Filling the age bar with this modern way of living

You can sky-dive at the age of 70, quit your job at 24, get married after 55, roam about with people double/half your age. All these worries do not matter in this era. Well, we are living in a world where everyone is of the same age. And that age isn’t a number although, it’s a state of mind. You might be at 16 years or 60 years of your age, but in today’s world, your thought process matters much. People from all the ages are going to gyms, nightclubs, travelling, taking dance lessons and much more. The concept of age bar is nowhere to be found now.

There is no restriction any more on how one should think or act, depending upon his or her physical age. At the age of 50, you can search for your soul-mate and tie the knot. At the age 23, you can chuck your 9.00 am to 6.00 pm a job and live for your passion, let it be anything. These days’ people are doing stuff that was something unimaginable a decade ago. It signifies that we are matured and gotten younger at the same time.

The most vital variable to comprehend is that in spite of the fact that our bodies will demonstrate our age to a specific degree, age is most huge when it identifies with development. Whether you end up to be the more youthful or, the more established individual in a relationship, consider whether your development levels match. You may discover in life that a fifty-year-old and a thirty-year-old can be fundamentally the same concerning their development level. This all rely on  their backgrounds, individual viewpoints, and objectives.

How does ‘no restriction on age bar’ concept tie today’s relationship?

1A level of understanding is all that matters

One element that can represent the deciding moment a relationship is the shared conviction that you impart to the next individual. A great many people without a doubt coexist with somebody who has comparative hobbies and interests. It is acceptable and workable at this time. A night owl versus a morning fowl will surely not be in a state of harmony with each other. The same hypothesis remains constant for hobbies. While it is beneficial to have some of your very own advantages, it is extremely useful to the relationship that you share time together doing things that you both appreciate. Consider whether the age distinction will influence exercises done together; whether they are trekking, skiing or watching films, these circumstances spent together will keep the relationship solid.

2Transparency in relationship is crucial

Straightforwardness outside of a relationship is awful. On an individual level, we call it airing filthy clothing. On business or expert level, we call it a security disappointment. You as a client of a monetary establishment need straightforwardness with your data, yet you unequivocally don’t need any other individual to realize what’s going on. Generally, as straightforwardness inside a relationship fabricates trust, opacity to outsiders likewise strengthens this trust. Relationship is based on a level of understanding and trust. One would not commit to a long-dating relationship unless and until, it claims to have the transparency. As per a metro couple the sayings: “I let her know my goals in life, she let me know what she wanted to do with herself as well, and it seemed like we share a common cloud somewhere in the same sky.” In this way many couples have decided and chosen their better-half as against the age or social barrier. Age bar horizons are touching the extreme corners yet appear to share a common place in the room.

3Life, objective, interests are above all the other things

Another angle to consider is if the age distinction will meddle with your very own objectives. Whether you need to focus on your vocation, have kids or invest your free energy voyaging; inquire as to whether ‘your and partner’s age contrast’ concurs with your lifestyle. Talk about the future, not only the current circumstance. A few themes to consider are accounts, kids, retirement objectives and vocation decisions. You may think that it’s exceptionally valuable to pick a period to take a seat and truly discuss how the age contrast may influence your lives one year, five years and perhaps a quarter century. Now, we have two generations from different eras looking at the same objective i.e. to live to the fullest-indifferent ways.

4Start living your dreams now

As per Mark Twain’s words, ‘Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind it doesn’t matter.’ This date, you will find men and women in nightclubs together and equally comfortable with each other. One of my friends had recently left her lucrative job to live her life as a nomad. By now, she had travelled to the most remote corners of the world, and I had heard her saying, “It was impossible to tame my restless cubicle-bound soul. I can’t wait to be the 60s to start living my dreams.” It gives an absolute relaxation and joy when you achieve a goal and that too within a time-frame. Pause and ponder before you go live with such desires. You should be running into rags to satisfy your soul. In a nutshell, age bar is diminishing from major to minor, to this date.

5An adjacent look at life

Individuality is above all your social or professional identity. You should not be skeptical today, to see a teen being spiritual or a 60-year-old joining a Zumba-class. Our virtual interactions are considerably influencing how we see people in real-life, today. It might be no surprise to see your neighborhood’s son’s closest friend to be of your age. Most of the psychologist explain it as ‘the mind doesn’t age like the body.’ In our mind, everybody is free to feel as old as they want to be. A range of cosmetics and clothing line are usually designed irrespective of age bar, today.

6Internet bridging this age bar concept

Being a dreamer of the 21st century, you will not be left out from the internet coverage. The Internet is considered to be a symbol of development and advancement. Similarly, social media and connectivity have played a big part in creating this seamless flow between people of all ages. Various platforms  providing minutes to seconds update on any event today have proved to be much more impactful. A teenager can be found passionately debating on a national issue with a 50- year old on Facebook or Twitter, today. A 44-year old employee may look more active at his job-role as against 24-year-old in the same company inactive or nearly lazy. The reason being age, hierarchies, position, top-heavy don’t work anymore now. A young idea is as welcome as the experience of an older professional at this date. This has certainly paved the way to reduce age bar and to inculcate new ideas.

7I love to postpone my being old.

I know a 45-year old motivational speaker and social entrepreneur, who is now attempting his luck at being a stand-up comedian. It seems difficult or impossible on one side but has been made possible with a zeal to turn the course of your flow. One can confidently look to be younger and healthier at his or her 60s. We can say that the bio-markers of age have changed. Young teens are smarter, mature, and the old generation is wrinkle less, fitter and youthful, today. It’s all lies in the mind-set and enthusiasm to live your life. Age is not about how old you are physically but how much of inner-fire, energy, positive energy and everlasting spirit you have.

Above all, on the off chance that you and your accomplice feel you are a good fit for each other, age bar won’t make any difference. We as a whole start our mission for adoration as youthful grown-ups and we live with the goal of holding solid into our senior years. On the off chance that two individuals are sufficiently fortunate individuals locate each other, it for the most part won’t make any difference and soon thereafter in life they do as such. With regards to love, age is only a number. Age is becoming irrelevant as the earlier mystique between generations has disappeared. Thoughts, ideas, actions etc. get mixed up at a point of time. You are sure to experience a lot different life-style in the years to come.