Attract people with your glamorous party look

Oh! It’s your best friend’s engagement. You surely want to present yourself in the best possible party look. We all would be preparing ourselves for some or the other party. You surely have the right kind of outfit for the party, but have you prepared yourself for the right kind of  makeup?

Everything about your dress, your hairdo is picture perfect, still there is something which is missing. Are you still not able to find out what is not giving you the deserved party look? Are you sure to have done complete justice  to your makeup?

Your entire party look gets enhanced and becomes  complete if you have your makeup done well. This article would precisely help you prepare yourself for such kind of parties. Let us have a close look as to the things which need to be done to enhance your makeup. Let’s pave a way for a marvelous party look with all the marvelous- ‘You’!

Each and every one of us wants to look beautiful, stunning and attractive. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. However, every beholder is going to be attracted towards a face with a perfectly blended face makeup and towards the ones who have the perfect party look.

Let’s start the session with a few makeup tips which will make everyone turn towards you.

1Dark circles are your worst enemies for the party look. Hide them first

We need to get a moisturiser which has a sun protective factor of more than 15. Then use a concealer. Do not use concealer unless and until you need to use it. Generally, apply this concealer under your eyes. The shade of the concealer is another important factor which needs to be taken into consideration. The shade should match your face tone.

2Look for the right kind of foundation

We should remember to apply the correct amount of foundation. Always use a thick brush when you apply foundation. Mildly apply the foundation near your  eyebrows, cheekbones and areas around your nose. Once the application is done with the brush, slowly use the fingers to spread the foundation. If you desire to have a darker tone try applying a second layer of the foundation.

3Try another layer of concealer if needed

After you apply a layer of foundation, there might be certain blemishes or pimples which are still exposed. That is exactly concealers are for. Try using a concealer which has salicylic acid in it. This salicylic acid tries to hide the pimples. Use a pointed brush at this stage, so that you would be able to concentrate on the exposure area of a  pimple.

4Blush with your blush

Now that you are done with the concealer and the foundation, now it is your time to lay your hands on blush.

The best way to use blush is with your fingers. Remember to give an upward movement. Choose the colour of your blush as per the tone of your skin. Generally, a bright blush gives a fresh and natural look and in anytime best for evening parties.

5Time to concentrate your eyes

Eyes. These are the windows which express our beauty to this world. Now let us discuss how do we beautify these? The first and the best way is to use a shimmer cream and mascara. Again the shimmer application depends on the skin tone.

Once you have applied the shimmer cream to your eyes, it is time to apply your eyeshadow now. Remember to use a flat brush. Apply a little shadow and slowly smudge it with the tip of your fingers. Applying a dark colour like a golden shade will help your eyes look beautiful and big.

After your eyeshadows. It is obviously time, for some nice mascara. The purpose of a mascara is that it enhances the look of your brows. The length of the eyebrows seems to become lengthy by the application of the mascara.Your eyes are perfectly stunning at this stage.

6Finally, let your lips look as beautiful as possible

Do not directly apply a lipstick or a chapstick to your lips. There are every chance that your lips might be dry. First, try to moisturise your lips with some lip balm.

Generally, a darker shade of lipstick is preferred once you get ready for a party. Apply the lipstick directly on the centre of your lips and try to blend it throughout your lips with a circular movement of your lips. Care should be taken that there is no portion of the lip containing excess or superfluous coat.

Application of an extra gloss over your lipstick is also advisable if you are getting ready for a party. Take care that your lip gloss is a branded one. This gives a fresh look.

Wow! Now you are completely packed and ready up with your makeup perfectly in place, ready to party tonight

We, as ladies always love to go to a party and have fun with friends. We do not want to miss the opportunity. Then why don’t we enjoy while we look stunning in our party attire and makeup?  As seen above, it is not all that tough to look stunning and glamorous. Just stick on the steps and enjoy your party! Look gorgeous and party hard!