Weight Management schedule With Very Easy Diet Plan

Are you obsessed with the losing weight? Every second person would tell you that they want to change their body. Losing weight is not an impossible thing, as many people think it is. However, it will take dedication and a little bit of hard work. Well, here is a secret diet plan to slim down your body & cut down your weight in 7 days! The best diet to lose weight when you have tried almost everything possible in the world and, haven’t got the best results. This weight management diet will help you lose weight very quickly.

All these in just 7 days! It is a miracle diet plan! In the beginning, it may sound as impossible to follow, but just 7 days of dedication will bring you a slim and healthy body. If you complete this in a week’s time, you will like the outcome.

1Day 1

The first day, it’s always tough. Try to keep yourself away from such kinds of cravings as you will be consuming such kind of fruits. You can consume all the type of fresh fruit, excluding grapes, bananas, litchi, and mangoes. You can have them in any quantity you like. It is always suggested that you consume more water contained fruits like watermelon, oranges, lime, pomegranates, apples and strawberries.

You can eat 10 times a day, but you should eat only fruits. These are the way of preparing your body for the next upcoming days. The only source of nutrition is from the fruits; they provide you all that you need for your diet. If you prefer to cut them and eat, it’s great, but make sure you are not adding anything else to it. It’s just a ‘fruit for you’ day! If you can limit your fruits intake to only melons, your have a good chance of losing 3 pounds on your day 1.

2Day 2

As a first day, the second day is like ‘All veggies day.’ You can eat nothing but vegetables and only specific vegetables. You can eat this for your heart content & feel your stomach filled up with raw or boiled vegetables. Start your day 2 meal with a boiled potato with some amount of light butter. It is done to give your body enough energy and carbohydrates but after that only raw and only boiled vegetables.

Only one potato this day is sufficient intake, don’t consume more than that, and adding some amount of oregano or basil seasoning to make the vegetables more edible is perfect. Day 2 is a calorie free day with a good amount of fiber and nutrients. If you make it through the day two, you are seriously dedicated!

3Day 3

Day 3 is a combination of day 1 and day 2. If you can eat the water contained fruits and vegetables, you can eat any quantity and any amount you like and drink lots of water as directed before. You need to avoid potatoes on the day 3 meal as you are getting enough carbohydrates which are already supplied from the fruits. Your system is all set for burning some amount of pounds. Your cravings may try to dominate but think about the weight loss and the future results. Finally, you will feel light and happy by the day 3.

4Day 4

Everything has its perfect time if you believe in this saying then you’re right. Remember that how you were told not to eat bananas on the first three days? Well on the 4th day of the diet for losing weight, you have the liberty for eating 6 bananas for the entire day. Furthermore, you must drink up to 4 glasses of cow milk. In addition, you must have heard that bananas help in weight gain, however on this diet, they act as a source of potassium & sodium for the body. Since the intake of salt is already reduce, bananas will do a great job.

You can also have 2 cups of a highly diluted soup for an evening meal. The soup will consist of the capsicum, onions, garlic, and tomatoes. It’s a tasty and healthy recipe which will help you in the weight loss plan, and it is only used to refresh your taste buds from all the vegetable intake. Be careful to resist yourself. You are just 3 days away from losing your weight!

5Day 5

Day 5 is like a festival day for you, as you can have a tasty meal. On day 5, the following weight management schedule lets you munch on tomatoes, sprouts, and cottage cheese. You can also add soya chunks to your meal. In addition, you first make a tasty soup with the mentioned ingredients & drink it. You just ensure that you just keep yourself aware of water intake in a daily schedule on day 5. Furthermore, you can eat up to 6 tomatoes and increase the water intake with 1/4 of the daily consumption. It is done to cleanse your body from uric acid. The tomatoes are useful for the fiber & digestion process In addition to the water will purify your body from all the kinds of toxins from your body.

6Day 6

Finally, the day 6 is a little bit different from day 5. You will be eating sprouts, some amount of cottage cheese, and other vegetables but by excluding tomatoes. No tomatoes on the day 6, avoid them. The tasty soup and lots of water should help you through your day. Vegetables will provide vitamins and fiber to your body. Hence, you will already notice a big change in your body by this time. Continue consuming a healthy amount of water every day.

7Day 7 Is The Last day of Your Weight Management And Diet Planning

Finally the last and the final day of your weight management schedule. It is the most important day, and you will be feeling light on your toes & feels happy inside out. If you will have fresh fruit juice, one cup of brown rice and other vegetables which you wants to eat. Finally, you will complete your day 7 with the consumption of water, so that is the whole diet plan and weight management for 7 days. If you can follow it very strictly and dedicatedly, no one can stop you from gaining a healthy and slimmer body in a week’s time. The below few tips will help you to manage your 7 days effectively.

Instructions To Be Followed In The Diet Plan
  • No fruit juices are allowed in the first 6 days.
  • Completely avoid tea, coffee or alcoholic drinks. Furthermore, you can also replace these with black tea, black coffee and lime water (all these are without sugar) and also you can add raw honey with any of these.
  • A 45-minute workout on alternative days will help you get the best results.
  • Therefore, this weight loss program you are undertaking is for a particular occasion, try it 2 months before hard with 2 to 3 days gap after every 7 days diet plan.

Your complete diet plan is ready for you, and you lose 5 to 7 kilograms for that week and gain it back the next so, this is very easy diet plan and weight management to lose weight was not made to help you gain weight. It is tough to stick to this vigorous diet plan and weight management for all your life.

  1. You need to in focus on improving your diet habits. All the nutrients should be in moderation.
  2. Exercise regularly to maintain your body.
  3. Have an adequate diet with a daily dose of minerals, fiber, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, fat, etc.

Therefore, the diet has become the most modern and weight management diet, which is also practiced by so many people. Some research says this is mainly because of your attributes. Just 7 days of dedication and hard work will make you shed lots of weight. This diet is extremely useful, and it has satisfied many people. Don’t wait any longer! Take up this 7-day challenge and say hello to a better lifestyle and a better body. It is a high regime for you to follow. Watch what you eat, control your food cravings and you will be a happier and slimmer person next week!