Alas! I wonder how neem leaves can be so high in its medicinal value!


Am planting a neem tree, because it has a ‘Medicine Cabinet’ in a tree. I have always heard about benefits of neem leaves from my grandmother. She used to shout at her servants about not bringing dried neem leaves daily into her compound. She used to burn these leaves to produce smoke to clear mosquitoes or grind to form a medicinal paste as a treatment for skin cuts. She used to say, ‘God has created this tree only to shower its benefits for human needs, you can use its leaves, fruits, bark or stem, you should not throw it, ever.” Ayurvedic science has been using it as a medicinal herb, as it offers its health benefits throughout the year. Its antibacterial and anti-parasitic property have been known to the mankind from a long time and no denial to say here that no other tree has been known to have such an enormous medicinal usage. It has an antidote to poison also.

As per its medicinal usage, neem leaves are well known, but when you come to check its ability for enhancing beauty, then it readily finds its place. It was once renowned to be a holy plant; neem tree is stuffed with a heap of medicinal importance. Although it is bitter to taste whenever you discuss health and well being, you will hear its name.

Here are the benefits that neem showers to the mankind:

1It helps you to lose weight

Are you arranging on losing weight, particularly around your belly? Then, you might be trying some weight-loss pills, but truly, you should throw these into your dustbin.  Instead, start your day by drinking neem flower juice every day to accomplish this deed. The neem leaves and flowers are known to move forward your digestion system, enabling you to provide with smooth, healthy stomach. Another beneficial effect of neem is in the breakdown of body fats. It thereby makes a difference in you from bearing your over-weight misfortune. Once you mix these flowers with lemon and nectar, then necessarily you could further support to your digestion process.

You can use neem as:

First of all, pluck fresh flowers from a nearby neem tree and then crush them. Now, mix with a teaspoonful of honey and half-a-teaspoon of lemon juice into the powdered flower, it will blend in an easy way. You need to drink it daily in the morning on an empty stomach. This paste can also be stored for 5-6 days in a refrigerator.

2It maintains your glucose levels

As a well-known fact, every third person out of five is suffering from diabetes, especially persons with an age range of 35 – 55 years. To the amazing quality of neem, it contains such chemicals that help in controlling glucose level in our body. It brings down your glucose levels by upgrading insulin response receptor affect-ability. Also, they move forward blood coursing library by dilating the blood vessels. These assist in controlling glucose just like anti-diabetic pills that do not act in such a wider way, as they are designed to affect only a particular pathway in cellular signaling.

You can use neem as:

Drink one glass of juice extracted from the fresh shoot in an empty stomach for best outcomes.

3It compels against various skin issues

In this modernized life where pollution and population are increasing like anything, and we are living an urbanized life and losing our skin shine now and then. If you are also struggling with skin problems like acne, wrinkles, skin pigmentation, dark heads, dry skin then neem leaves can be the best solution for you. It possesses antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties; and fights with any germs. These germs may start inhabiting on your skin and may alleviate aggravation by the formation of pimples or acne.

Psoriasis is a condition when skin looks like it has burnt, so neem leaves oil helps in getting rid of itchiness and irritation at this situation. It keeps the skin moisturized, thus reducing the dryness and scaling caused by psoriasis. The antibacterial properties also prevent the development of any further skin infections.

You can use neem as:

You can pluck some leaves and twigs of neem and boil them till the water turns green because of staining. Now, strain that water. You need to wash your face before applying it; this water will dispose of different skin issues. Neem leaves oil can be used on the face in the night before sleeping.

4Neem leaves help to treat malignancy

A particular type of protein is present in neem leaf called as Neem Leaf Beta-Glycoprotein or ‘NLGP’. This purified form of protein from neem leaves inhibits the development of tumorous cells. As an inherent ingredient of Ayurvedic science, this was known to ancient skin doctors. Thus, from ages, it has been used in cancer treating medicines. Neem leaves extract given to a person with dermatitis will work as a natural medicine, and the remedy is sure and certain.

You can use neem as:

It dispenses the toxins produced in our body due to various pathways; toxins could be oxidizing agents. This not just serves aside medication of disease as well as protects you from free radicals causing cancer.

5It relieves from contagious contamination

If you need help to save you from athlete’s foot, ringworm or any likewise contamination, then you need to look only to your garden i.e. your neem tree planted in your garden. Neem contains a chemical called as nimb idol which is a medicinal mix. It possesses antifungal movement and assists in parasite killing.

You can use neem as:

Apply couple drops of Luke-warm neem oil thrice a day on the contaminated nail for better results.

As there are many areas of medical science where a neem can see its usage, so let’s check some quick effect of neem for the good cause of our body:-

  • It helps to control hair fall and minimizes dandruff.
  • It reduces scalp itching.
  • It conditions hair and thereby enhances hair growth.
  • It treats baldness and other hair related problems.
  • It heals from ulcers by keeping a check in your oral health.
  • It gives a shine to your teeth.
  • It is a perfect solution for your dark circles of eyes.
  • It purifies blood by keeping the circulation under check.
  • It regulates hormonal balance in our body.

In the Southern part of India, the neem leaves are treated as the leaves for garland for Goddess Kali or Durga. In some villages, the neem tree is even deified.

Author’s tips- Neem is a very unique tree and neem leaves are the most complex leaves on the planet. The neem tree has over 130 different biologically active compounds. The neem leaf is one of the most complex leaves you can find on the planet. If a woman is planning to conceive, she should not consume neem because there will be excess heat. Else it is good to use for above said purposes. Lastly, we can say that neem is a tree, sent by God and is solving global problems on this earth.