6 Useful Methods to Handle Snapping Hip Syndrome

As per the title implies, snapping hip syndrome is characterised by a snapping or popping sound in your hip when it’s prolonged or flexed. For that reason, it’s usually known as dancer’s hip, as intense exertion on the tendons and bands within the legs may cause this uncomfortable and downright painful situation. Our legs are in a position to transfer in such managed and spectacular methods as a result of lengthy bands of muscle and tendon that we possess; extra particularly, ilopsoas tendon, the iliotibial band, or labral tears in our legs can lead to the event of snapping hip syndrome. Primarily, these tendons are not becoming neatly of their sockets or have misplaced the strain they should operate correctly. There are two kinds of snapping hip syndrome: inter-articular and extra-articular. These two circumstances are barely totally different, and have an effect on completely different tendons inside the leg and hip.

All sorts of snapping hip syndrome could cause irritation, ache, and cartilage injury if not remedied. Exercising whereas affected by snapping hip syndrome can do severe injury when you aren’t cautious, and a snapping sound in your physique each time you flex your hip isn’t precisely comforting. The commonest remedy recommendations embody stretching, corticosteroid injections, surgical procedure, and rehabilitation. However, there are some pure self-treatments. These will also be efficient. Let’s check out some the greatest methods to handle snapping hip syndrome.

1Burdock Tea for Snapping Hip syndrome

Probably the most highly effective anti-inflammatory teas that you may get your arms on is burdock tea, and for these affected by tendon irritation, it has been proven to be particularly efficient. 1 teaspoon of burdock root steeped in scorching water brews a high tea that may improve circulation and cut back irritation and ache brought on by snapping hip syndrome. Mix this with some prolonged relaxation intervals, occasional stretching, and rotation, and it is best to see an enhancement in your situation.

2Flexibility Boosting

Flexibility shouldn’t be at all times the identical as energy, and never all stretches assist in the identical means. An effective way to extend the flexibility of the tendons associated to snapping hip syndrome is to sit down in a chair along with your foot crossed over your knee. Gently press down on the crossed leg on the knee, and you’ll feel the stress and stretch in your tendons. You may contract your hip and outer thigh muscular tissues to enhance the pliability of that band, which can assist scale back snapping hip syndrome.

3HI-RICE Methodology

A traditional method for easing irritation or muscle harm, which regularly accompanies snapping hip syndrome, is the HI-RICE method. Fairly merely, HI-RICE stands for Hydration, Ibuprofen, Relaxation, Ice, Compression, Elevation. About smooth tissue accidents, there isn’t a new direct and sure-fire method to relieve irritation and velocity therapeutic. Whereas this is a quick treatment, it shouldn’t be an each day follow in case your snapping hip syndrome doesn’t enhance.


Though exercise and physical exertion injury the tendons and bands, thus inflicting snapping hip syndrome, among the finest methods to eliminate the situation is to strengthen these muscle tissue. By inserting a stretching rope beneath the arch of your foot, holding the different finish to 1 aspect of your physique, and eradicating the slack, rotate the underside a part of your leg, pulling on the rope to increase the vary of movement. This could construct up power and endurance within the tendons, stopping them from snapping so simply.

5Natural Dietary Supplements

There are many dietary supplements that may cut back irritation and enhance circulation. For instance, a paste fabricated from fenugreek seeds or wheat germ oil may be straight utilized to the affected space or painful spot on the hip, and the pure anti-inflammatory compounds might help ease the ache and discomfort of this syndrome.


Most athletes perceive the significance of stretching earlier than they carry out any exertion. However, this turns into way more necessary when you’re affected by snapping hip syndrome. A few of the finest stretches that may deal with this situation are the quadriceps stretch, hamstring stretch, and iliotibial band stretches. It will assist heat up these tendons and stop them from snapping so continuously as you flex your hip. Every of those stretches is a distinct sort of snapping hip syndrome, so seeing a physician find out which kind you’re affected by is all the time helpful.

If you happen to go to your physician for snapping hip syndrome he’ll first decide the precise reason for the snapping by discussing you medical historical past and signs, and conducting a bodily examination. She or he might ask you the place it hurts, what sorts of actions convey on the snapping, whether or not you may reveal the snapping, or whether or not you may have skilled any harm to the hip space. Allow us to attempt to observe the easy steps to eradicate snapping hip syndrome.