Detox your liver by these super foods

Today we live in a world which is filled with disease and they are becoming more and more prevalent by each day. The food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe, each one of these have become potentially hazardous to our health. Apart from these, we also have the chemicals which we use in our day to day life which could be hazardous too. This should come as no surprise as the environment we choose to surround ourselves with, is extremely toxic. All the research oriented people and scientist have long worried and been concerned about the pollution which is caused. Now our liver plays an important role in aiding us to keep our system neat and clean. It has many important functions that keep us hale and healthy. It removes harmful material from the bloodstream and helps in food digestion. This three-pound weighing organ is extremely helpful in giving us a good immune system.

The properly functioning liver works as a fat-burning organ of our body. It helps for the conversion of nutrients obtained from our food into vitamins and minerals, thereby maintaining the hormonal balance of our body. It also helps our immune system to fight infections. It removes bacteria from the blood and secrete bile juice, which is essential in digesting our meals.

We could also call our liver as a silent security system which takes care of our body, day in and day out. It cleans up whatever goes in, and assists with what goes out. It also performs everyday functions that we might not be aware of. It protects us from many nasty health conditions when you care for it properly.

Healthy food habits can help your liver

liver - healthy foodWe can do a lot of things to aid our liver in doing its duty. Wherever and whenever possible we could try and keep the place around us neat and clean. Apart from this, it is strongly recommended to have healthy, plant-based diet. Researchers and health experts recommend in eliminating animal foods to care for it. This is just as much as liver do eliminate alcohol, excess caffeine, refined sugar and processed foods. A plant-based diet is rich in antioxidants and has naturally cleansing properties in its fiber and water content. It contains non-acidic proteins that are more friendly to your body than animal sources. Most of all blood that leave your stomach and intestines after digestion go straight to your liver. This is for the processing of nutrients or the removal of toxins. It is easily understood here, as why we recommend eating a diet that’s friendly to your blood and liver.

It is a must to keep this organ in a proper working condition. This could be possible by consuming the right food which is good for the amicable functioning of the liver. Listed below are few foods which help in detoxifying and rejuvenating it.

1Avocados for a healthy liver:

Avocados are super foods which are filled with a lot of nutrients. They are helpful for the production of glutathione. This is an antioxidant produced by our body by consumption of avocados. This antioxidant helps our liver to filter out harmful materials


Apples are extremely good for our liver. Pectin is a soluble fibre which helps to remove the toxins and cholesterol from our blood. Apples are rich in pectin. They’re also rich in malic acid, a naturally cleansing nutrient that removes carcinogens and other toxins from the blood. It is a must to choose the right kind of apples. Try and be careful when there is a choice of organic apple. Organic apples are one of the best choices to stay away from the harms of pesticides available in conventional forms.

3Beet for liver:

Beets are reddish, bright and beautiful. They are good for the whole body including your liver. Their colour seems to coincidentally merge with the fact that they cleanse and purify the blood. This is one of the main reason it increases its liver functioning.  Apart from this, beets are also high in antioxidants, namely folate. They also contain other substances like pectin, betalains, betacyanin, iron, betaine and betanin.

A pectin is a soluble form of fiber that’s well known for its cleansing properties. The fibre in beets and their nutrients help the body flush toxins that are often stored in our liver. These red vegetables are amazing for your liver!


Chlorophyll found in these cruciferous veggies which are shaped like mini trees give life to your body. They are also rich in antioxidants and fibre. They naturally clean the body from carcinogens and other toxins. Apart from all these, these cruciferous vegetables also contain glucosinolates. These help the liver produce enzymes to aid in the removal of toxins and aid in the process of digestion. Broccoli is also a good source of fat-soluble Vitamin E, an especially important antioxidant for the liver.

5Citrus Fruits:

Vitamin C helps in synthesizing the toxic materials into that substance that can be easily absorbed by water. These citrus fruits as lemons can help the liver in this process of breaking down the toxic material. It is advisable to have a glass of lemon water early in the morning in an empty stomach. This is considered to purify the entire system including our liver.


This green vegetable is rich in glucosinolates. The isothiocyanates (ITCs) secreted cabbage’s glucosinolates provides liver with its detoxifying enzymes. These  enzymes help them to clean the toxins from our body and synthesizes new enzymes. Consumption of cabbage at least twice a week is proven to be the best for the good working condition of the  liver.


Garlic activates enzymes in the liver which help with the process of digestion and flushing out toxins. Allicin and selenium are the two important nutrients essential for a proper functioning of the liver. They act in cleansing and in nourishing the entire body, especially the blood. Selenium is a naturally detoxifying mineral. Allicin helps towards strengthening our immune system by preventing microbial invasion. This can help in reducing the load on your liver. It is advisable to use whole garlic instead of cut pieces.


There is no house without this spice. Turmeric can be extremely good for our liver as it helps in the production of bile juice. This bile acts as a natural form of detoxification for our liver. A pinch of turmeric in our daily cooking is recommended for a healthy liver.

If we would count the number of toxins we tend to breathe and live around with, our life will not be enough. Yet we are not left with any other choice other than dealing with these as these have become an integral part of our lifestyle. All that we could do is work our mind consciously towards creating a natural and clean surrounding.