Feeling Lazy and Laid back? Simple tips to rejuvenate yourself

Okay, let us discuss this fact here that you feel drowsiness and sleepy all day long. Your friends call you a ‘lazy brat’ and you at the same time feel like you will get up, show them your activeness and just shut them up. But this feeling never takes up its reality and it ends up there. Most of the young ones are now facing this problem and by saying young ones I prefer to include a broader category of people in my range having 18-38 years of age. Global inactivity has rapidly increased from past few decades as more people spend less time performing physical activity. This has made them lazy. Also technological advancements which have substituted manual labour in the household chores have given the humanity a good amount of time to do different things and entertain many activities. But a good amount of this age group abovesaid has not inclined to exploit the time saved as said. This is directly connected to increase in obesity and risk to major life-threatening diseases.

Not only developed countries but also developing and moreover the whole world has come under this zone now. Till the time, the blame was being imposed on the sources of entertainment like television, computer and video games but other life-easing technologies are also a sole reason behind it like a refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, microwaves etc. Everything points out to this fact the lack of physical activity has raised this scenario. You need to involve yourself in those kinds of activities which makes us feel active.

I bring up to you a simple questionnaire so that you can judge yourself:

  • Do you like to choose cars as against walking for a small task just because you are lazy?
  • Do you get attracted to the source of comforts like a couch, bed or a chair at all situation as against standing or walking?
  • Do you feel lazy at the day-time more than at the night?
  • Do you feel utmost laziness get up early in the morning?
  • Are you keeping all your daily tasks at the corner of your head instead of accomplishing them up and just laid back lazy?
  • Do these words like disciplined life, activeness and fitness sound boring or make you lazy?
  • Do you easily lose your temper in a way to solve any critical situation?
  • Do you feel mentally and emotionally distressed all the time?

Well, a true answer to these questions can be given by you only and if your answer to all these questions is yes, and then you can declare yourself a lazy, surely. As it is a serious problem that you are facing and you need to take a step now because it may lead to a horrible future. These will disturb your thought process, your decision-making ability, your body posture, your impression in front of office colleagues or friends and indeed, your future image. Also, many research studies have proved that feeling lazy as an attitude disturbs and interrupts with the proper functioning of your body’s internal clock making you suffer from mood swings and many other unnoticeable psychological issues.

These are some suggested ways to help you solve this problem:

1Re-align your body clock.

“Make it a habit and live longer.”

You might wonder to know this fact that apart from a wall clock hanging in your living room your body itself has its own internal clock, to manage different kinds of stuff smartly and keep you healthy, fit and fine.

You can do this easily by just changing your daily work timings. You need to get up early in the morning, feeling lazy without even if you sleep late at the night for initial 4-7 days. Take-out time to do some physically exhausting activities like exercising, cycling, running, etc. during these days, which will eventually make you sleep early in the night.  Making it a habit will show up good results at a faster rate. Also, you need to prioritize your daily routine based on your body clock.

Stay away from It happens with most of us that getting up early becomes super difficult, but when you will think about the benefits in a long-run and start enjoying it you will surely be one of the luckiest people on this earth.

2Eat a balanced diet, rest, sleep and perform timely physical activities.

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement”

Lack of proper diet and food on time disrupts your circadian rhythm making you lethargic and low in energy all the time. You feel lazy most of the time and consequently not wishing to complete the task in front of you. If this is true, you need to give yourself a balanced diet and proper rest including right hours of sleep you need. This will leave you feeling less lazy. Not to avoid here that try to do some household activities like watering plants, cleaning shelves or dusting so that you do not remain seated at one place for long and your body parts are doing some efficient activities.

Stay away from Untimely food habits are the cause of major dreadful diseases. Use of machines and technologies should be replaced with manual working as it will help you achieve your daily household chores and strengthen your muscles unless you are physically weak or too old to do these.

3Work-out sessions go best with morning raga or music.

“My great hope is to laugh as much as I cry, to stay healthy forever.”

Exercise, yoga, and workouts are a boon for human beings or any living organisms. We are created to locate and move from one place to the other and not to live a sedentary life. The interesting fact is regular morning workout and day-to-day works keep your metabolism level under check and as per the science, our metabolism holds the cure for many diseases. And if you mix these morning sessions with your favorite music then you will be able to extract double benefit from it. The experience of those practice Yoga asanas in the morning indicates that they have got a freshness, oxygen inside, and good flexibility. What else a person need to perform things in a day enthusiastically driving away the devil ‘laziness’?

Stay away from Greed to take-up your morning nap will destroy all these goodness that you can achieve.

4Feeling lazy? Break down a task to smaller task

“The way to get started is to stop talking and start doing.”

If you feel a task to be too big to accomplish at the first look, then there comes a cause of your failure. Like nature, we often avoid tasks thinking it to be too big, too overwhelming, too tiring or taking too much of our time. Try to break a task into several smaller tasks and you can easily solve your problem. Then each one of these problems will not look so difficult and so intimidating. Also, it will consume fewer efforts. It will surely melt much of your laziness and inner resistance.

Stay away from The thought of extra effort involved to complete a task, weakens your capability as the two are inversely related to each other.

5Think about benefits.

“True happiness comes from the zest of creating new things.”

By human nature, negative things pop up firstly in our minds. Focusing on the difficulties of carrying out the task, leads to discouragement, avoidance of taking action and to ultimate laziness. You need to think about the benefits you will gain if you overcome your laziness and take action, instead of thinking about the difficulties or obstacles. It is important to focus your mind and attention on the benefits and not on the difficulties. If there is some liquid to 50% of glass, try to say that the glass is half full and never half empty. This positiveness too is a tool to peel off laziness and lethargy.

Stay away from Negative thoughts and discouraging views or suggestions coming from your or any others mind.

6Repeat affirmations

“If you want it, work for it. It’s that simple.”

Sometimes your belief fails to support you at the right time, so you need to say to yourself repeatedly and confirm to yourself that ‘yes, you can easily achieve this task’, and apart from that think that ‘it is indeed not a rocket science.’ Tell to yourself:

  • I can accomplish my goal.
  • I have the energy and strength to act and do whatever I want and have to do.
  • Doing things make things happen.

Stay away from: Having a feeling of laziness or thoughts obstructing you. Lack of decisive and affirmative nature will make your life a muddled woolen ball, spending your time and money to straighten it.

7No more procrastination, please!

“It always seems impossible, until it’s done.”

Indeed, it is a magical word, but it makes you lazy. You think, predict and plan but if it never gets executed then it is some serious disorder. If there is something you have to do and very high in your priority level, then why not do it right now and get through it? Never let it stay nagging at the back of your head as a part of your to-do list.

Stay away from The thinking part of your mind is a disturbing element so decide it once and just go for it. Don’t give it a second thought or don’t let your comfort habit interrupt it here.

8Have a vision and motivation of what you want to be.

“Plans are nothing; planning is everything.”

Develop a habit of being goal-stuck by being assured about what you need to achieve in your life. These visions will keep you in a ready-to-go mode and always motivate yourself for some betterment. You need to strengthen yourself by these visions and goals that performing your task will lead you to a better and successful life. It means that ‘be a good dreamer’ to become a performer. Here dreamer is a good planner.

Stay away from Routinely boredom tasks and lack of fresh activities make you lethargic and inactive.

9Remove distractions and reward yourself.

“If you want to be more productive you need to be master of your minutes.”

Some of the household distracters like songs videos, television, and the internet (on laptop or mobile) will distract you from your prime activities. It is you the one who will firstly know about what exactly distract you; you only should have a will power to remove it and focus on your to-do list and complete your task in hand as a higher preference. Once you have achieved the task you have thought of completing it is the time to reward yourself with something that you like, and you can learn new from it. Remember here: small tasks = little rewards. This calculative nature will make you achieve all the success in your life.

Stay away from Tempting distracters luring you to it are harmful. Bigger rewards will spoil your habit.

All you need is a process to create awareness within yourself and around among the people you are spending time. As the more of people will fall to follow your way it will keep yourself motivated and help you create a better future.