7 easy fat blasting work-outs to make it a giant payoff

Life gets busy with each passing day and you find it difficult to get your work-out of the day. There you see fat being accumulated in the abdomen, arms, and buttocks regions of your body. Then there happens a time when you look to get rid of these fats. Fat blasters or fat blasting workouts which  can help you at this time. You will feel as you are finishing one of the physical activities of the day and your good health comes in hand with it.

You can see a great percentage of the population going crazy to burn their body fats and gain a lean structure. With this list of some fat-blasting workouts, you can suggest your neighboring uncle or aunt to stay away from the early hospital rounds at an elderly age.

Is it possible to burn calories at home?

We often think about reducing  our calories and joining a gym session when people start saying about our peeping-out tummy. And sometimes it happens that we have to say that there’s no time to go to the gym. So we wondered: Which close-to-home cardio activities will be able to work as our fat-blasting workouts? Don’t you worry, when experts like we are there to help you with wonderful suggestions that will make you feel healthy and good about yourself, so no more teasers to sound at your back?

Here are the top seven fat-and-calorie burners heard from one of the experts who had helped shape the amazing bodies of stars and celebrities that you admire the most. You can try any one of these, and you’ll boost your metabolism  up to a whole day afterward.

Check-out these fat-blasting workouts:

When performing these exercises, one needs to be careful about completing one set of it to make it effective for your body. Likewise, work on increasing the number of sets to reach the number 10. Ten sets of one work-out will help in building your body by toning down muscles and blasting body fats.

1Chest Training

If you are a hard-core gym trainer you can combine isolation chest exercises with high-intensity cardio to make the most of the minimal workout time. In the case of a beginner, rope-jumping makes for the best strength-training exercises. You can likewise take-up the bench pressing also as it elevates your heart rate, thereby burning more fats. You can perform 3 sets of 10 bench press. In the case of rope jumping you need to continue jumping for 1 minute without a break then 30 minutes of break and then rope jumping.

Boost the burn: Resting period and its duration is very crucial for this work-out.

Good Health Fact: This way of chest training will burn 320 calories in 20 minutes

Careful At: Beginners need to start slowly to keep their proper chest health.

2Inline skating

Skating is very first on our list when it comes to blasting calories. The big burn stems from the side-to-side movement of your thigh and butt muscles. In this movement, your core gets involved in a big way to keep you balanced. So what’s more, will you wait for, as you get all these benefits without putting too much stress on your knees and other joints of the body. Skating can provide you that strong, steady and fitness pace when it comes to fat blasting workouts. (I like this video)

Boost the burn: Alternate one minute of your hard skating with one minute of medium-paced strokes.

Good Health Fact: Skating burns 425 calories in 30 minutes

Careful At: Don’t forget your helmet, wrist guards, and knee and elbow pads.

3Hula hooping

It looks beautiful as far as looking from a distance. To do it yourself, grab an adult-sized hoop, remember that they’re larger and heavier than kids’ hoops, making them easier to spin. You’ll know you have the right size if it reaches your chest when you stand it up in front of you. Simply keep it going around your waist. To start, stand with one foot in front of the other and shift your weight back and forth. And don’t worry if you’re less than perfect at first; you’ll still knock off major calories, plus get better every time you spin.

Boost the burn: Your hips movement in very important, try making around and then the figure ‘eight’ when gained experience of round making.

Good Fact: Burns 300 calories in 30 minutes

Careful At: Practice it well before getting irritated or frustrated, if unable to gain a pace at the first few times.


Don’t think you need to round up a partner or trek all the way to a court to break a super sweat with the racket in hand. Simply find a flat area near a wall or garage door that you can hit the ball against. Alternate forehand and backhand shots. Now, see how many you can do in a row without goofing. Stand 15 to 25 feet away, which will force you to hit harder. Even practicing your serve will get your body in burn mode because you’ll have to run and bend to pick up your missed balls. This is a perfect way to work for fat blasting workouts.

Boost the burn: Try to hit the ball consistently for 50 or 100 times. Having a goal will make you work harder to reach it.

Good Health Fact: Burns 272 calories in 30 minutes

Careful At: Jump less, and bring your hand- and leg movement as much as possible. Keep the hip to the maximum extent possible of flexibility to reach the ball for stroke.


This may not be the biggest calorie-burner in the bunch, but it’s still an excellent—and fun—metabolism booster The key is to keep the tempo high, choosing songs with fast rhythms like Latin or Bollywood, and don’t rest between songs. Try Braganza’s favorite trick: Download a workout’s worth of your favorite tunes. Begin with an upbeat inspirational song (think “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga), then move on to songs with increasingly faster tempos. Slow the beat toward the end to cool down. Simple and conventional aerobics or side movements of hips and legs also fetch some result as dance gives result.

Boost the burn: Use your arms! Raise them in the air and move them to the beat.

Good Health Fact: Burns 221 calories in 30 minutes

Careful At: Whatever way you dance, you need to enjoy it just that is important.

6Vigorous walking

That’s right, walking actually made to this fat blasting workouts list. You need to admit this that, a leisurely stroll with a friend will make you enjoy the walk giving your health too. You should be walking briskly enough that it’s difficult to keep up a steady conversation. To get the most from your brisk walking, take short but quick steps, by keeping your torso upright. This will pump your arms back and forth in time with your stride. You need to know here that while walking, your legs, thighs and buttocks are strengthened directly and other body organs get into a rhythm. With each step, land on your heel and roll through to your toes.

Boost the burn: Alternate two minutes of brisk strides with one minute of as-fast-as-you-can-go walking.

Good Health Fact: Burns 170 calories in 30 minutes

Careful At: You are doing it regularly and walking at a faster pace.


It is an aerobic exercise that works to keep the body under a good health. As it involves lot of muscle participation, it burns a maximum amount of calories. It is also categorized under strength training exercise. It focusses on the joints area making it a good option for elderly people to keep their joint health. The more time and effort you put to swim the more fat you will be able to burn. An adult can burn 300 – 700 calories in a freestyle swimming in one stroke.

Boost the burn:  Change your swimming style to gain an extra while your muscles are putting efforts.

Good Health Fact: Burns 500 calories in 40 minutes

Careful At: You need to get yourself proper breathing while swimming.

When you think it’s troublesome to perform any of the above discussed activities, you have declared yourself a looser at that very moment. You need to start with any of these fat blasting work-outs so that you get used to it. It might be the case that you discontinue it for 4-5 days but push yourself to start again. You will certainly be able to get rid of those settled, stubborn fats of your body, very soon.