Bicycle Riding, Moving back to your first ever sport of childhood!

‘We used to be happy when our father used to take us to the ground during childhood time. There we used to practice bicycle riding. Once learning the bicycle riding, after falling for twice or thrice, we used to feel that this is one of the greatest achievement of the world.’ It may be in a lighter vein, but true it is, that those who got a number of falls while learning became the best cyclists later. As we grow old, we just forget about bicycle riding. We wrap it up as our childhood sport only, and move to other matured sports like, cricket, golf or tennis. Cycles kept in the corner of godowns in many houses are evidence to this point. The interesting thing to note here is that  your sports coach always advises you to ride a cycle or bicycle at a gym as part of your cardio workouts.

It is everyone’s dream today, to remain fit and sound for a long time, and have a dynamic physique. But if you think that by following a regular schedule of eating your meals, sleeping and working by sitting for hours in your office chair or on a couch, you will be able to meet your dream body, then, take my words that you will not be fit for more than a year or two and your dream will ever be a dream only.

Standard physical action has the power to shield you from genuine ailments. These can be heftiness, coronary illness, growth, emotional sickness, diabetes or joint pain. Instead of driving your motorbike, you should choose bicycle riding for daily purpose activities and for small distance places. You can choose a bicycle for works like going to a nearby shop or buying your grocery items or going to your tuition/training class. In nations like Japan and China, many people enjoy riding a bicycle and it is never considered as ruining their status symbol there. If many of us also choose bicycle riding over driving then the burden of climate change will lessen to a great degree. Amsterdam is a fine, and beautiful international tourist city having lakhs of bicycle riders in it.

Dos and Don’ts while bicycle riding

Don’t underestimate the health challenge

It will be good if you consider this physical activity as necessary as eating food as per a wise saying: ‘To keep the body in good health is a duty; otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind stronger and clear.’

Do confirm your cycling route

cycle riding

If you are going out of your house for cycling, it is important that you confirm the route that you will be taking up.  As your mind needs to be stable and calm while cycling and not stressed or tensed. ‘If you’re happy and feeling good then nothing else matters.’

Don’t start with too fast speed

It is not possible to apply brake immediately, so maintain a medium speed, so as to be able to control it. A well-known fact is, speed is not at all good, you may lose your balance and fall in a short distance. ‘There is more to life than increasing its speed.’

Do ride in a group

bicycle riding

You will get to know the importance of friends if you form a bicycle riding group and it will pull you to complete your cycling-rounds daily. ‘The bicycle should always be the vehicle of novelists and poets.’

Don’t do this

Do not just eat and jump to ride your bicycle but there should be at least 30 minutes of a break after you eat or drink something and start to ride a bicycle. The wise saying is: ‘Life is like a ten-speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use.’

Do prepare your kit in advance

cycling kit

It sounds childish that cycling being only a daily exercise for you then what is the role of bicycle-kit here, but the fact is if you will have a pair of gloves, helmet and shoes then it will inspire you for cycling, which will help you to remain fit and people on road will get admired by your style.

The wise man says here: ‘Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race.’

Do take it seriously

No matter where you are in the pack, you need to watch the road surface in front of the group. Your health should be your first priority. So try to be regular and time- bound in this case. Take up this suggestion: ‘I really don’t like gym; I like to enjoy road experiences with my bicycle.’

Let’s check out some of the health benefits of regular bicycling:
  • It causes less strain and wounds than most different types of out-house activity.
  • It is a great muscle workout as cycling uses the greater part of the real muscle bunches as your pedal.
  • It is easy to perform because some different games need a large amount of physical ability but, cycling does not need much of your stamina.
  • Good to know here that cycling can enhance your oxygen consuming wellness. It will provide you with a glowing skin if done on a regular basis.
  • It is actually a fun approach to getting fit, the thrill and joy when you drift down the slopes and blow horn is really exciting. It will keep you cycling on a daily basis, contrasted with other physical exercises that keep you inside or need you in uncommon times or places.
  • While cycling most part of your body experiences, a high-impact action. It means that your body organs like heart, veins and lungs all get a workout.
  • As bicycling is counted to be a cardio workout so your heart will be stronger building up your cardiovascular wellness.
  • It improves your joint versatility by building up your muscle strength. It improves muscle bearing ability and coordination.
  • It decreases muscle to fat ratio  levels by preventing the chance of any ailment.
  • As impactful for heart and muscles, it is equally responsible to care for your mental fitness by reducing nervousness and gloom. It offers a decent approach to control or lessen weight. It raises your metabolic rate, fabricates muscle and smolders muscle to fat ratio ratios.
  • To the utmost surprise due to regular cycling there occurs the death of tumorous cells and so it helps in preventing cancer and occurrence of a tumor.
  • It is also good in controlling your blood sugar level thereby making you out of the zone of diabetes.

Bicycle riding is a sound, low-effect practice that can be delighted in by the individuals of all ages, from youngsters to more established grown-ups. It is likewise fun, exciting and useful for nature.