Got 10 seconds? That’s all you need to slim down, shape up and stay fit once for all!

I can understand that you get troubled at times, by the tips provided to you like the  benefits of eating fruits or vegetables. But we are captives of our age-old habits that are hard to change and remain with us as a stigma. Also, it is not possible that we have all the fruits and vegetables needed for our wellbeing at all the times with us. So you can take care of these general and needful items to be available at your side and your health meter will always be in check and you can stay fit and fine.

Now, my question is; why do most people fail to stick to something challenging, like losing weight or getting in better shape or drinking green tea or exercising daily like stuff? They don’t start small. Stay fit with easy methods. They immediately go all in. They change everything, which pretty soon results in not changing anything, sadly.

Why are we unable to stick to follow a particular program?

  • The enticement to do all in one go is understandable. If you start with losing weight as your planned regimen and the very next thought of yours says, ‘It’s hard’.
  • So we rely on a complicated, comprehensive program of diet and exercise that requires significant changes, in order to succeed and stay fit. Sometimes restricted diet makes one turns away from the scientific program altogether.
  • And within a day or two at most that comprehensive program starts to feel oppressive.
  • We are sticking with every single change starts to feel impossible.
  • And, so we start slipping.

Real scenario 1: Like when we’re running behind one morning and don’t have time to cook egg whites so we gobble a couple of doughnuts in the car, it may be an early morning scenario.

Real scenario 2: Our kid has a school event so we can’t fit in our evening jog. Or we need to bring work home so we don’t have time to stop at the gym. Sound familiar to you, right?

Drink your milk

drinking milk- stay fitThink you’re getting a nutritional boost from your morning cereal? Up to 40 percent of the vitamins in fortified cereals dissolve in the milk and helps you stay fit. If you don’t drink the leftover cow juice, you’re not getting the fancy-pants nutrients!

Ice it, cool up

Drink a few glasses of ice-cold water during exercise, it is important. Studies show that the cold stuff can improve your endurance by about 23 percent. And ice water forces your body to expend calories warming it up, boosting your metabolism as well. This ice-cold water therapy need not be taken as a universal one and for all climates and all geographical conditions. It depends on the conditions.

Enjoy lifting works!

Yes, it is true that lifting increases muscle strength by up to 25 percent. But do we really rely upon these for our work-out or day-to-day activities and stay fit? Of course, it also increases your risk of being tossed out of the gym by the same percentage. Or get someone to scream at you: You’ll be able to lift 5 to 8 percent more weight if you get verbal encouragement from a trainer or workout partner

Bribe yourself to be stay fit

Bet your one of the colleague 50 bucks that you can stick to your workout program for 6 months. Studies show that those who do achieve an average 97 percent success rate, stay healthy in their lifetime. If, you do not find a colleague to back you up in your training sessions then there is an alternate plan also. Schedule your workouts, then put a few bucks in a jar for each one you make. Pledge the money toward something sweet, like a new bike or a trip to Vegas or to help a deserving child which may enchant throughout the life.

Pick the red one

red coloured foods

Yes, red color provides you with bountiful of carotenes and other vitamins which are very important for your body’s health. Red cabbage has 15 times as much wrinkle-fighting beta- carotene as green cabbage. Red bell peppers have up to nine times as much vitamin C as green ones. Red capsicum is one among these discussed above.

Spear a hangover

To reduce the severity of a hangover, order a side of asparagus. When South Korean researchers exposed a group of human liver cells to asparagus extract, the extract suppressed free radicals and more than doubled the effects of two enzymes responsible for metabolizing alcohol.

Listen to your feet

If you can hear yourself running, you’re setting yourself up for injury. Pounding the pavement comes from bad form. Keep your feet close to the ground and use a quick, shuffling stride. And at times move them freely to catch your favorite celebrity’s dance step. It will really work!

Don’t buy wheat bread

whole-wheat-bread- stay fit

Huh? Isn’t it good for me? Actually speaking, “wheat bread” is often just white bread dyed with molasses to make it look dark. Look instead for “100 percent whole wheat” or “whole grain.”

Even better: rye bread. Researchers found that 8 hours after people ate rye, they felt less hungry than those who toasted wheat bread, thanks to rye’s high fiber content here.

Cheat with your weights


Lift a weight as many times as you can. Then, when you can’t complete one more repetition, use your free hand to help push your weighted hand through another rep. Once you’re at the top of the move, remove your free hand and slowly lower the weight. Studies have shown that negative resistance exercises like this are more effective at muscle building than standard exercises

Dry off head to toe

After a shower, you’ll prevent a chill by drying your head and neck first. You will also reduce the risk of anything nasty from the shower floor making its way up your body. Being hygiene conscious is also the need of an hour

It doesn’t take 30 minutes or an hour to eat. So make your lunch break productive. Go for a walk. Better yet, find a walking buddy or do like a successful buisnessman and have walking meetings. Or stretch. Or do some push-ups or sit-ups. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do something. You will be able to burn a few calories, burn off some stress, and feel better when you climb back into the work saddle. And you’ll start to make fitness a part of your daily lifestyle without having to add to your already busy schedule.