9 Easy Ways to Boost Your Child’s Health

As parents, we know how tough it is when little ones are suffering from illness or discomfort (or when they don’t sleep well!). Fortunately, there are some (rather unexpected) things you can do to boost your Child’s Immunity. Runny noses. Constant colds. Recurrent flu. Gastrointestinal bugs. Most parents think these conditions are just par for the course with kids in daycare or school. But not all kids are getting sick. Not all children have runny noses. Not all children will contract that GI bug.

1It Starts With A Great Diet

Children’s immune systems can take a hit if Child is regularly pampering with food intolerances, additives, preservatives, and sugar. When a child has a food allergy, her digestion suffers, inflammation is ramp up, which makes fending off viruses and bacteria much more challenging. It’s a similar story when a child takes in more additives and preservatives than her body can deal with.

Sugar has been shown in many clinical trials actually to suppress immunity. To keep kids well, limit their overall intake of additives, sugar, and find out which foods are allergens. Focus on plenty of fresh veggies, whole fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, eggs, and meat.

2Maintain Your Child’s Microbiota!

Probiotics are the friendly helpful bacteria that naturally occur in our guts. They protect our digestive tracts, help us to digest food, assist in toxin clearance, and shield us from invading bacteria and viruses. When this bacterial balance becomes disrupted in children, we can see changes in a child’s ability to fend off infections. I recommend starting children on a probiotic supplement containing lactobacillus and bifidobacteria strains early on between 5 and 20 billion colony-forming units (CFUs) per day depending on age.

3Help Calm Their Stress And Anxiety

In today’s fast-paced world, parents are overstressed, children are over-scheduled, and everyone suffers. Children’s bodies have the same response to stress that adults’ do — their cortisol and adrenaline rises. When this elevation in stress hormones is sustained, their immune systems’ response is lowered. It’s important for children to have lots of down time, time for creative play, and simply times of rest. Busy bodies need to take a break now and then for their immune systems to thrive.

4Make Sure They’re Getting Enough Sleep For Improving Child’s Immunity

Most children are not getting the required amount of sleep. Depending on age, children need between ten and 14 hours of sleep per day. And it’s the quality of sleep that matters most. For proper secretion of melatonin (our sleep hormone), children need to sleep in the dark, without a night light. Since electromagnetic frequency has also been shown to affect sleep quality, make sure your child’s room is unplugged. Make sure all electronic devices are unplugged or better yet, just keep them in another room.

5Remember That Fever Helps Fight Infection

Although many parents panic at the first sign of a rise in temperature on the thermometer, it’s important to recognize that fever is only a symptom of and not an illness itself. Fever is your child’s body’s response to an infection, and without it, her body isn’t as effective at fighting the disease. The truth is, your child’s immune systems works better at a high temperature too so that she can get better quickly. Please note that while I do encourage fevers, it’s important to see a physician to make sure the fever is not a sign that something else is going on.

6Supplements And Herbs Can Works Wonders For Child’s Immunity

The best supplements to boost a Child’s Immunity system are vitamin D and zinc. The herbs elderberry and astragalus are my favorites for recurrent respiratory tract infections. For allergies, fish oil, vitamin C, and nettles work wonders. Please make sure to see your physician before starting your child on any new supplement or herb regimen.

7Feed Your Child More Fruits And Vegetables

A healthy diet is the foundation of a Child’s Immunity system, so pay more attention to what your child eats. Immune-boosting fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, beans, broccoli, kiwi, melons, oranges, and strawberries are necessary to include in any child’s diet. Give your child raw, organic fruits and vegetables. You can also try juices and smoothies made with fresh fruit and vegetables. Try to get your child to eat five servings of fruits and veggies a day. One serving is about 1 cup. Toddlers need about 1 cup each of fresh fruit and vegetables per day.

The servings can be spread out throughout the day in different meals and snacks. The portion size can be about 1 tablespoon of fruits or vegetables per year of your child’s age. For example, if you are feeding a 2–year-old, you can give the child about 2 tablespoons per meal. Nuts, seeds, legumes, whole grains and other foods rich in vitamins A, B2, B6, and C, zinc, selenium and essential fatty acids also help strengthen the immune system. Instead of refined grains, give your child whole-grain products. Avoid feeding your child foods that are highly processed and loaded with sugar, such as cookies, boxed cereals, and sodas.

8Introduce Exercise Early In Life For Boost Child’s Immunity

Exercise is a great way to Child’s Immunity. Regular exercise of about 30 minutes daily boosts the immune system and provides many other health benefits to your child. To help your child develop an interest in exercising, you need to be a role model. Encourage exercising by doing it with your children, instead of just urging them to go outside and play. The child will pick up this healthy habit in no time. Walking, running, jogging or cycling for about 30 minutes daily are some of the best physical exercises for the whole family. You can also enroll your child in swimming classes, tennis classes or any other sports of his choice. You can even go out with your child once a week for a small game of baseball or enjoy hiking and bike riding. It is also gives you more quality time with your child.

9Soak Up Fresh Air And Sunshine Daily For Improve Child’s Immunity

Nature is an excellent Child’s Immunity stimulator. So, expose your child to nature to nourish his body and mind while boosting his immune system. The majority of children in the U.S. are deficient in vitamin D, which is an immune-boosting vitamin.People with vitamin D deficiency are at the highest risk of getting sick more frequently. Vitamin D deficiency correlates with asthma, cancer, various autoimmune diseases and more susceptibility to infection. You can ensure your child gets the required amount of vitamin D naturally by exposing his arms and face to the sun for 20 minutes daily. However, be sure it is early morning sun to avoid the harsher sunrays later in the day. Also, early morning fresh air is good for your child’s body and mind. Take your child for walks in the woods, country or parks. Let your child run, jump, dance, and climb. Allow them to run barefoot on the grass. It will also promote increased strength and agility.

I also know how many powerful tools there are available to parents to boost their child’s immune system safely and efficiently quickly. We don’t just have to accept our child’s current state of health. We can take measures to boost their defenses, speed healing, and help them to gain a greater level of wellness.