Simple and effective at home manicuring tips

In the hectic schedule, we have in the present day scenario, we all love to get our mind relaxed in the easiest way possible. But we hardly find the right time. Our inner mind simply seeks for some kind of message, so as to feel relieved from those stress we face outside our house. You can have amazing manicuring tips and it can be easily done sitting at your home.

Not only that, these days we do not find time to get out of our house and relax. Here are few tips for you ladies out there who do not find the time, but still wants to maintain neat and trimmed nails for themselves. Are you worried about the looks it would produce? It gives an amazing professional look, I can guarantee!

Today, in this article we would be taking you through the process of manicuring at your home for beautiful fingers

Alas, America and Europe have got a very large number of salons exclusively for nail trimming and polishing. It may be unbelievable and interesting too, that they are always crowded.

Things you might require

You require the following items for completion of your manicuring tips at home:

  • Cotton, polish remover (surely of not heavy chemical contents in nature)to remove your previous polish
  • Nail cutters to trim the existing nails.
  • Filers to file and shape your nails
  • Cuticle or the skin remover to remove the extra skin around the nails
  • Moisturiser, both for the nails and the skin
  • Nail polish

Procedure for manicuring at home

1Try removing the existing polish:

This is the first step towards manicuring your nails. There is a various brand of nail polish removers available in the market. Some of them contain an element by the name Acetone and others are free from acetone.

Generally, a nail polish remover with acetone in it works wonder on the nail polish removing process. Yet, it should be remembered that it is quite strong on your skin and nails. Keep the quantity of nail polish remover to the barest minimum as its impact on the skin is not really good.

2Put your nail cutter and filer to work during manicuring:

This is essentially the most important task as for as manicuring is concerned, as this actually starts giving the look for your nails.

Try using a crystal based filer. This avoids any damage to your nails. Gently smoothen the side part of your nails with the roughened surface of the filer. Remember not to overdo it and make it extremely soft. This is important, else the nail polish would not stick to the edges.

These days  square-shaped or round shaped  nails are in the trend.

3Dipping your hands in a bowl of lukewarm water:

This part of the process can be said to be the most relaxing moments for the person who is getting the manicure. Just try placing your hand in a bowl of lukewarm water  which has a mild cleanser. To add to the aroma, you can add a few rose petals inside the water.

Remember to keep your hands soaked in this water for not more than  five to eight minutes. Long time of soaking will damage your cuticles.

4Removing the excess cuticles:

This step gives the cleanliness to your nails. This is a step we remove the excess cuticle layer surrounding the nails. Try pushing the cuticle a little back and mildly remove the excess cuticle. Do not overdo it.

Every time you make an effort to remove the cuticle does not pull it using your finger. This tears off your skin which is fresh and causes a lot of pain and damage to the skin surrounding your nails. Remember to use a cuticle remover always.

5Apply a good amount of moisturiser:

Now it’s time to pamper your hand and fingers with some nice moisturiser. Remember to apply moisturiser liberally between your fingers and the portions around your nails. The skin gets well hydrated this way.

Your moisturiser will leave some of its residue on the hand. Once the process of moisturising is done, take a moist cotton cloth and cleanly wipe your hands and the portions around your fingers.

6Applying nail polish:

It is always advisable to apply a base coat on your moisturised and wiped nails. This base coat acts as a protection of your nails from nail polish from smearing.

Now apply a nail polish of your choice. It is always good to apply two coats of nail polish. After the first coat is applied, let it dry for some time and then apply the second layer.

Now you have reached the end of your manicuring process. Let your fingers get dried completely. it would dry automatically. just leave it for 10 minutes.

If you have the right kind of patience and the time, you can get your hand manicured by yourself at your own convenience at home. Always remember to keep your nails as equally hydrated as your skin. There is nothing wrong in pampering yourself every now and then.Why don’t we start it right away and get the most beautiful hands and fingers? Enjoy manicuring!