Top 11 Natural Remedies for checking Diabetes level

There are two different groups of people living in our world. As per their lifestyle, we classify them as rural population and urban population. Rural population show a maintained and traditional lifestyle whereas urban resembles more of the tech-savvy, comfort-lovers type. The disease prevalence also varies among these groups.As per a survey conducted, it was found that the prevalence of diabetes is low in the rural areas. However urban territories might be encountering expanding predominance. The survey had found out that there were 2.5 – 3 times more sufferers among urban as compared to the rural population. In urban areas, a focus to keep a control of your blood sugar level should be inculcated at an urgent level. When you hear of your diabetes level, you imagine that the person must be worried about eating and eliminating sugar-rich food from his diet.

Your Diabetes level may bring about many changes in your daily routine. You need to be regular towards eating, careful about what should be eaten that may not raise your blood sugar level and about work and activities. But you might be missing from these, the list of bountiful remedies spread here and there by nature. These have a magical effect to help you stay healthy. Numerous normal herbs and flavors are guaranteed to have glucose controlling properties. These natural remedies are so valuable that it can bring you back to life if you are suffering from type-2 diabetes. Various clinical studies have been done as of late that show potential connections between home-grown treatments and enhanced blood glucose control, which have prompted an expansion in individuals with diabetes.

Indeed, in light of the fact that specific herbs and supplements might associate with insulin regulating medicines, it is regularly contended that utilization of common treatments could lessen blood sugars to very low levels. This will reduce the danger of raising diabetes inconveniences of different types among populations.

1Coccinia Grandis:

It is commonly known as the ‘ivy gourd’. It grows as a wild plant from Asia to Africa. It was used as a medicinal plant to treat diseases in ancient medical science. The herb has been found to resemble insulin in its properties. Significant changes in glycemic control and diabetes level have been reported in studies involving coccinia grandis, and experts believe that it should be studied further.

Availability: It is easily available in a superstore or at a nearby grocery shop.


Ginseng is an aggregate name for an assortment of various plant species. In a few studies, it was found out that it diminishes sugar during fasting or long time starvation period. Its powerful chemical can bring about changes in the body that it reduces the insulin resistance. This insulin resistance is the bigger reason for the increase in diabetes patients in the world. It has been widely used by Chinese population to treat a variety of ailments so it was found to be useful to have a check on diabetes level too.

Availability: It is available in different forms as powdered form, dried roots, root extract or as a capsule. You may buy it as per your usage.


Cinnamon is the basic ingredient utilized as a part of cooking these days, especially when it is a gravy based dish. This is very effective in altering diabetes level. This taste and the fragrance enhancer likewise has valuable hostile to diabetic properties where it is accepted to have the same properties like insulin. It brings down the blood glucose level to a great extent. It is prescribed to take half spoon of cinnamon powder ordinary to get the craved impact. It can likewise be bitten in its regular structure as opposed to being made into a powder.

Availability: It is also easily available in a superstore or at a nearby grocery shop.

4Opuntia strept acantha:

Ever wondered about how a species of cactus plant can be a medicine to check on diabetes level. There it is, a well-known show-plant used in different parts of the world, acts as a remedy for blood sugar regulation. It is usually known as the thorny pear or a desert plant. It grows in deserted or arid regions, but when grown under such condition we can say that it can be grown anywhere. It was firstly utilized by Mexican population to control their glucose level in the blood. This is a natural remedy that can bring about the critical decline in blood sugar level.

Availability: It is widespread as a plant, powdered form or capsules.

5Indian Gooseberry:

It has a bitterly and sourly taste, which backs the reason for this being so high in its medicinal usage. Out of many commercial remedies in order to control diabetes level available these days, it will be a sure shot way to reduce blood sugar with 0% side effect guarantee. This basic organic product that is rich in vitamin C additionally has hypoglycemic properties. This natural product when taken orally lessens the sugar level by empowering insulin generation inside of 30 minutes of utilization. The seeds of this organic product are additionally taken in the ground and powdered structure, which has the much slower impact in decreasing the blood glucose levels.

Availability: It is widespread as a plant, powdered form or capsules.

6Bitter Gourd:

You might have heard of this physics statement: “two positive charges repel each other whereas one positive and other negative charge attract “each other.” The same concept applies here when you are looking to beat the sugar level of your body, bitter fruits will help. But be careful that it should be eaten by masses and not a rare one. Bitter gourd is such an antiquated solution for diabetes level and treatment at home. It can be taken as a juice, or cooked and seared and overwhelmed by nourishment day by day. Numerous incline toward drinking the stock subsequent to heating up the astringent gourd. Be careful while taking a stringent gourd as it can even prompt hypoglycemia or low glucose levels.

Availability: It can be eaten in various ways: dried, powdered form or juice. Also, it can be stored as pickles, jams etc. You can also enjoy its raw taste while eating it green. It is also easily available by its name in the market.

7Azadirachta indica or Neem leaves:

It also joins the bitter fruit list but has topped in the category of natural remedy for all sorts of diseases in this world. The neem tree that is accepted to have hostile to bacterial and against parasitic property is a well-known natural remedy against diabetes also. It has been found to lessen insulin necessities by up to half. It has the ability to bring down your sugar levels instantly. So any patient who is suffering from a high glucose level for a short while is suggested to drink a glass of neem juice with an interval of 4-5 hours for 2 days regularly. It can bring down their blood sugar level to a remarkable extent.

Availability: It is available as neem oil, fresh green leaves from plants, or neem extracts.

8Aloe Vera for diabetes level check:

This is an exceptionally basic plant developed in many family units. It has different advantages and uses for the human body. Generally utilized for the restorative property, it additionally has attributes. It has a slight severe taste, yet has demonstrated to diminish the sugar levels. It additionally has some calm properties that advance injury recuperating. It is best brought with buttermilk to enhance the taste.

Availability: It is popular and readily available in many forms in the market. You can have a plant in your home garden. Also, you can get its juices in the bottle form.

9Heavenly Basil for diabetes:

This is a restorative plant, which is additionally viewed as blessed by numerous Indians right from antiquated times. It is prescribed to extricate the juice from the leaves and devour it. By making it a habit of eating these leaves can save you from many diseases as well. Just pluck some leaves and mix in your drinking water, you will get the extract easily. Basil leaves realize a noteworthy decrease in the blood glucose level. Aside from that, this leaf likewise has many properties as: hostile to body pain, against asthmatic, hostile to bacterial, gastric against ulcer, against viral, against the tumor, immuno-stimulant and communicable diseases.

Availability: It can be found as a plant in a nursery shop. Also, you can get its powder, extract or capsules from the market.

10Ocimum sanctum:

It is commonly known as blessed basil.  It is a herb utilized in customary, ayurvedic medicines from a long time. A controlled clinical trial demonstrated a constructive outcome on postprandial and fasting glucose, and specialists foresee that the herb could improve the working of beta cells, and encourage the insulin discharge process. It is actually the beta cells of pancreas gland in our body that secretes insulin hormone. By regular usage of blessed basil, you can have a control on your diabetes level and  get rid of it.

Availability: It can be available in medical store in the form of capsules. You can also have this planted in your garden to get its best benefit.


This is a typical herb known that is broadly utilized as a part of regular cooking. Everybody knows about the cholesterol-diminishing impact of garlic; few individuals think about its hostile to diabetes level impact. The chemical component of garlic is Allicin, which is found to have hypoglycemic impacts. It is good to take it as a part of a meal. Its strong sensation and smell are itself a filter to knock down microbes from the air when inhaled with the air. It lessens the intestinal glucose retention, which is the explanation for its hostile to diabetic impact.

Availability: It is readily available in grocery store. Other forms are dried garlic, garlic paste and can be stored as pickles.

Whatever your proposed purposes behind utilizing these unique herbs, you should dependably talk about your arrangements with your specialist and diabetes medicinal services group first to guarantee they are good for your condition. After this advice you can decide upon the quantity and how to administer these herbs to your body. Out of so many health effects of these herbs if they have the capability to control your blood sugar level, so one should not give a second thought for using it. They can assure you as being one of the best remedies for diabetes treatment. You will be spared of the injections, capsules, and other medicines. All you need to do is start eating them as a habit.Good Luck!