuations and  pregnancy. Further, it is also noted that there are some hereditary components associated with stretch marks. In case your parents have it, unfortunately, there are all chances that it gets passed on to the kids.

There are various stages of stretch marks. Eventually, in due course of time, it seems to grey out. The newly appeared marks may look red, but over some course of  time, they do become less red and turn grey or white.

Like anything else, for stretch marks also prevention is the best medicine. A diet which is deficient in Vitamin E and  minerals can contribute to their growth. So, it is a must that you make sure you’re supplementing your diet with a good multi-vitamin/mineral.

A good multivitamin will ensure that your skin is healthy. Poor nutrition, on the other hand, will ultimately result in skin that tears. This develops stretch marks rather than stretching to accommodate the growth.

Myth about stretch marks prevention

There are many products available in the market which claims to erase stretch marks. These products are known to have ingredients like cocoa butter or shea butter. But these generally do not work.  Applying cocoa butter and shea butter before and after the pregnancy did not show even a minor difference in their stretch marks.

It is just experimental that cocoa butter will increase the amount of collagen and other elastic fibres in the skin. This is necessary for repairing and reducing the size of marks. But there is no evidence or proven fact showing the ingredient known as cocoa polyphenols in cocoa butter.

It is not sure and proved  that other vegetable oils such as grape seed oils coconut will have a preventative effect.

After all these, so you’ve got stretch marks..how do you deal with them?

Fear not!! There are many  treatments that have been researched. These treatments have been proved  to be effective for dealing with stretch marks.

It is proved that skin prone to stretch marks are more sensitive to estrogen, androgens and glucocorticoids.

It is important to keep uncovered stretch marks protected with a high and broad spectrum SPF.

Dealing with stretch marks

1Laser treatment

Laser treatments can be used to prevent stretch marks in people. This works for those who have developed it recently and for those who have developed it before some time. The Former method is popularly known as the vascular treatment. In this, a pulsed dye laser  is set at 585-nm This sort of treatment can take down the initial redness, and is best used on early marks. The later is called as laser resurfacing. There is a  kind of stretch marks that are no longer discolored but are still indented. For these, you can use resurfacing with a “fractional” laser that focuses on small areas.

Yet in both cases, it is found that laser treatment for stretch marks is considerably costly.

2Dealing with stretch marks through surgery

You are serious about getting rid of your stretch marks and really don’t  care much about money. For such people,  an abdominoplasty or  tummy tuck is the best method. Here, in this case, the stretch marks are just cut out.

But since it is a major surgery it might involve a lot of risks.Make sure you plan for at least 4 weeks of recovery time.

3Keep yourself well hydrated.

It is found during pregnancy your blood volume is increasing. You are in a stage where you are building a huge water pack for your baby to stay in. Your body has an increased demand for hydration. Even your skin needs to be hydrated for optimal skin elasticity. Doctors recommend that it is a must to drink at least 10-12 glasses of water during this time.  It is  simple to find out you are dehydrated. Dry lips or throat is a sure sign of dehydration.

4Use of gelatin

Gelatin is a good way to prevent stretch marks. Collagen formation is essential in improving your skin’s elasticity. To increase your skin’s collagen formation, you can eat gelatin to get more collagen through your diet. Gelatin is the other name for collagen. Today our diets are severely lacking in gelatin. Make sure your diet is rich in gelatin.

Gelatin doesn’t just help improve skin elasticity it also has many other benefits. It improve insulin sensitivity and fight free radical damage. It also promotes digestive health improved wound healing and  improves sleep

5Homemade creams

It is well known that aloe vera is effective in the treatment of many skin problems. Its healing and soothing properties can be used to get rid of stretch marks. Aloe vera can use in many ways.Directly rub aloe vera gel on the affected skin area, leave it on for 15 minutes and then rinse the skin with lukewarm water.

Make a mixture with one-fourth cup of aloe vera gel, oil from 10 vitamin E capsules and oil from five vitamins A capsules. Rub this mixture onto the skin until fully absorbed. Repeat this process daily. Aloe vera is found to be a wonderful treatment for stretch marks.

Stretch marks cannot be removed altogether. Yes, there are various methods to reduce it. Consult your dermatologist for the best possible result There is a variety of treatment options. Of course, stretch marks are the cosmetic issue. The chance that insurance covers the cost of medications and surgery is less. Try keeping this mind!