9 Interesting Facts About The Avocado – No.7 Will Absolutely Shock You!

Facts About The Avocado

The avocado fruit has been categorized as one of the super foods. Something that is not surprising, considering that it has a broad range of health benefits. There is no worth comments in negative about the avocados and health guides are mostly in favour of these fruits. Most of the nutrients found in avocados are powerful and unique. Not to forget that the fruit has a delicious flavor and texture. This makes it the go to food option for many people around the world. Avocados come in different types, shapes and sizes.  One of the most common types is the ‘alligator pear’.

It is shaped like a standard pear but the skin is a bit rough and bumpy just like that of an alligator. If you were wondering what the fuss about avocados is all about, then you are definitely in the right place. Here in this article, let us explore the nutritious benefits and other interesting facts about this fruit.

 The health benefits associated with avocados

1 They have high Vitamin levels.

These vitamins include Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E.  Avocados are also believed to have small amounts of Vitamin A (Thiamine) and  Vitamin B1 (Riboflavin).  It also has some  Vitamin B3 (Niacin). These vitamins naturally imbibed in one product of nature is the unique greatness of avocados. These numerous vitamins give the avocado the ability to build a person’s immunity levels.  An abundance of Vitamin B and its kinds effectively inject disease resistance ability to the physique. This also helps us to be able to recover quickly from illnesses. (This is the product I use….)

2They contain a rich supply of minerals.

The avocado fruit contains more potassium than the banana has with it. The other minerals which could sometimes be in little amounts are magnesium and manganese. There is also a little copper, iron, zinc and phosphorous. A mineral like potassium is very helpful in regulating the body’s blood pressure for a healthy existence. Iron is also important in ensuring that your blood clots normally. This is one of the rarest nature’s product which is a ‘bounty’ of vitamins, minerals, low fat and fibre all in one basket.

3It has high levels of fat.

The beauty of the avocado is that it gives you low saturated fats. This means that although consuming an avocado means that you are ingesting a lot of fat; there is no risk to your health. The fat has absolutely no cholesterol. As far as research goes, the avocado contains no sodium. It means nothing harmful to your renal systems. This makes the avocado a safe fruit for supplying the body with fat.  If you even ask conservative people, they prefer avocado oil to any other like soya, olive oil and the like ones.

4It has powerful antioxidants.

Antioxidants like Lutein and Zeaxanthin are found in plenty in the avocado fruit. This is something that makes it quite useful in maintaining the body’s normal functioning.

5A source of fiber.

Avocados also have fiber and are low in carbs. They thus ensure that the body’s metabolism is working at its best.

6Avocados are weight loss friendly.

When a person eats avocados, they get digested into your system quickly.  This makes it easier for all to regulate their calorie intake in a day. The fact that they have eaten food that is rich in fiber and lower in carbs adds to their ability to lose weight.  Or even to maintain their ideal body weight.

7They may be helpful for cancer patients.

Some properties of the avocado have shown that a person who consumes them can have an easier time going through chemotherapy. Those who undergo chemotherapy process feel feeble and their stored nutrients get dried up. This fruit serves a bit to resist the ill effect. The fruit is also said to have the ability to cut the growth of cancer cells in the prostate area.

8They make it easier for a person to absorb other nutrients.

Some vitamins and minerals cannot be broken down and absorbed properly by the body without the presence of soluble oils. It is advised to eat healthy foods accompanied by avocados because the avocados function as a catalyst and helps to have a smooth intake of other nutrients.  They are automatically able to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients to benefit their body.

9They could be quite helpful for arthritis patients.

Avocados have oils that make osteoarthritis a bit more bearable. This is because they get to the bones that have been affected by arthritis making the symptoms a little less obvious.

10Interesting fact about the avocado.

Did you know that the avocado as a whole is full of phytonutrients? This means from the peel to the seed! The peel and seed contain more phytonutrients than the pulp part that we eat. When you want to get the largest benefits of the avocado, try peeling it as you would a banana. This means that you will not waste the green part that is nearest to the peel. This is the part that has the most nutrients as opposed to the lighter parts inside.

Get into the habit of incorporating an avocado into your diet. You will have nothing but a healthy existence! There are many recipes you could explore.  The simplest is an avocado sandwich. In this  instead of using manufactured mayonnaise you use avocado slices instead. The rich taste and smooth texture will definitely make you glad.  You would always love to go for the healthy food option.