Remove blackheads as easily as possible

Are you totally excited about the function at your home, but still there is something troubling you like blackheads, as it is most popularly called as comedo in a technical term. A comedo is a Latin word which means ‘worm-like look’. This is nothing but a hair follicle which sometimes gets clogged beneath our skin. Our skin contains debris called as Keratin.  This generally combines with the oil segregated on our skin and blocks the hair follicle from growing. This comedo can be characterised into two types. The blackheads are the ones which are open. Whiteheads are the ones which are closed by our own skin.

There are many reasons for the surfacing of Blackheads. They are namely dead skin, germs and bacterias, pollutants etc. Some of these, when they come in contact with our skin get retained on them due to the oil on our skin and opens the pores of our skin. These pollutants form a plug.

Usually, the initial stages of blackheads are brown in colour. These are formed on the surface of our skin. As time progress and due to various environmental conditions, these get stuck and grow inside the pores of our skin. This leads to the oil from our skin getting stuck inside. Eventually, they get oxidized thereby turning the colour from brown to black.

Our skin does not segregate oil evenly. Oil is mostly segregated and accumulated in the areas like cheeks, earlobes and nose. Thus, these are the areas where there is the largest accumulation of  blackheads.

This is exactly what I was talking at the beginning of the passage. We all are extremely bothered if blackheads appear and affect our face.  It affects our  appearance.  We try hard to get rid of these blackheads. You don’t have to be so bothered about these black marks.

In this article, we would discuss the most simple and effective methods of removing blackheads. These treatments can well begin at your home. So why worry?

Form a mask using egg:

blackheads- egg maskEggs can work miracles on your skin and your hair. It could give a good shine to your skin. They are a  good source of nutrients. The egg whites have an amazing property of tightening the pores. This method prevents the growth of more blackheads.

All that you need is an egg, towel and tissue paper. Apply a thin layer of egg white on your rinsed and wiped face. Slowly place the tissue paper on this layer and press it on your face. Once this dries slowly apply another layer of egg white to the existing tissue paper. Now let both the layer of egg white dry completely. This will leave your skin a bit tight. Don’t have to bother about that. That is exactly how it needs to happen. Now there is a mask which is created. Leave this for a while and then slowly remove the mask. Once the mask is removed wash your face and dry it. Remember to use a toner after this.

Lemon juice is an amazing medicine for blackheads:

blackheads-lemon juiceWe all are well aware of the citric nature of lemon juice. Citrus fruits are generally too good for skin. They act as a facial bleach and gives the fairness to the skin. Blackheads are no exceptions for lemon juice. It is their worst enemy. They are good for any skin type, nevertheless, it is important to remember that too much of lemon juice is not good for dry skin.

It is very simple to use this mixture. Just make a mix of lemon juice, salt, honey and tomato puree paste. Apply this gently in the affected zone. Make a natural scrub by mixing salt, yogurt, lemon juice and honey. Gently scrub your face with this natural exfoliating paste. This treatment could be repeated once in a week.

Hydrate your skin with Honey:

blackheads- honeyHoney is known for its medicinal qualities for years together. The intake or the external application of the amazing liquid is worth the mention. Any kind of skin starting from dry, normal or oily skin accepts honey on it, Honey can completely remove blackheads from any kind of skin.

Just try applying a teaspoon of honey with lemon juice or tea water on your affected area. Look at the effect it produces. Wash your face with  water and gently apply a toner. This could be repeated once in a week.

Fenugreek kills blackheads:

If you want a skin which is impeccable, just stick with this paste of Fenugreek. Its application on blackheads would drive away blackheads. This is an instant solution and could be adopted at any time. All you need is water mixed with a paste of fenugreek and apply it on your nose. Say goodbye to your blackheads by rinsing your face with water.

Bentonite clay:

blackheads- bentonite clayOily skin with blackheads? Bentonite clay is an answer for all your oily skin problems. For years together, Bentonite clay has proved its healing capacity when it comes to removing oil from skin or any other skin related problems. The skin gets its strength from the minerals of bentonite and the clay is responsible for removing the blackheads. When you apply the mask your skin gets to drink in all the minerals, while the clay simultaneously draws out the blackhead. Mix around 1 teaspoon of bentonite clay with plain water and apply on the affected area. Even apple cider vinegar could be used instead of water. Leave the mask for 10 minutes and then wash your face with plain warm water. Experience the amazing result.

The “beauty salons” which take a lot of money from you for this purpose are using these natural brands of pastes only but kept at bottles with so many company names. So go the natural way and see the result in certainty.

We have spoken  at length about the simple home remedies to remove blackheads. It is imperative  we need to remember scrubbing too much does not work miracles on your blackheads. Too much of scrubbing even spoils the natural texture of your skin. Treat your face with any of the above-mentioned remedies just once a week Do not overdo it. Your skin is supple and soft. Let’s maintain our natural skin at its best.