Organic Hair Care: 3 Remarkable Tips for a Luscious Beautiful Hair

As much as we all talk about caring for our body and about a healthy diet, we often tend to neglect one of the most important part of our beauty- luscious healthy beautiful hair and a proper hair care. Damage to hair can be caused by lack of hair care and bad inner health like deficiency of calcium and other nutrients.

It is only on one of those bad days of ugly hair looking that we take a better look at the damage that we have done to our hair and more often tend to panic that we have lost control on our hair care. Generally speaking, the experts on this subject say that in the cool atmospheric places people have to keep their bodies in a required warm conditions and the vice-versa.

Hair care for beautiful hair

I have been there, done that, but when I realised that neglecting my hair is not going to help me in a longer run and I might have to pay a huge price for this ignorance, especially for not giving my heart and soul into proper hair care. I brought a pen and  paper and started listing down simple and easy ways to take care of the hair, lessening the damage without exposing it to harmful chemicals (let’s face it- all the chemicals in the world that you surmount on these tender hair locks are only going to cause huge troubles in future). All these are majorly disastrous for our hair care.

As I have been exposed to this knowledge and now have the privilege of making my hair better that it could be, I want to share it with you.

There are a few simple tips and tricks listed out in this article, with the things to be done and the ‘not to be done, some really helpful organic products that you can buy off the shelf.

Choosing the correct shampoo for your hair!

Is your hair dry or curly or oily or brittle or frizzy? So many different things and all tried to be cured by one shampoo?

Isn’t it too much to expect from one bottle of shampoo that is filled with chemicals of varied kinds and only suitable for a particular kind of hair?

It is very important to recognize the correct shampoo that will suit your hair type. Most of us tend to go for brands and not for the shampoo that actually suits the hair type.

There are varied organic shampoos available on the market that can be used as an alternative to the harmful chemical shampoos that you have been exposing your hair to for a long time.

The organic shampoos or the “all natural” shampoos as they are called contain organic components like plant extracts, oils, and their manufacturing process is simple and ecological. Most organic shampoos do not contain SLS and SLE that are namely sulphates and are also paraben free. Sulphates can damage the hair in the long run and especially harmful for the coloured or styled hair.

There are partial organic and completely organic- “all natural” shampoos available, and one should make sure to read the labels before making the conscious decision to select a shampoo.

How do you shampoo your hair is an important hair care tip

Once you save your hair from the harmful chemicals by making a wise decision to go organic, comes the most important step where you need to learn to shampoo your hair in a way that does not damage the hair.This is one important step for sustaining your hair care.

Most of the damage can be caused or saved by how your shampoo the hair. Follow the below steps to lessen the damage caused by to the hair while applying shampoo:

Make sure you have wet the hair sufficiently before applying shampoo.

  • Take a sufficient amount of shampoo/cleanser in the palm
  • Make sure to massage this cleanser only on the scalp
  • Avoid rubbing the shampoo on the lengths of the hair as it can lead to severe damage to the moisture contained in the lengths of the hair
  • Whenever possible, oil the hair at least 30 minutes before shampoo, the oil creates a protective layer on the strands of the hair which helps reduce the damage caused by the shampoo on the lengths
  • Rinse the scalp and the strands thoroughly with water, preferably cold, to avoid any soap content or shampoo content to be left in the hair
  • Brushing tenderly with the fingers over the scalp is of a great result in this process.

Make sure to use a conditioner after the hair wash. Do not use the conditioner on the scalp and only apply it to the lower lengths of the strands.This would be a major disregard for your hair care.

The scalp already has enough content of moisture which is the purpose of the conditioner, however, this moisture in the scalp is not distributed to the lengths of the strands and hence one needs to use conditioner to provide sufficient moisture to the length of the hair which is required.

It is advisable to use a wide tooth combed to detangle the strands while applying conditioner. Use the fingers to detangle the smaller strands and then gently rake through the strands with a wide tooth comb to maintain your hair care.


What are those every-day habits you should continue doing for great hair

Hair Care-2

  • Clean that dandruff off your scalp and get rid of that itching in the scalp. Wash the hair regularly to make sure your scalp is dandruff free and improve your hair care.
  • Brush your hair properly to avoid collateral damage to the hair. The most efficient brushing technique is to start by resolving the tangles in the end of the lengths and then brushing the long strands.This is, in fact, one of the simplest methods to improve your hair care
  • Always make a point to trim your hair regularly, preferably every six weeks, to remove any split hair. You can start by making a note in your diary or setting a recurring appointment on the calendar for every six weeks
  • Air dry your hair. It is a good practice to let the hair dry naturally without exposing to artificial heat or steam for a good hair care.
  • The most important DO for a healthy hair is a good diet. Consume plenty water during the day and eat a lot of healthy fruits and vegetables so as to provide proper nutrition to the hair.This can be the best possible method for improving hair care.

You absolutely need to STOP doing these things!

  • Using hot water on the hair can do a lot of damage to the hair. Avoid washing hair with hot water. In case of extreme temperatures, it is advisable to use mild water
  • Tying the hair too tight in high ponies or in buns can cause extreme pressure to the roots of the hair and may result in hair loss. Avoid tying the hair too tight too frequently
  • Blow drying the hair too frequently can result in the loss of moisture in the strands and make the hair brittle and frizzy in the long run. Avoid using a blow dry regularly
  • Brushing the wet hair can lead to instant hair loss as the wet hair is supposedly the` tricks here and there can come handy in times of need and if it can help you get that shiny great hair, why not note them down in your little handbook. All these can be brutal for your hair care.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Did you know using almond oil can is one efficient way of treating dry and damaged hair for improving hair care?
  • Take some almond oil in a bowl and semi heat it for a short span, as much as 40 to 50 seconds. Apply it to the roots and the scalp evenly distributed in the strands. Wash the hair with the regular shampoo and rinse thoroughly.
  • If you want that bounce in the hair to try this, apply a mixture of equal amounts of water and apple cider vinegar to the hair. Rinse it thoroughly after 5 minutes to remove the apple cider smell.
  • Running out of the conditioner? Here’s how you can make one at the home for best hair care!

Mix eggs and yogurt to create a strong home-made protein rich conditioner and apply it to the scalp. Leave it for as long as 10 minutes and wash it thoroughly to get rid of the conditioner and the smell. You might want to apply a hair serum to get rid of the smell of eggs.This is the best solution for a good hair care.

Having beautiful and luscious hair is not as difficult as it seems to us,if the proper hair care is done at the right time. I know and I agree that we live in a world with many different priorities and an extremely cosmopolitan and fast paced lifestyle. It is not surprising that despite of all the efforts and money we are ready to put in going to that nearest salon that offers the best hair treatment, we fail to fetch time out for this one beautiful part of your body.


  1. I did not realize that washing hair with hot water could be damaging. My wife is always looking for tips to take better care of her hair, so I’ll have to let her know about that one. Currently, we have been looking to buy organic hair care.