Make Yourself Cozy and Satiate Your Taste Buds With These Winter Food

As the seasonal clock is shifting to cooler days, the choice of your foods should also vary similarly. The reality is that the human body is accustomed to living in different  temperatures which we call acclimatization.  During winters or colder temperatures our body performs better and looks good. Winter comes immediately after the rainy season.  It brings with itself the flourishing fruits and vegetables with a rich taste and higher nutritive value. The amazing superfoods are either hitting their peak in the garden during winter or can easily be found at your local farmers’ market or a grocery store.

Do not get plagued with cold and flu, seasonal health disorders, itchy skin conditions and infections. This is due to the lower level of immune activity in your body during winter to resist chill temperature. So we need to develop an active immunity and high metabolism to fight diseases and withstand heavy cold during this season. This we can surely do by feeding your body with fresh vegetables and fruits. As per the studies, it is said that in order to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, it is good to know when they are available fresh during winter. Modern food processing and refrigeration techniques and open market in the world have made the variety of fruits and vegetables available all year round. So do not fear to buy them and make them a part of your regular eating habit.


I cannot stop myself to include this fruit and that too in the top most rank in the winter food list. The goodness and nutritive value that it carries cannot be left aside. Apples have the ability to satisfy your tongue at all the seasons, in all the forms either eaten raw or baked into a delicious dish. Assure yourself eating it along with its skin or peel because it contains varieties of flavonoids. Health benefits in the servings of each apple:

  • A Higher percentage of antioxidants.
  • 4 grams of dietary fibers per servings.

Try this tastier recipe with apple: You can toss it to your fruit salad or roast them up to enjoy a change in its taste. Apple ice-creams and desserts are also a good way to enjoy them.

2Brussels sprouts for winter season

This vegetable is known for its divine taste. True to say here that they have a mild, somewhat bitter taste. You can combine them with tangy or savory sauces like vinegar.It is very good to consume this during the winter season. The countable benefits include:

  • Good source of folate.
  • Good source of iron.
  • The high amount of Vitamin K.

Try this tastier recipe with Brussels sprouts: Raw eating is much more beneficial, but you can also enjoy its taste when sautéed and roasted.


They are known also as radish in some parts of the world. This veggie resembles carrots, but they have a lighter color. They are sweet in taste and nutty in flavor and is best used during winter. Its health benefits include:

  • High in potassium.
  • Good source of fibers.

Try this tastier recipe with parsnips: You can flavor it with steamed rice and potatoes. Also, puree them into soups and sauces. Oven roasted parsnips and carrots are also a well-famous dish.


The nutty flavor laden with a sweet taste makes it a crowd-pleaser fruit of all time especially during winter season. Health benefits include:

  • Good source of vitamin C.
  • High in a copper mineral.
  • A Higher percentage of fibers equivalent to an apple.

Try this tastier recipe with pears: Make it a part of delicious fruit salad. Also, you can mix together spinach, pear, pecans, and goat cheese to enjoy the authentic taste to its bits.


You might wonder it to resemble like a turnip the one you used to see in a crowded veggie market or as a part of salads, but it really is not the same. It actually is a hybrid of cabbage and turnips, much more popular as a Swedish dish. Its health benefits include:

  • Good source of vitamin C.
  • Good source of fibers.

Try this tastier recipe with c: Roast them up with ginger, honey or lemon. Also, you can add it to your mushroom or carrot soup.


You will forget other citrus fruits in front of kumquats, these tiny, little, olive-sized fruits are full of disease-fighting antioxidants.  These antioxidants  are contained in their sweet edible skin. Its longevity as a shelf item is increased due to its skin. Its health benefits include:

  • Excellent source of Vitamin C and A.
  • High in vitamin B and potassium.
  • Fulfills daily fiber needs.

Try this tastier recipe with kumquat: Slice up a kumquat and toss it into a salad. Prepare a salsa by mixing kumquats and avocado with red onions, cilantro, and lime.

7Sweet potatoes

It is a must to include veggie in your regular casseroles or any type of third recipes that you cook at home. It is not at all a part of our restaurant food items. Whenever you plan to cook at home, just include it for your health goodness as against its nutritionally lacking counterpart. Those are nothing but, ones called white potatoes. Its health benefits include:

  • Excellent source of Vitamin A.
  • Anti-inflammatory in nature.
  • Rich in an iron source.

Try this tastier recipe with sweet potatoes. Prepare oven roasted sweet potatoes as a regular snack item as against potatoes this evening. The boiling process may destroy its vitamin content.


This fruit has proved its name as an anti-oxidant powerhouse. One of the famous research institutes has proved it to contain the higher percentage of antioxidants.  This is  more than the utmost popular red wine. Its health benefits include:

  • A good source of Vitamin A and folate.
  • High source of red wine.

Try this tastier recipe with pomegranates: It can be enjoyed in several ways as fruit salad, custards or juices.


It is a popular sweet fruit of Middle East. Its health benefits include:

  • Very low level of fats.
  • Good source of vitamin and potassium.
  • Iron

Try this tastier recipe with dates: It blends best when chopped up in deserts, stuffed with cream cheese and almonds.


This is one of the famous exotic fruit that is said to have the anti-oxidant powerhouse. I bet that they may show up such goodness to your body as above the green tea. Its health benefits include:

  • A good source of iron and calcium.
  • A rich source of flavonoids and anthocyanins.
  • Lowers the risk of chronic diseases.

Try this tastier recipe with dates: Simply peel and pop rambutan into your mouth to enjoy their taste or you can add them to your fruit platter.

Remember that winters are all about cleansing and depurating, fruits and vegetables which are rich in fiber are great for warding off heart diseases and other chronic ailments. as fruits are packed with vitamins, dietary fibers, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients which are easily assimilated by our body. Juices also serve to be an excellent way to load up on nutrients and detoxify your body by keeping it hydrated. “Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire; it is the time for home.” STAY HEALTHY AND BLESSED ALWAYS!