6 optimum detoxification methods

Detoxification methods is nothing but a method in which we eliminate the toxins accumulated in our body. This is one of the more widely used treatments. It is essential to eliminate the  existing toxins and avoiding their entry further. This forms a part of the healing process by itself. Detoxification methods utilize a variety of tests and techniques. Detoxification can be done by using various methods. All kinds of detoxification methods do eliminate the toxins from our body. This essentially and refurbishes and rejuvenates our entire system.

Foods those can be used as Detoxifiers

The need to detoxify your body regularly is critical in the time of fast food and faster burnout. Detox balances out all the other toxic stuff we put into our body. To help you make a good start, we here has a list of detoxification foods which can be regularly used that will leave you feeling lighter. These foods will keep you fresh within a week of including them in your diet.

There are various detoxification  foods available. Few of them are listed below:

  • Garlic
  • Lemon
  • Turmeric
  • Apple
  • Flaxseeds
  • Coriander
  • Brocolli

Widely Detoxification Methods

1Cut out on the sugar

Sugar is nothing but short-chain carbohydrates that are sweet and used in food. We all know sugar as a whitish crystal-like powder with a sweet taste that is often added to food. The sugar that you eat is scientifically referred to as “sucrose” which breaks down into both fructose and glucose in the body. Cutting down on the sugar is essentially a seasonal method of detoxification. This way the body clears the toxins automatically. This is done by increasing the overall metabolism The consumption of more sugar indirectly asks for more insulin secretion. We tend to get chronically fatigued, diabetic, develop cancer, and pack on excess weight.

2Consume Organic Food

This is one of the easiest methods of detoxification. A colourful variety of fruits and veggies should be the main focus of your diet. These along with whole grains, beans and legumes, and small amounts of nuts and seeds makes the detoxification efforts.

You should eat whole plant foods because processed foods lack the nutrients your body needs. Dark green vegetables, contain a huge amount of micro nutrients and are very low in calories. You can eat a lot of them. Consuming this kind of organic food is one of the easiest  and effective detoxification methods.

3Exercise is one of the effective detoxification methods

The word “detoxification” is  so very flung around the fitness community. We would have constantly heard from Yoga teachers speaking about detoxification twists. Our aerobics instructors speaking about detoxification sweat. Exercise is an essential part of detoxification as it enables our body to do what it is made to do. In general, exercise helps our lungs; kidneys get rid of things that can cause us onset of disease and unwanted things go from the body in the form of sweat also.

A very healthy lifestyle that is eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and exercising is important to detoxifying. This is  because it enables our body to do what is intended to do

Regular exercise encourages circulation of the blood and lymph system. Exercising will also enhance digestion, reduce tension, lubricate joints, and strengthen your body. People who exercise regularly have far fewer total toxins in their systems and thus forms the main role in detoxification

4Drink at least two cups of Green Tea a day:

This well-known healthy drink washes out toxins with its special antioxidants called catechins. This also helps  increase liver function. The detoxifying effects of catechins  and other polyphenols in green tea arise from their role in helping to rid your body of free radicals, which can damage otherwise healthy cells? The antioxidant properties of catechins and other polyphenols play key role in helping treat many diseases. They also prevent conditions as diverse as liver disease, genital warts, bacterial infections, digestion. Green tea is now  available to brew and drink as a beverage or as a supplement in capsule form. It  is always better to check with your doctor before taking any type of supplement. This is true if you have any kind of health condition or are taking medications.

5Give yourself a good massage:

This is one amazing way of detoxification methods. Start with a massage to kick-start your body’s own natural cleansing processes.  Rhythmic strokes and pressure applied to muscles, tissues and organs during massage therapy.  This  helps to stimulate the circulatory system. When  even  pressure is applied to the tissue and fat toxins are literally “squeezed” out from in between the muscle fibers and cells. This is done knowing the pressure points. This is precisely the method of squeezing the water from the sponge. They’re released into the circulatory system for easier elimination. Oil massages will  surely help to exfoliate the toxins from our skin.

6Sleep tight

In our life, we spend about one-third of our lives asleep. We feel that we are at rest, but this is the essential time when our brain still remains awake, especially last part of the night. This is the reason we have to get optimal benefit from night sleep. Sleep is the maintenance time the body can undergo repair and detoxification. It is found that poor sleep patterns are linked to poor health. Also, those who sleep less than six hours a night have a shorter life expectancy than those who sleep for longer. So sleep has a profound effect on our mental, emotional and physical well being. This is again one of the most effective detoxification methods. So we should always practice a habit to ‘Sleep tight’.

Detoxification is practiced for centuries by different cultures around the world. This even includes ayurvedic and Chinese medicine systems. This method is all  about resting, cleaning and nourishing the body from the inside out. By detoxification, you eliminate the toxins from your body. Later feeding your body with healthy nutrients, can help you protect from disease. This renews your ability to maintain optimum health.