Why should I relish my oatmeal? 6 Undeniable benefits of Oats

Avena Sativa. Wondering what is this? This is nothing but the scientific name of a super cereal, Oats. There is no other better method to start your day than with a glass of oats porridge. This amazing cereal has a lot of health benefits added to its tag. You are sure to lose weight tremendously if you stick on to the recipes of oats. Consuming oatmeal is one of the best ways to keep yourself healthy. It is one of those super foods which was consumed by our ancestors. This super food is completely filled with a lot of nutrients.

It can be counted as the best cereal which is filled with nutrients. It is filled with thiamine and phosphorus. There is a minimum amount of cholesterol and it is graded as a cereal which has very less percentage of calories. What more can we expect from a super food?

There are certain amazing facts about Oats meal which we would discuss in this article.

Reason why I love to relish my oatmeal

1High in protein and fibre:

Oats is known for its high level of protein and fibre. This is way too high when compared to other cereals. Oats contain a good amount of fatty acids and contain a high percentage of amino acids. These amino acids assist in the overall body function. Apart from fatty acids and amino acids they contain a huge number of minerals like phosphorus, iron, calcium and manganese. Oatmeals are the best solution for cancer patients as it contains phytochemicals. These phytochemicals combat cancer in all possible ways. a higher concentration of well-balanced protein than other cereals. Oats contain phytochemicals. These plant chemicals extracted from the plants.  have been associated with protection from chronic disease such as cancer.

If we are suffering from any kind of special infection, oats are the best cereal which could be consumed as it has oat beta glucan. This work wonders on infections and cures them up at the earliest.

2Control your blood pressure with oatmeals:

Are you getting irritated and irate in the most normal situation? Are you suffering from hypertension or is your pressure out of your control?

Blood pressure is very dangerous as it might be a reason for many other multiple complications. This could be life endangering at times. We surely need to have a check on our blood pressure.

The solution to sort out your anger lies in your kitchen cabinets. It’s in this amazing cereal named oats.

3Having a tough time controlling your weight?

Are you suffering from obesity? Your solution is oatmeal. The reason for oatmeals helping you control your weight is due to the fact that it makes you feel full for a very long time. Let us clearly understand as to why we feel full with an oats meal.

Oats contain fibres which are easily soluble. These fibres are converted into a gel once they are digested. This gel increases the viscosity of the food and thereby it stays longer in the small intestine. A small intestine is a place where the nutrients are absorbed into our blood streams from the food. You might have been wondering the reason as to why it delays the hunger. The viscosity of oats mainly is the reason as to why the hunger process gets delayed.

4Best solution for cancer

Phytochemicals are the worst enemies of Cancer. Oatmeals are known for its high percentage of phytochemicals.

There is various kind of phytochemicals available. These phytochemicals help fighting breast cancer, ovarian cancer, mouth cancer etc. It is proven in research that women take higher advantage while consuming oats when comparing to men when it comes to fighting cancer

5Best food for runners:

All this while we were talking about the high content of protein and fibre in oatmeals, let us know that studies have shown that oats are also a powerhouse of carbohydrates. Therefore, consumption of a glass of oats porridge would prove to be full of energy. This is the best possible solution for athletes.

6Say No-No to Asthma:

These days almost a lot of kids, as well as adults, suffer from various allergies. These allergies might be a result of environmental pollution around us.

Asthma is a condition which is prevalent among people. It is a widespread disease among kids. An extensive study has indicated that regular consumption of oatmeals can reduce the risk of Asthma. Well, it should be worth mentioning here that an oatmeal diet needs to be incorporated from a very young age. All you need to do is try making oatmeal snacks as delicious as possible so that the kids at your house enjoy it to the bits. You will sleep that day with this satisfaction that you gave a healthy start to your family.

Other than the all above said positives, it is available in all places and that too at an affordable cost to everyone, which is the most favourable point.

There is no better way to welcome a new day other than having a bowl of oats. If you are not relishing your oats breakfast you are surely missing something big. Oats prepared in anyways could be the tastiest meal. it could be hot oats porridge or a smoothie which is prepared with oats. No equivalent to this wonderful food. Eat your bowl of oatmeal and stay healthy.