Ever wondered why you should avoid drinking coke?

Mandy was an 11-year-old boy. He grew up looking at the soldiers, as he resided in the border area of the country. He used to notice army men, their way of walking, handling the gun and eating habits. He was really impressed by their way of drinking the energy drink cans supplied to them by the government. This even induced him drinking coke and other such drinks. As and when he got a few pennies in his palm, he used to buy a can from the nearby grocery store. And so he started enjoying it, as he felt a cooling effect in his stomach. As this boy started with his graduation and indulged in sports, he again took up his old habit of quenching his thirst with a canned drink. He made it a style quotient among his college mates. Now, Mandy is a 40-year-old adult and he is suffering from high blood pressure. His doctors have advised him to minimize his consumption of canned drinks.  As it is ruining his body badly instead of the fact that he is a non-alcoholic and non-smoking person.

There are many youngsters who either get inspired by their favorite celebrity or making it their style quotient. They love to make soda or canned drinks a part of their life. They never give a thought to its effects on their body and overall health state. These sodas are loaded with sugars, artificial colorings, and flavorings. And the big fact is it is completely devoid of any type of nutrients apart from water. Let us check some recent data about these canned drinks:

  • Coca-Cola is an iconic brand to this date, by dominating a 42.8% share in the soda marketplace. At the second place is Pepsi by capturing just 31% in this market.
  • Around the world, approximately 1.7 billion servings of Coke products are consumed every day.
  • As per one of the research studies conducted for 12 years upon 155,000 women, who had a habit of regular habit of drinking coke, it showed that women who drank just one cola drink every day had a 9% to 13% higher risk of high blood pressure.
  • The women who drank four or more cans of cola a day had up to a 44% higher risk of hypertension.

These are the bad effects of drinking coke upon a human health

There are  many claims by these companies for it being a drink for hot summer or chilly winter. However medical research works have claimed it to be not a healthy drink.

1It is corrosive to teeth

Due to acidic nature of these drinks, they are corrosive to the topmost coating of our tooth called as enamel. You can match a coke’s corrosive nature to any of the battery acid. The phosphoric acid present in these drinks is the real culprit behind this enamel-eroding effects. In fact, children should be banned from drinking these black canned drinks. Due to its staining effect on teeth, it gives a deep coloring used to the teeth giving them an unattractive shade of yellow. You can see teenagers with this habit of coke drinking with a stained teeth order.

2It raises your blood pressure

You might wonder that how can a colored fluid raise your blood pressure. It isn’t that surprising when you will come to know that although coke contains plus 85% of water.  Still with the presence of other chemicals in it, it has the ability to impact blood flow through arteries. Elevated blood pressure can level your risk of serious health problems such as heart attack and stroke.

So, you don’t have to have a habit of drinking Coke as extreme as Mandy’s to suffer from high blood pressure.

3It makes you heavier

A trend has come up to say people as ‘Coke belly’. Drinking coke makes them gain weight. Too much sugar causes weight gain, particularly around the belly area. It is actually an unhealthy fat said to be visceral fat. It makes up the reason for causing diabetes and other health issues. Even a regular gym going person gains weight at a faster pace, especially around his waistline, if he is drinking coke 10-12 cans every day.

4It affects your mood

Now that is something of a bigger concern. Although marketed as a cooling drink for your body, it is particularly harmful to your mental health. It may lead to depression. It leads to increased cases of mood swings. Those who are regular in drinking coke will have anxiety and anger as a common trait in them.

5Drinking coke can affect your reproductive ability

As per a research study, those who are avid coke drinkers will suffer from reproductive problems. As it was found out that it decreases the sperm count in men and for women, it becomes difficult for them to conceive. When this research work was compared to normal people or non-coke drinkers, it speculated that they have a healthier and happier way of life. Caffeine consumption increases the risk of miscarriage too. The presence of little plastic in coke is strong enough to affect the female reproductive lining.

6It has zero nutritional value

It is purely an aerated, sugar drink. There is absolutely no nutritional value present in soda drinks. And sugar harms the body, thus proving that there are not even one positive benefit to outweigh them. Because of the presence of high sugar, caffeine and sodium content in soda, it dehydrates the body. Also, over a long period of time can cause chronic dehydration. Also, it contains an artificial sweetener called as ‘aspartame’. This has the presence of phenylalanine which can worsen any kind of diseases in your body.

7It is bad for bones and skin

If you are able to stand and walk properly, you should thank your bony skeleton only. As it provides you with a solid support to step firmly on the hard surfaces. Protection of your bone is as important as your skin. Drinking coke regularly, might be shredding off your bony layer gradually. And again, this time, it is the acidic nature of coke i.e. phosphoric acid for that. Owing to its sugar content, it speeds up the aging process in your body. This leads to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As sugar gets deposited at the collagen protein, which is known to keep the skin tight. So in a way to remain youthful always, stay away from sugar and such caffeine based drinks.

8It may lead to a kidney disease or cancer

As it is known to contain caffeine, it has the ability to bring about cellular modification. This may cause cancer. As cancer is caused due to excessive cell multiplication at some of the areas or organs of the body. Caffeine is a key component to disturb the kidney functioning too. It is very sad that despite  research and scientific revelations on coke like coca-cola which has serious chemical components in it like to a pesticide, it is glamorous to chat and gossip with a coke for some of our youths and adults too.  Let healthcare activists do some more work on it.

So it is the right time for you to think that is coke really necessary for you. You need to understand your body needs that is absolutely understood, but will you risk your life for the same? If your body craves for an icy drink then instead to follow your sports celebrity, you should offer yourself with an icy-cool mineral water. As bottled mineral water is more worthy as compared to colored drinks. If you have a caffeine addiction, then you can replace a coke with one or two cups of tea/coffee daily. All that matters at the end are, ‘How young and energetic are you able to remain for years?