6 Exciting methods to pull down your weight

Every one of us would love to lose weight. But in order to lose weight safely, the best option is exercise. The next option is food care. Overall, it can be listed as We need to consume the right quantity of food which is required for the proper functioning of our body. This is achieved by performing the right exercises needed by the body in order to hike metabolism.

Physical workouts /Exercises, Quantum of food, Nature of food, Timing of food consumption and food habits, intake of water and liquids, digestion and constipation, resting hours and so many factors stand related to the weight increase or decrease it without compromising health.

We need to consume the right quantity of food which is required for the proper functioning of our body. This is achieved by performing the right exercises needed by the body in order to hike metabolism.

Choosing the right kind of exercise as per our body fat deposits and burning calories accordingly is essential.  This  builds muscle, increases your metabolism so that you can burn even more calories and lose more weight.

So dust off those thoughts which lead us into unnecessary misconception. The start off with these set of 6 workouts which would turn out to be highly beneficial for us in reducing our body mass.

Daily activities to reduce weight:


This is one of the most simple and ancient workouts for weight loss. It can be done by anyone at any time.The best part of walking is that it does not ideally demand a gym for carrying out this workout. The impact on our knees is minimal and there is no way it would injure or damage the tissues.

An early morning walk helps us with a fresh air and gives us a sense of tranquility. Depending on how much we weigh, walking at a pace of four miles per hour would help us burn between 225 and 360 calories for a 45-minute walk. This consistent walk for about an hour a day would surely reduce a pound a week.

Walking is the first and best workout for those with certain health issues like  obesity. Not only does walking help in weight loss, it also gives us a proper balance between our body and mind.  One of the best results obtained is regulating the blood circulation. 

2Cycling for weight loss:

There is no replacement for a simple exercise to cycling for weight loss. Cycling is very easy on our joints.If we are totally out of shape the best way to get back to shape with a simple module is cycling. Generally, it is considered that outdoor cycling is best because of the varied contours. This amazing workout is best in strengthening the lower part of our body and just a 12-minute cycling is the best cardio workout possible.

If you are one among those who enjoy good music, here is a chance to just sing your mind out aloud and still get the workout  done. The main idea behind this is that your singing is an indicator of your heart rate. If you are singing the song perfectly without change of rhythm then you need to push hard to cycle fast and  perspire.  Then go out of rhythm, which means you are closer to your weight loss program. Fast pedaling and slow singing is not possible and vice-versa, you can try. It means the parts of the body adapt a rhythm themselves.

Cycling also is found to stimulate endorphins and boost metabolism rate and this is the best part of cycling. These days the group cycling classes are offered at most gyms. This group cycling activity is one of the most effective for burning calories and revving up your metabolism. Holland and China are the countries which have the highest percentage of cyclists and cycle users to move around.


Who does not remember our favorite school time fun activity-skipping/Jumping rope? No other exercise can replace jumping rope in losing weight. It is across different country zones and one of the common and easiest activity performed for weight loss.

Jumping rope is an excellent activity for increasing perseverance, agility, and coordination. It’s also an excellent activity for improving coordination, agility and endurance. However, it should be remembered that jumping rope should be done with the best of its position. Our knees should be slightly bent as we hold the rope at hip height with your palms facing your body. Push off on the balls of your feet, keeping your knees soft and your upper body perpendicular to the floor. Skipping makes the whole body frame under an activity and boosts emitting heat out and streamlining blood circulation.

It is proved that an hour of jumping rope burns over 800 calories and works on the various parts of our body like the arms and legs. Further, it also strengthens bones and joints.


This is one of the exercises which concentrates on both our mind and body. The muscles of the body are strengthened and  conditioned using several simple sequences that use the gravity. Pilates trains the mind to maintain a constant level of awareness of the way the body moves. This results in a greater control of motion and vastly improved technique.

Pilates contributes to the weight loss by gradually increasing the muscle tone. This thereby results in losing the overall weight. More the muscle is toned up, it increases the metabolic rate  to a greater rate. This in turn thereby burn calories and eventually reduces our body mass. It is very important to take the help of a proper guide before indulging yourself with pilates.


There are many of reasons as to why swimming helps you lose weight.However, the impact it provides is quite low. This is an amazing water sports activity which helps us burns huge calories in a go. Apart from this, swimming is also proved to be an amazing activity for those people who have joint pains as its impact on joints are very minimal. There  are a variety of different swimming workouts and strokes you can do eliminate boredom stay fit and challenge!

Swimming burns around 500-750 calories per hour. These calories can be more or less depend on your weight and stroke style. Swimming is not only a great cardiovascular workout,  but it also provides resistance training. This is  because of the water resistance.

Swimming is a wonderful calorie burning exercise that can challenge and better both you physically and mentally.


The exercise kettlebell involves the whole body, a kettlebell workout will gear up your metabolism to help your body burn fat faster. This even helps in a fast  heart pumping so that you get an aerobic workout as well. In fact, the 20-minute kettlebell workout is similar to a six-mile run in terms of cardiovascular benefits. The calories are burned evenly

This extraordinary hardcore  workout burns up to 400 calories in a mere 20 minutes. It also strengthens your muscle, improves posture and increases  balance.

Kettlebells are nothing but  cast iron balls fitted with a single handle. The weight of the kettlebells is not evenly distributed, which means that your body has to work to stabilize. This counterbalance the weight of the ball.

It is better to dwell upon certain simple yoga asanas also which prove to bring down body mass is simple and in a  painless way with positive side effects of clean breathing.

Regular physical activity is very crucial for good health.  It’s especially essential if you’re trying to lose weight or to maintain a healthy weight. When you opt for an exercise program or physical activity, pick something you really enjoy doing. Don’t pick what looks easiest, what your friends do. If you really relish your activity, it will be easier to do and you will be more likely to stay with it. Always know whether you would rather have convenience or companionship while being physically active. Some people want something they can do anytime with little hassle.