Top 10 Anti-aging essentials for Skin rejuvenation

Out of many worries that we commonly see among people, these days are related to health and aging effects. One of the research studies indicated that the age-related worries and stress can be seen in younger adults more as compared to older adults including worries about interpersonal relations, health, work and miscellaneous topics. The awareness to take a good food and the market of anti-aging essentials and cosmetics has seen an exponential increase, from past two-three decades.

You can take care of  these worries by taking appropriate diet with necessary nutrients and caring for your skin by proper diet and use of cosmetics. Cosmetics do not necessarily involve superficial or dermal application leading to beauty enhancement, we will try to include here those suggested essentials that will provide you with long lasting and inside to out skin-treatment.

These are aging signs or changes that we see:

  • Senses degenerate with time. All type of senses like sight, hearing, touch and taste suffer great change when aging process starts.
  • Bone and muscle weakening.
  • Loss of elasticity of the skin.
  • Sleep cycle changes.
  • Voice and pitch also vary as compared to younger age.
  • Hair fall and graying of hair.

‘ With time, everything will be in its place’. And ‘There is no other medicine better than time’.

We all believe in above sayings, but with all other good and bad things coming into its place with time in our life, the one thing that passes by and we forget to care is ‘our increasing age with time’. The time when we realize may not essentially prove to be as appropriate, but again as per a famous saying: ‘It is good to be late than never’, so you can do your best to keep you healthy, fit and young.

These are the changes that occur, as per aging essential care required for skin includes:

Food you eat

 What anti-aging food to include in your plate?

These are the three important antioxidants that govern the process of aging in the human body — vitamin C, zinc, and beta-carotene.


collard- anti aging

It is known for good vision as they assist in the proper functioning of macular vision. If you already have macular degeneration, eating foods with these nutrients may slow its progress. Dark green, leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, collard, and mustard greens — are great sources. Also eating bright-colored produce, including corn, peppers, oranges, and cantaloupe on a regular basis improves vision.


grape seed - anti agingZinc is a much-known metal in anti aging was known in one of the research that it has the ability to cease the formation of protein clumps in the body. And this protein clump is the main reason assisting in aging with time. This tends to reduce the trend of wear and tear potentially anywhere in the body. The researchers were particularly excited about its implications for brain health. It is worth pointing out that flavonoids such as grape seed extract help to preserve the structure of these proteins, whereas zinc is helping to structure the proteins properly in the first place. Some of such food items to yield zinc to the body can be listed as Spinach, pumpkin, cashew nuts, drum sticks, cooked oysters and some other sea foods.

Antioxidants like vitamin C:

yellow and geen vegetables - anti agingThese helps to keep your skin younger-looking and enhances the cell longevity. One of the studies suggested that eating lots of yellow and green vegetables will lead to fewer powerful antioxidant found in grapes and red wine, called resveratrol, may help lower your odds of getting cancer, heart disease, and premature aging.It really is mind-boggling to know that a food picked from our surrounding is proving to provide you with such a good benefits that you do not even need to spend so much for buying your expensive cosmetics.

Eating whole grains:

Eating food rich in fiber like oats, quinoa, barley, wheat, and brown rice, lowers your chance of developing type 2 diabetes. A healthy diet that contains whole grains also keeps blood vessels in peak condition. Your goal is three servings of whole grains a day. Also presence of omega-3 fatty acids in fish promises its anti-aging benefits.

Foods to avoid

high fat food - anti aging

  • Avoid eating high-fat meat, high-fat dairy, and bakery treats.As the saturated fat found in these foods can clog your arteries, which can lead to heart problems.
  • Limit adding sugar to food items as much as possible.The less sugar you eat, the healthier you’ll be.
  • Spare the salt too.Check labels for the sodium content in canned, frozen, and boxed foods.

Some facts:

  • Collagen is a naturally occurring substance that keeps skin looking plump, lifted, and line-free. But we do lose some collagen because of the natural aging process, like environmental assaults, particularly sun exposure and pollution.

Superficial application stuff.

Skin application cosmetics and another needful:

Skin moisturizers:

moisturising - anti agingFor aging skin, silicone is one of the best things ever added to creams that provide silky, stay smooth, and seal in moisture. It is one of the best anti-aging essentials. Most dermatologists consider antioxidants in moisturizers to be an essential ingredient because they neutralize free radicals—molecules from the sun and pollution that damage skin. You can look for vitamins C and E, green and white tea.

Multipurpose serums:

Skin Ceuticals C or E, Ferulic is an all time hit because it has powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals. Use of Ferulic is good for anti-aging and is the best anti-aging essentials to even blotchiness and reverse photo-aging.

Vitamin A in a bottle:

vitamin A- anti agingEvery woman who can start using a retinoid in her 40s—if not before,” says Dr. Waldorf of these over-the-counter versions of the prescription cream Retin-A. Says Dr. Fusco: “It’s medically proven that retinoids are the strongest thing you can use to slow the aging process—they diminish fine lines, increase cell turnover to give a youthful glow, and lighten brown spots.” This makes it one of the best anti-aging essentials.

A box generating young cells:

As we get older, the cell renewal process slows down, causing rough patches on the skin. To help smooth away the outcome of little bumps seen can be cured because it contains glycolic acid to exfoliate and urea to moisturize.

Super exfoliates as a solution for anti-aging:

ex foliaters - anti agingOrange’s peel along with all other citrus fruits is very well known for their ex-foliation property. It provides with a deep dose of vitamin C while it’s being exfoliated. It significantly helps to fill the pores in the skin.

Therapies and yoga:

In this era, there are many popular therapies to cure you and make your skin shinier, smoother and full of radiance. A huge market is popping up these days, a new one every time with a promise to provide you with the best service. Indeed, these therapies help you and provide  your daily anti-aging requirements that you might have missed due to your busy schedules. Be careful at your budget too as it may cost you with so much, in a way not to make you realize about how the money flew away?

According to the latest pronouncements made by the reputable Food and Nutrition Board all preventions done to any extent will only work only if you plan a tight schedule, diet and pollution free environment with good management of time and sleep. Following a tight regime is as essential as sticking to your circadian rhythm of your body. Circadian rhythm is the automatic clock running in our body which should not be disturbed at any cost.