Top 6 reasons that you should not diet like men

You’ve been trying hard on a treadmill and sweating away for months now. Even dieting and morning yoga is being continued. But the scale needle is at a standstill.  your husband announces that he has lost weight by 6 kilos. You and he desired to get in shape at the same time. But your husband announces that he has lost weight by 6 kgs. Before wondering how this has happened and deciding to diet like men take a look at the difference between men and women body type and hormone.

Unfortunately to state here that, “weight loss is actually slanted in favor of men on account of differences in hormones, metabolism and muscle frame,” is as said by an expert physiotherapist.

In the case of men, the flow of high amount of testosterone helps them to build muscles at a faster rate.

Thus, they are able to burn more calories leading to a lesser amount of fat deposition as compared to women. Those who are interested in losing weight at a faster pace, firstly need to learn the science behind men’s seemingly random strategies. Then you can optimize them for your own body.

If you are thinking of dieting  like men,  then you need to be careful. As of today, the diet industry is so huge that many people are obsessed with their weight and body image. This is the main reason why they wish to diet like men. But what if your body’s metabolism is working fine and then you are planning to lose some of the pounds? This trend has influenced those who were not of overweight to start losing weight and initiating unrealistic body and weight ideals. Anyways there are some of the research showing that one should not attempt to lose weight or diet like men unless advised by an expert physician or a health expert. So, ladies, it is the right time to find an answer to why you are not supposed to diet like men?

1Diet like men? Dieting is not meant for everyone

The real reason for why you should not diet like men is because diets do not work for everyone. You need to give it a thought if these diets actually work then why over 50% of the inhabitants is still obese.

There is still a huge consumer market for dietary products. Dieting cannot be considered to be a long-term solution as your body goes into starvation mode and eventually you will regain the weight completely. In the case of men, stamina works to help them up. So dieting if adopted as a habit will work for you, but if you are doing it for a short time, you have to struggle hard to make it your habit.

2“Men work out in a fast and furious manner” you don’t need to.

Do you see a guy enter the gym, complete many sequences of workouts and leave while you’re still at it? Then you need to understand that this extra pumping energy is coming from their ‘Y-chromosome or men’s chromosome’. You lack in this surely. Short bursts of vigorous exercise that are well known as high-intensity interval training, or HIIT, are meant for them only. Undoubtedly, a woman can also perform these exercises. But they need to buy some more time as compared to a male partner while completing it. HIIT can boost the body’s calorie-torching abilities in a dramatic manner. As commented by the author of ‘Body for Life for Women’, HIIT workouts bring changes on a genetic level. You do not need to challenge your muscles and perform the workout by keeping everything in control. Do not try to push your metabolism. As if more of the oxygen is flushed into the lungs, it may produce toxic effects.

This may prove to be harmful in a long-term.

3Do not eat like cavemen always, but do occasionally

It may be a Tarzan who feeds on all types of fruits and jungle leaves but it doesn’t appeal to a lady at all. If you model on what our Stone Age ancestors ate, then you might steal your body’s nutrient punch as obtained from other sources. Keep a menu ready for every Saturday or Sunday with meat, vegetables, fruit, and nuts on your plate. As weekly eating this meal will fill the gap and will not let you gain excessive weight. Indeed, you can practice for a Paleo diet. And do not forget to get rid of processed foods and sugars. As sugar is certainly not a good idea in any era, either it is Tarzan’s or yours.

4Pump up for your muscles

Your training partner or male friend must have pumped up his energy by watching sports channel like ESPN. He actually equates strengths with manliness and lifting with shaping up. Now at this time, we girls are no strangers to the weight room. So why eat like men? We should choose cardio over lifting workouts. There’s a mountain of scientific literature which has proved that ‘nothing is more operative at keeping body fat down than strength training.’ As your muscle tissue is more metabolically active than fat, the point is to keep your calories under check. More muscle will help you burn more calories. And by muscles I mean strength training muscles, not at all your tummy-bulking muscles. Since women don’t have a ton of the hormone testosterone coursing through their system, they are naturally not at risk of turning into she-hulks. So carry a womanizer in you by still being fit and healthy.

5Don’t count calories

A famous nutritionist suggests ditching the notion of a diet totally, and simply accepting a healthier lifestyle is really the demand of this time. Instead of totally stopping the eating process, which tend to be completely unsatisfying. Guys don’t tend to bother with microwaveable low-fat meals and portion- controlled snack packs, rely upon quality eating. You can eat parts and proportions of protein, carbs, and fat or a mix of all these but in a limited quantity. This is the key for sustained weight-loss. Do not rely on vitamin and protein supplement pills but get it from natural sources.

The protein contains nutrients vital for weight-loss. It also keeps you fuller for longer. Vegans should consider adding more beans and nuts to their diet. Even fibers are good to pack yourself up for a longer time. So that you will not worry for the piles of calories stocking up in your body.

6Drink more water

If you wonder that why your mother asks you to drink 8-10 glasses of water daily and not to your brother. Your brother who is just one year younger than you who drinks water lesser than you by two-glass but still he is not as bulky as you.  You need to know this fact that men have a large capacity to store water in their body than women. Men will feel less thirsty than women. So you do not worry for this. Just accept the body type as built by nature. It beats fatigue, thus curbing hunger and boosting workouts

I concur that men tend to roll out a longer-term way of life improvements, as opposed to attempting to crash eat less sporadically or attempt a few distinct prevailing fashions in a moderately brief timeframe, which a few ladies do. Be that as it may, I think the ‘eat like a man’ idea neglects to highlight a percentage of the significant contrasts in the middle of men and ladies as all-encompassing creatures.

Ladies have a tendency to be more passionate, and a few studies demonstrate that ladies have a tendency to have all the more inwardly based sustenance longings. Men have desires as well – however, have a tendency to be more viable, and can settle on a decision and proceed onward, and not struggle with it and feel remorseful, which can prompt more yo-yo eating fewer carbs. Ladies’ longings tend to top around their menstrual cycle, when they pick nourishments that might goad the arrival of feel-great cerebrum chemicals specifically, as a method for “self-sedating.”