Lemon, Essence of life! Healthy Lemon tip No.6 is irresistible

From our childhood times, we were taught as ‘L’ stands for lemon. This is used to bring a picture of a yellow ball into our mind that had provided the first ever sour taste to our tongue. Using its juice for cooking foods by mothers or enjoying upon its self-prepared salt or sweet juice at home used to be counted as one of our childhood mischiefs. This small plant product can shower one’s body with a bountiful of health benefits. From our ancient times, lemons have been used for preparing various dishes. Lemons are known for their rich aroma and for providing an excellent flavor to the tongue. One can find some healthy lemon tip to stay fit with this healthy lemon.

Assuming that lemon is a super food will be an understatement as far as its description. It offers a million of hidden benefits to an individual that these wonderful benefits might pass unnoticeable to him. Lemons are blessed with rich flavonoids which are known for its antioxidant properties. Thus, lemons are useful in treating different types of ailments and health problems.

A lemon along with its rind is considered to be nutritive. These are a rich source of vitamin c including numerous other Phyto phenols and terpenes. The nutritional value of a 100 gram of a fully ripened lemon along with its rind is as follows:

  • Vitamin C: 53 grams i.e. 64%
  • Vitamin B (family): 2.5 grams i.e. 12%
  • Protein: 2.8 grams
  • Fats: 0.3 gram
  • Dietary fibers: 2.8 grams
  • Minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, manganese and zinc: 2-5 grams i.e. 20%

Individuals use lemons to make lemonade by blending lemon juice and water. Numerous individuals likewise utilize lemon as a washing specialist, in light of its capacity to uproot stains. The fragrance of lemon is an enemy to mosquitoes while drinking lemon juice with olive oil disposes of nerve stones. This is the best for its restorative power and is utilized as a part of a broad range of ways. According to the outcomes reported in a study by the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, lemon gives assurance against incendiary polyarthritis and joint inflammation. The further reading will give you an experience of how lemon is unavoidable in an individual’s life: (Try this……)

1Healthy lemon tip – The digestion process

Lemon is considered to be a good friend of liver. It helps in synthesis and secretion of liver juice. Also, it helps in getting rid of waste material from the body. A few drops of lemon juice serve to be a liver detoxifier. It dissolves uric acid and liberates body from other toxins. Its acidic nature helps to maintain the intestinal microflora. Its juice interacts with the various enzymes in the body and stimulates the secretion of gastric juices.

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Healthy lemon tip #1:

Drink a glass of warm water added with 4-5 drops of lemon juice followed by eating 7-8 flaxseeds in the morning for an increased bowel movement

2It relieves from respiratory and throat infections

This is an incredible property of lemons to relieve from the respiratory problems. As lemon being a rich source of vitamin C, it enables in the easy removal of dust, dirt, and microbes from the lungs. It does this task by activating enzymatic cascade in the body.

As a lemon is known for its anti-bacterial properties, it can fight  throat discomfort.

Healthy lemon tip #2:

Take two spoons of lemon juice mixed with honey to get instant relief from a nasty sore throat.

3It prevents the progression of cancer

Lemon has a chemical named as liminoid in this citrus fruit; it protects the cells from internal damage. In the case of cancer in the body, there occurs inappropriate cell multiplication in one or the other body organ like throat, breast, lungs, etc. This cell growth might be induced by any chemical or genetic factors. There is seen malfunctioning of the affected organ, leading to the death of the individual in extreme cases. A lemon not only can inhibit the risk of cancer in the body but also stops the progression of cancerous cells. There are 22 anti-cancer compounds found in lemons.

Healthy lemon tip #3:

Cut a lemon into two halves. Now place it in a hot pan for 5-7 minutes, sprinkle some salt and cumin seeds. Enjoy eating it to get its best benefits.

4It prevents kidney stones

The reason for kidney stones is the deposition of a high level of calcium in the kidney or other toxic substances like uric acid. An individual feels severe to mild pain near the leg joints or pain during urination. Lemon being an intoxicating agent helps in removing these harmful substances from the body, thereby preventing the risk of kidney stones.

Healthy lemon tip #4:

Drink 2-3 glasses of water a day added with 7-8 drops of lemon juice in case of pain during urination. Remember salt or sugar should not be added in this case.

5It cares for the teeth

Lemon was used in the ancient times by military person to get rid of scurvy-related problems. This is due to deficiency of vitamin C. Lemon being the richest source of vitamin C helps in the treatment. By its regular usage, one might find no scurvy at all in one’s lifetime. Dry lemon powder provides instant relief from a toothache. With a regular massage of diluted lemon juice over the gums eliminates the bad odor of the mouth and strengthens the gums too.

Healthy lemon tip #5:

A drop of lemon juice over your toothpaste is considered to be very effective. Also rubbing your teeth with dried lemon zest powder provides life-long relief from tooth problems.

6It revitalizes your skin

Lemon juice is known to its natural antiseptic medicine, can also cure problems related to the skin. You can apply its juice to reduce the effect of sunburn. Being a remedy for acne and eczema, it relieves  the pain of bee stings too. Lemon is an effective anti-aging remedy and can remove wrinkles and blackheads. The cosmetic market is packed with lemon based creams, soaps, face wash and perfumes.

Healthy lemon tip #6:

In the case of sunburns, mix some lemon drops to a pinch of sugar so that it’s just dissolved. Rub it over the sun-exposed area to get rid of sunburns.

7It acts as a tonic for hair nourishment

Lemon juice has been proved to be very useful for nourishing hair. It acts as a scalp cleanser to treat problems of dandruff, itching, etc. Applying juice directly to the hair adds a natural shine to them. Lemon contains the vital proteins to smoothen the hair ends.

Healthy lemon tip #7:

Make a uniform mixture of lemon juice and white vinegar in equal quantities. Try scrubbing lemon  into your scalp for about ten minutes. It has a cleansing action.

8It helps you to lose weight

If you are tired of exercising and controlling your diet, you should think of lemon too, to help you in weight loss. Lemon juice contains a soluble fiber named pectin which helps in dissolving stored fats. The presence of mineral potassium in lemons aid in metabolism and digestion.

Healthy lemon tip #8:

Drink a glass of warm water mixed with lemon juice on an empty stomach daily to see a better result.

9It boosts your immune system

Due to the effect of lemon on the body, the toxins are flushed out at a faster rate from our body. It helps in hydration of the lymphatic system. It interacts with the mucosal lining of our body enabling it to trap and identify any unwanted chemical entering into the body. Thus, it is worth including a cut lemon into your daily lunch as a salad or juice.

Healthy lemon tip #9:

Add some lemon drops to your morning tea (green tea) to boost your immune system.

10It regulates the blood pressure

Lemon has an incredible property to maintain normal blood pressure in the body. Research has proved that if a person suffering from high blood pressure drinks lemon juice on a regular basis can bring down his level of blood pressure to a remarkable extent.

Healthy lemon tip #10:

Drink lemon juice by mixing it with Aloe Vera to get early results to the increasing blood pressure.

11It protects the body during pregnancy

The presence of citrus flavonoids in lemons act as an adaptogen to protect the body from disease-causing micro-organisms. This flavonoid forms a shield around the body making viral attacks invulnerable. It also assists in the bone tissue synthesis of the developing fetus. It helps to overcome the heart burn-related problems during pregnancy.

Healthy lemon tip #11:

Even smelling lemons in the morning relieves you from many body pain and stress, refreshing your body.

12It is your complete beauty solution

Lemon acts as a perfect nutrient for hair, nails, teeth, skin and foot relaxation. Lemons are considered good for nails health due to the presence of vitamin c, as this is a direct nourishment for healthy nails. It helps in exfoliation by making your body free from dead cells. These dead cells might be deposited on your skin or your lips. Just apply lemon juice regularly to say goodbye to these problems. By Regular application of lemon juice, shine is provided to the nails. Also, it relaxes foot from excessive pain.

Healthy lemon tip #12:

Apply lemon juice mixed with a few drops of coconut water to get shiny nails.

Lemon has ended up being nature’s aid to everybody who utilizes it. It gives numerous profitable answers for wellbeing related issues since it contains its arrangement of disinfectant and conventional prescriptions. If there should be an occurrence of intestinal sickness, lemon won’t cure it, yet helps in the treatment. A decent practice is to eat anyplace from a quarter to a half of a lemon for each day to get the most extreme advantages from this intense little natural product!