Popular misconceptions about hair growth

Who does not want to get bouncy, beautifully voluminous hair which is long and thick? Hair is, of course, a matter of pride for most of the women and  it just makes us feel feminine and pretty. We would not really be concerned about the age if our hair is long and luscious and had not lost its strength. Choosing the right kind of hair oil and trying to avoid and ignore the myths about hair growth is the key for a shiny hair.

But as we need to understand that as we grow old, so does our hair. It ends up losing its elasticity, starts dulling and grows thin losing. Those people are blessed with wonderful hair also need to make certain primary care towards their hair to be hale and healthy. Now people who have good hair also do have the craving to maintain it. There are many natural changes that occur naturally as days pass by. They are namely the loss of cells, hormonal changes and, of course, the diet we have.

Hair oil which we use forms a major role in giving the shine and texture of our hair. It is important to understand the myths  or the misconceptions about the hair oil we use. We need to take intelligent measure to eradicate these myths.

Myth No 1: Petroleum jelly makes hair growth:

Petroleum jelly can be used as a skincare and beauty usage for moisturising your skin. Petroleum products are used in almost all aspects of beauty including manicuring and pedicuring. It also  keeps the skin intact, protecting from hair dye, serving as a lip moisturiser and softening rough skin patches. In fact, these petroleum jelly is also used in the surgery of eyelash thickener.

When it comes to hair growth, our hair is produced in the hair follicle. Petroleum jelly  is considered as a Superdrug for all the treatments mentioned above. But, it may not work diligently when it comes to hair growth. It does not have the tendency to penetrate the hair follicle. He creates a top covering on your scalp and thereby allow the growth of bacterial infection namely pyoderma. Though it was once used as the hair pomade, there’s no proof that it can make hair grow!

Myth No 2: Trimming your hair will help in hair growth:

trimming- hair growth

All we have to know is that there is no chance that hair can grow once you are going to cut it or trim it. The reason for this is that our hair is known as non-viable tissue. There would be no difference to the hair strength or the hair growth once you are going to cut it. Neither does it grow stronger or weaker when you cut it. This is one of the greatest myth about hair growth. This is also considered as one of the myths which are widespread. But cutting your hair removes the damaged hair at the ends and gives a feel that your hair appears in its full volume.

There is also a famous myth saying that cutting or trimming your hair three days after no moon makes the hair growth faster. In India,  newborn babies are subjected to tonsuring which is seen as a promise for a good hair growth in the future. But, it does not have any effect in the present or the future hair growth.

Myth No 3: Hair or scalp massaging promotes hair growth:

hair-massage- hair growth‘Using a warm oil to massage your scalp at least for 10 minutes a day increases your hair growth’. This is heard from the elderly people at home as well as that dermatologist or the hair specialist you visit. But this is not true. Of course massaging your scalp does increase the blood flow and gives you a feeling of relief from your hectic days. At any cost, this will not improve your hair growth. We need to understand the hair follicles are deep below the skin. These hair follicles do not respond like that for physical stimulation like hair or scalp massage. Further, it is a must to remember continuous messaging to your hair scalp make its lose its  shine as it loses friction.

Myth No 4: Combing your hair from scalp towards the bottom increases the hair growth.

All these days we’re so used to see every other single woman combing her hair from top to bottom. This starts from our home to any advertising lady appearing in television combing her hair from top to bottom. Actually combing our hair in this manner actually breaks the hair follicles and reduces the strength of our hair. This  thereby curbs hair growth. It is advisable to avoid rough combing wet hair.

It is found in many studies that combing your hair starting from the ends and going towards the scalp works brilliantly for your hair growth. Combing your hair in this way actually stops the hair fall and strengthens the hair growth. “This will eventually give less  stress on your hair. It is also advisable to use your hands to detangle the knots or use a comb with bigger teeth to avoid breakage

Myth No: 5: Tonsuring the hair can prevent baldness:

tonsuring- hair growth

The factor baldness is generally passed on from generation to generations.  Or in other words, they are simply inherited. Let us take a family  where  a grandfather, uncle or the father has baldness or less hair. Imagine their hair  is not too strong. Now in this scenario, it is most probable that the son of the family will develop the same kind of baldness. The myth that tonsuring increases the hair growth and reduces baldness is popular in most of the Southeast Asian countries.

These days we find that split ends and hair falls seems to be the most common problems faced by most of us. These days the stressful life and our own day to day routine leave us crying for good hair. We can always try a lot of remedies to overcome the loss of hair. However try to be careful in differentiating the myths from the correct remedies and enjoy a long, shiny and lustrous hair.