8 sins those spoil your skin health

Your skin health is nothing but, just a mere reflection of yourself. While, your lifestyle largely depends on upon your habits of eating, drinking, sleeping or overall to say ‘living.’ If you are groaning and moaning over why your skin health is suddenly looking dull, lifeless, aged or tired, then you need to look for the governing factors of skin aging. Take this questionnaire to get clarity on this viewpoint. If answers to all these questions are ‘yes’, then you seriously need to care for your lifestyle. You are committing sins that are killing your skin cells. Skin aging is equally affected by both intrinsic (natural) and extrinsic factors.

  • Do you try out different products on your face?
  • Do you step into your bed wearing your mascara?
  • Do you prefer tea or coffee in place of plain water?
  • Do you have a habit of smoking and drinking?

Intrinsic Aging Process

skin health - peelingIn this natural process, skin protein starts to loosen its structure with increasing age. As per skin maturation, different processes like skin peeling, loss of basic fat, hindered collagen and elastin arrangements, etc. can be seen. These processes start after the age of 20 years but turn out to be more observable in the later phase of life. While there is something we can do to stop gravity and the ordinary, physical changes in the skin and body after some time, we can positively try to control the outside elements that significantly speed this procedure up, making our skin health look more established than it truly is.

Options to Try:

Extrinsic Aging Process

skin health - stretch marks

This is governed by our lifestyle primarily. Extrinsic aging is frequently alluded to as photo-aging since it is dominatingly brought about by bright introduction over drawn out stretches of time. UV beams separate collagen and elastin and moderates the creation of new collagen which helps in skin repair and gives skin health its quality. Most importantly, sun introduction is the main reason the skin ages.

Sin #1. Caffeine

skin health - CaffeineCaffeine might be involved to make you alert and attentive, but it is slowly stopping the birth of new skin cells. Caffeine is present in a high amount in beverages like tea, coffee, cola drinks, etc. cause oxidative stress inside our body. Thus dehydrating the skin surface and making you thirstier than you actually should be. The moment you avoid or minimize its consumption, it will heal your skin health.

Sin #2. Dehydration

skin health - dehydration

Are you drinking enough water daily? Water plays an essential role in our body’s processes. Lack of this wonderfully replenishing lifesaver dries out your largest body organ i.e. skin. Dehydration could be the primary reason why you look older than you are and wrinkle starts fading you up. As far as the research work, dry skin is more susceptible to have wrinkles than the hydrated skin. A healthy human needs to drink 2-3 liters or 8-12 glasses of water every day. This will help you in maintaining your skin shine by reversing the skin aging process.

Sin #3. Alcohol

skin health - Alcohol

Liquor utilization falls apart the skin-securing, cancer prevention agent Vitamin A supply in the skin. Liquor causes expansion of the veins in the skin adding to a messy, uneven look which may get to be perpetual with unreasonable drinking. Liquor can likewise prompt liver harm which results in an ashen and dull composition. As similar to caffeine, alcohol also is the ultimate enemy of skin. It leads to oxidative stress and dehydration by taking away nourishments.

Sin #4. Smoking kills skin health

skin health - Avoid SmokingSmoking rates up the maturing prepare fundamentally for some reasons. Rehashed facial developments for smoking can bring about mouth and lip wrinkles. On an a great deal more genuine level, chemicals from cigarettes are assimilated into the circulatory system choking minor veins, bringing about less oxygen and supplements achieving the skin. The supply of collagen is separated in smokers, abating the skin’s repair and recharging process bringing about wrinkles, loss of versatility and dryness. Vitamin C is a known antioxidant for our body as it fights from the free radicals. Smoking has been proved to deplete your body’s vitamin C quota. This brings about a great disturbance in the internal environment of the body speeding up the skin aging process. Try to quit smoking and add leafy vegetables and citrus fruits to your food plate.

Sin #5. Fatty and sugary foods

skin health - Fatty and sugary foodsOxygen is essential for our survival at the same time the process of oxidation is harmful. One must have seen iron rust, which is a result of metal oxidation. Similarly, browning of cut fruits is due to oxidation. During this process, atmospheric oxygen reacts with the compounds present in living beings and forms a product that commences the rotting process. Oxidation which occurs inside our body is equally harmful as it releases free radicals that can slowly damage organs, including skin. It results in rapid skin aging progression. Foods which have a high amount of sugars and fats act as oxidants and enhances the process of oxidation in our body leading to liberation of free radicals. Thus, the name anti-oxidant foods have gained its popularity. Such foods reverse the effects of oxidant foods and thus makes your skin look young and new for a long time. These foods are green tea, fresh fruits, sugar fewer drinks, etc.

Less than stellar eating routines ailing in defensive, cell reinforcement vitamins found in foods grown from the ground lead to the undesirable looking skin. Sustenance rich in Omega-3 unsaturated fats like fish and salmon gives cell reinforcement and mitigating insurance for the skin and the body.

Sin# 6: Avoiding vegetable juices

skin health - vegetable juiceVegetable juice acts as a fantastic anti-oxidant. It collects all the good nourishments and that too insoluble form which get quickly absorbed by our intestine. While preparing your vegetable juice at home, do not use the juicer, but a mixie to blend any three raw vegetables. The pulp that you get in the blender should be added back to your glass along with the juice, some water, and salt to taste. Drink up daily to get young and bright skin health.

Sin# 7: Repeated facial expressions

skin health - facial expressionsYou never think to show your facial expression in the midst of any discussion, do you? You might squint your eyes or raise your eyebrows in a way to look tensed and frustrated. But it is gifting you with fine lines which will serve to be wrinkles with the passing time. Research has proved that repeated facial expressions lead to fine lines and wrinkles. Such act loses the elasticity or spring back process of the skin health. So next time you need to be careful while showing your anger or facial expression to your colleague.

The sleeping position also has a very similar kind of effect because the skin is pressed against the pillow for so many hours the night after night. In this way, the skin cells underneath the skin start create a permanent gap at that place and thus making it a cause for the outcome of wrinkles. Making a habit of sleeping on your back will certainly minimize this chance of wrinkles and skin aging symptoms.

Sin# 8: Lack of sleep

skin health - Lack of sleep

Sleep is the time when your skin is repairing itself. This sleep should be for a limited number of hours and should be taken at a particular time. It is well said that; ‘if you are not clocking enough sleep hours, you may be aging ahead of your day.’ This way your night sleep gets itself a special name as ‘beauty sleep’. One needs to sleep 7-8 hours daily to stay alert, active, young, healthy and fresh for a long time.

Rehashed outward appearances lead to scarcely discernible differences and wrinkles and as the skin loses versatility. A planned and well-cared skin shine and gain accolades. All you need to do is gather strength, break your old habits, and make healthy lifestyle choices. Life is beautiful, and so are you. It doesn’t matter how aged you are, the power to look young, fresh and fit is more in your hands than you think.