7 Incredible Pregnancy Avoid Foods. No. 6 is Interesting!

Pregnancy avoid Food

One of the most important stages of a woman’s life is her Pregnancy, and, more importantly, her very first pregnancy. As a woman, you are ecstatic, you are elated with this good news, and there is a sudden change in your mind, physique and whole lifestyle. You should clearly keep the pregnancy avoid foods in your mind. The gift given by Nature or God should be protected by all means and ways and particularly the food intake.

You have a new life coming alive inside your body and you want to make sure you give it all the nourishment and care  needed. Well, you have never done this before, and in some cases, you may also be living alone or away from family and you need help.

You want to make sure you are eating all the right food only for your and your baby’s nutrition. To make your life easier, we have come up with this exhaustive article. This would help you prioritize between healthy and unhealthy food during these precious nine months.

This article is for your reference and knowledge.  We clearly give you an indication of the pregnancy avoid foods.  However, we duly recommend consulting your gynaecologist and physician regularly for any updates in your diet.  The basis of your metabolism and the way your body can react to certain food varies from person to person.

Nutrition and Pregnancy

It is very important to understand that there will be a tremendous change in your dietary requirements.  It is not only the quantum but essentially the character of the food. Your nutrition requirements and your desire to take food  vary during these 9 months of pregnancy. It also changes after the delivery of the child. It is also important to clearly remember the pregnancy avoid foods.

It is required to follow a healthy and nutritious diet. However, I do understand that there will be those days when you have the craving to eat things. This food, you may not ever consume in your otherwise normal life.

You will have to learn to deal with these cravings and also make conscious choices of the food you intake. Even if it is not the most favourite thing on your platter, it might be of great nutritious value and so you need to eat it.

Let me help you with narrowing down on the things you should avoid during pregnancy.  These are food that you  totally restrict yourself from the consumption of these foods. This will leave you with a lot of options of the food you can eat, however, we suggest proper medical guidance.

What should you avoid to eat during the pregnancy?

1Raw or undercooked eggs

Raw or undercooked eggs may contain a bacteria named salmonella. Undercooked eggs are one of the primary items which fall under the pregnancy avoid foods. Prefer eating eggs until the yolk and egg white are cooked and firm. While dining out make sure you avoid dietary items that might contain raw eggs. For example, mousse, ice cream and fresh mayonnaise.

2Some varieties of meat and meat products

It is okay to eat fresh meat, however, you should avoid eating liver. We should clearly be aware of the pregnancy avoid foods. For the other fresh meat that you can consume make sure you wash them and cook them  thoroughly.

Pregnancy avoid food list also includes cured meats like parma ham and salami, as they carry the risk of listeriosis and toxoplasmosis.This has to be taken in the pregnancy avoid food list.

Avoid using refrigerated pates and meat spreads. Using a shelf stable version, however, does not matter much. Make sure to fully cook the meat before eating. You can also use a meat thermometer if required.

3Pregnancy avoid Fish

As much as oily fish is nutritious and good for you and your child, there are high chances of these fish containing environmental pollutants. It might contain polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). It is best to consume small portions of this fish.

Do not consume shark, swordfish and marlin. They are again from the category of pregnancy avoid food list. They contain an unsafe level of mercury which occurs naturally in their content. Tuna fish contains mercury too, so it is advisable to consume a portion as less as two steaks per week.

The FDA- Food and Drug Administration encourages pregnant women to add these to the pregnancy avoid foods. The items to be avoided are swordfish, shark, king mackerel, tilefish. It is safe to eat shrimp, salmon, Pollock, catfish, anchovies, trout. The content has to be limited to 8 to 12 ounces at two average meals a week.

4Cheese and Dairy products

White, mouldy rind cheese such as brie and camembert, blue vein cheeses and mozzarellas to be avoided. Unpasteurized soft cheeses like those made from sheep and goats milk are to be avoided.

This cheesiness can harm your baby and should be considered in the primary Pregnancy avoid foods.

Unpasteurized milk and dairy product can lead to food poisoning. Raw milk can lead to diarrhoea or infections like TB.

While dining out, avoid cottage cheese preparations.


It is advisable to consume huge quantities of caffeine a day. One should ideally consume only 200 mg of caffeine in a day. That would ideally be two cups of instant coffee or two cups of tea or five cans of cola a day. However,  avoiding of aerated drinks including cola is on the better side of health.

Ideally, it is  best to restrict alcohol completely during pregnancy. On occasions if you drink it should only be one or two units of alcohol as limited as once or twice a week. Since who drink alcohol do smoke also, a sharp ‘NO’ to alcohol will be of immense health to the mother and the oncoming baby.Make sure to not get drunk during the pregnancy.This forms the first one in the pregnancy avoid foods.

Make a conscious habit of drinking filtered/ billed water to prevent any harm caused by waterborne diseases.

6Junk food

According to a recent research, “Somehow a salty, sugary, high fat, low nutrition-dense diet seems to program a baby’s taste preference”. Avoid eating too much junk food to set unhealthy eating preferences for the baby in future. Heavy sugar, margarine quoted are avoidable items.

7Pregnancy avoid other foods

Avoid eating prepared salads from deli containing eggs, chicken, ham or seafood. Any buffet or picnic food that has been sitting out for more than two hours or one hour on a hot day should not be consumed at all.

Raw sprouts or unwashed produce are recommended to be under the pregnancy avoid foods due to their exposure to bacteria.

Do not eat any stuffing cooked inside a bird unless it has been heated to a 165 degree Fahrenheit.

Eating for two? Don’t!

It is a common misconception that a pregnant woman needs to eat for two. As large as 46% women gain too much weight besides the pregnancy weight due to excessive eating. Even lesser healthy food is helpful than excess even though it may be tasty and nutritious also.

Food Cravings during Pregnancy

Some pregnant women have a craving for chocolate, spicy food, deeply fried meat or chips,  toasted bread, pickles and  mashed potatoes.  It is okay to consume them as long as they are taken in limited quantity.

However, some women have a craving to eat non-food items such as clay, ash  and corn- starch. This craving is named as pica. It is substantially dangerous for you and your child if you consume to such cravings. The most advisable step would be to notify your doctor in case of such urges.

As a part of your regular check-ups, make sure you share your diet plans and your daily consumptions with your gynaecologist/ physician. You may have the cravings and you might want to indulge in these cravings every now and then. Make a habit to keep read and keep yourself informed on the “to eat and not to eats” during pregnanacy. However, make sure to keep your physician in loop for any unusual diet changes or urges. Happy Eating and enjoy your pregnancy!