Why don’t you enjoy eating your morning breakfast?

We just need to stick to this saying, “My body is like breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I don’t think about it, I just have it.” ‘Camilla is a school girl, studying in 8th standard. She always complained of stomach upset and felt tiring all the time. She was referred to a physician. As per her routine, she used to skip her morning breakfast, in a hurry or out of laziness. As per discussion with parents and Camilla, the physician came out with only one point saying that she should not skip her morning breakfast. He explained it to Camilla that breakfast plays a major role in setting the tone of your day, both physically and mentally.’

People come up with many excuses to skip their breakfast.

morning breakfast-cereal-skipExcuse no. 1: I have no time at all to hog anything during 7 am – 11 am in the morning as I am either preparing the lunch-box/breakfast or beautifying myself to rush out of the door.

Excuse no. 2: I do not feel hungry at all during morning hours, even a glass of water is difficult to get down into the stomach.

Excuse no. 3: I am dieting as I recently found out that my jacket seems too tight for me to wear and skipping breakfast is one of the easiest ways from my routine.

Excuse no. 4: I perform my regular workouts. If eating breakfast then I will feel lethargic or develop cramps, so I need to skip my breakfast.

These are all lame excuses and every excuse said above is not scientific and factually incorrect. For example, no.3, an empty stomach in the morning fills gas and show you with a pot belly.

You might also point to any of these excuses if you also are one among the breakfast skippers. But the reality is, if you could eat a decent breakfast, you would probably be able to do your work much better. This is perfectly true of schoolchildren because their brains are still developing. If children do not eat well, their brains will not function as well as they should. It is not that they do not have the time, but patience and calmness they do not have and they feel nervous and uneasiness over their schedules of the day.

How breakfast and your brain have a connection?

energy booster- morning breakfastYour emotions and mood are centered in your brain and nervous system. There’s a strong connection between diet and emotional health. A healthy breakfast provides required nourishment for our brains and nervous system, as well as energy for our whole body. It’s an important way to start the day off as best as you can. As you have spent all night fasting, you have a busy day ahead of you, and you need the energy to flourish all these. A timely, healthy breakfast gives it all needed for you to have a kick-start day.

The facts about the world’s population skipping breakfast is as such:

  • Approximately 31 million people skip their breakfast daily.
  • 28% of male and 22% of females at the age of 18 – 34 years skip their breakfast.
  • 64 percent of individuals have their morning meals away from home due to the office, school, college or other reasons.
  • A myth supported by the research finding later says that women wishing for baby boys should never skip their breakfast.
  • Adult females show a higher propensity to skip a morning breakfast due to a time constraint, like being too busy with household work or rushing to get out the door.
  • Obesity is growing at the rate of 30% as the people are skipping their breakfast.

Why should you not skip morning breakfast?

Morning-BreakfastThere are many medical pieces of evidence that support the truth that a heavy, healthy meal is very necessary at the early morning time. As the last meal, you took was your dinner, so it makes a large gap. Also eating untimely during mid-night is not healthy at all. The morning breakfast, as it is said so because it is breaking your night fasting, should be eaten regularly. Even a moderate quantum of breakfast with staple food with necessary protein and carbs make the whole daytime pleasant and supportive.

There are many benefits of regularly taking your breakfast:

1Weight management:

Without undermining the effect of going through physical training sessions, you actually need to have your morning breakfast. It’s true that your belly is bulging out and thighs are widening but by eating a small, sensible breakfast, you will help yourself to curb hunger throughout the day.

This way you are less likely to reach for the junk you may be surrounded by while going about your day.

2Morning breakfast as an Energy booster:

If you skip breakfast in the morning, you might be keeping your body on air diet, as it lowers down your activeness for the day. Taking a long gap in eating is very unhealthy, especially if it is done on a regular basis. Muscles in our body need glycogen for energy and will end up being depleted if you haven’t eaten anything.

3Mentally sharper:

At this fast pace of life, everyone needs to be alert and attentive, all through the day. There are certain breakfast foods that have been proven to give you a brain boost and will help you perform your daily duties with a sense of heightened clarity and awareness. To name, a few are whole grains.

4Positive beginning:

Eating breakfast every morning sets a good example to your kids and the younger generation. It gives you freshness and calmness for all the day long. You feel energetic all the time. Studies have proved that people having their morning breakfast hold a more positive attitude towards life than those skipping it. Doctors say that a long gap ie. from dinner to next day noon time ( skipping breakfast ) meal, empty stomach pulls in acidity and thereby to peptic ulcer.

How to make your morning breakfast interesting and enjoyable to eat?

Suggestion 1: Eat whole grain cereal either sprouted or boiled in the morning. Also include low-fat milk and berries with it, which comprise a healthy and complete breakfast. All you need to do is soak the grains overnight. Green, red and orange skin colored pulses are the one used to prepare

Suggestion 2: Prepare oats either soaked in the milk or salted and fried. You can enjoy this with fresh juice.

Suggestion 3: Blend low-fat yogurt, a banana, and berries with low-fat milk or juice. Drink it down for a healthy start.

Suggestion 4: Wholesome low-GI breakfast containing two poached or boiled eggs, with one slice of whole-grain toast. You can enjoy eating with sliced melon.

Suggestion 5: Try a banana or a glass of milk. As it is the easiest and simplest to prepare.

Suggestion 6: Eat a complete breakfast post-workout.

Those who eat breakfast are less likely to overeat, and thus consume more calories than their daily requirement. Overeating throughout the later part of the day is actually related to weight gain.

A misconception says that not eating breakfast saves calories. And you can then use it throughout the day when you become hungry. This is not true, at all. So all you need to do now is to bang on this by being regular to your morning breakfast. You are actually regulating your blood sugar levels by eating breakfast. Eating breakfast is part of a healthy lifestyle that includes making wise food choices and balancing calories with exercise. “So eat healthily and stay healthy.”