Foods those make our joints gay and happy

In medical term ‘joints’ is nothing but the connection between two bones. It is with the help of these joints we are able to bend your knees, handle things with fingers, move your hips, turn around and do all your actions. Inside your body, there are smooth tissues. These smooth tissues are named as synovium and cartilage. Apart from this, there is a lubricant by the name Synovial fluid. This lubricant is important as it creates a cushion so that any two joints don’t rub each other. There could  be various reasons for the damage of cartilage and Synovium. This could be anything like any injury or ageing factor or lack of good food. It might also be  lifestyle there could be damage to this cartilage and synovium. This eventually can lead to  damaging your joints and lead to a condition by the name Arthritis.

There are certain ways through which we can adapt to keep ourselves free from these inflammation and joint pains. Not only for joints but for many other aspects of your body some kind of physical exercise and activities play an important role. We should try and understand that extra belly which we build over years does a lot of damage to your joints and cartilage. It limits your ability to keep your joints well lubricated. We need to aim at working on losing that pot belly and develop a healthier lifestyle to keep your joints happy.

It is found that people who exercise on a regular basis have better movement of their joints. This is due to the fact that they keep their cartilage happy. All your joints must need some kind of motion to be functioning properly. Not using these joints for movement causes the joints to tighten and thereby weakens the tissues to which they are attached. It is not necessary to workout for hours together. Exercise of a medium  impact would help you keep your joints strong and well maintained. It is crucial to concentrate on those exercises like cycling, yoga or walking to keep your joints intact. These would make your joints well lubricated.

girl stretching- jointsWe all should know that there is no particular diet which could be suggested for curing Arthritis. But there are certain foods which give us extremely strong bones. These foods enhance a better immune system. It is highly advisory to add the below-mentioned food in our diet for a better bone and joint strength.

1Coconut Oil:

This amazing liquid can be used internally for cooking as well as in application over our body and hair. This is rich in its properties of reducing pain and lowering inflammation. This keeps our tissues well hydrated and also safeguards from any kind of bacterias.

2Dairy Products:

Joints love all kind of dairy products like cheese, yogurt and milk. These dairy products are especially good as they are rich in vitamin D. They are full of calcium. Calcium is good for our bone strength. It is  good when vitamin D couples with calcium. Calcium is easily absorbed by our body by the presence of Vitamin D. These two amazingly increase your immune system. Apart from dairy products eating green vegetables is also a good source of calcium.

3Beans for joints:

Beans are full of proteins. Proteins are essential for muscle health. Further, Beans are also packed with a lot of other essential minerals like zinc, magnesium and folic acid which are a boon for a healthy heart. They are the best possible known food for a hale and healthy joint. Kidney beans and Red beans are super immune boosters.


Almonds are rich in various elements like vitamin E and various minerals like manganese and iron. Antioxidants are protectors of  our body. Vitamin E is one of the important antioxidants. The mineral manganese helps in effectively repairing our joints. This is due to the presence of  glucosamine in it. Omega 3 is known for the  reduction of inflammation.

5Red peppers:

Vitamin C is one of the main ingredients of Red pepper. This amazing ingredient  helps your body to produce an element by the name collagen. The elements of your joints are comprised of tendons, cartilage and ligaments. Collagen is an integral  part of these. Consuming red peppers thus provide  support and cushion to joints. This support helps the joints to hold them intact.


These nuts are  rich in omega- 3 fatty acid. Omega 3 fatty acids help in  inflammation. Taking a few walnuts along with other nuts like pistachios, peanuts  and almonds can be  good for your heart.  All the nuts are good sources of fibre and unsaturated fat. It is must to remember that these nuts are rich in calories, so try and eat only a few a day. Over consumption might be dangerous.


Turmeric is a very common spice used in India. This is used invariably in everyday cooking in India. It is also used as an anti-infection. Turmeric has a component by the name curcumin. This component is responsible for its colour. Turmeric is best known for its ability to fight arthritis. It also is good for cancer and for heart diseases. This spice, commonly used in curry, has a secret medicinal and curing power and available at affordable cost. In Hindu religion it has a holy view also.

Joints are like the hinges and bolts in your physical body. joints enable us to move, bend and twist in all possible directions. They let us go below a table and even climb the tallest peak. When there is a damage in the joint due to any of the unsaid reasons, it results in great pain and discomfort. It is a must on our part to keep these joints happy by eating the best food possible and exercising on a regular basis. Make yourself happy by keeping the joints happy.