Sound Sleep for A Healthy Life! Best Available Sleep Promoters and stealers

I am habitual to hear this saying from my son now, “Mom, sleep is freaking important for me, please let me sleep now.” At this date, there are many families where above scenario can easily be seen. But as per the recent work-stress and life-culture, the reverse case is also in trend.  Especially in these days where the dose of sleeping pills assists in gaining sound sleep. This is the case for most of the youngsters or working professionals.

Sleep and hunger are the basic instincts of a normal human being and by satisfying in a healthy way of these instincts make the human a normal and happy person. Without these, one cannot survive at all.

From timely risers to night owls, we all must commit that we try hard to lay our heads on the pillow to really go to rest and bless our heart. Nothing is more irritating than a sleeping disorder, and the confirmation is heaping up that rest is crucial for good wellbeing.

You must have seen health professionals talk about the best time to exercise. Or  even the best time to have food, but they all agree in one note that getting a good night sleep offers you with all the goodness of health.

You might be scared as per previous sayings that ‘eating at night will make you gain weight or put on extra calories.’ In fact, eating a small meal or snack before hitting the bed may help you sail more smoothly through the dream-land. There are smart, healthy options that won’t pack on the pounds and will also assist in your sound sleep.

A list describing sleep promoters vs sleep stealers

There are chemicals that induce sleep in our body which can be found in certain foods. Also, some foods snatch away your sleep. Know-how of this listing will certainly help you in selecting a type of food. These surely are sleep promoting and fulfilling your appetite for another 4-6 hours.


  • Soybeans with the magic of tryptophan: This well-known amino acid vegetable helps in the synthesis of serotonin hormone. These hormones induce sleep in our body. This amino acid is found in many food stuff like turkeys, pumpkin seeds, and soybeans.

Enjoy eating as: Boiled, roasted or cooked with salt, garlic and onions. Also mashed or pureed form of soybeans can be added to muffins or pancakes.

Do take care at  Avoid overeating, as along with its nutritional benefit for proteinaceous diet, it is slower to be easily digested by our digestive system.

  • Curd-o-mania: Curd is perfect to eat before bed. It contains casein protein, which discharges gradually into the body, warding off a craving. From time immemorial, yogurt is considered as nectar when eaten with a cut banana. Curd has the ability to provide an additional supply of amino acids.  As the night progresses, it helps in muscle building and recuperation.curd

Enjoy eating as: Add strawberries toppings to your bowl of curd to enjoy the rich taste of this combination. Cucumber-walnut with yogurt. This is  mostly known as Raita in Indian subcontinent provides with your daily nutrition.

Do take care at   Rely only upon a homemade yogurt or you can shop from a trusted brand only which follows all the guidelines of food standards.

  • Cherries: They are  full of mysteries. A handful couple of common sustenance is found in most of the fruits is melatonin, the compound that is known to control our body’s inward clock. Tart cherries are readily available in the market year-round. Dried and frozen tart cherries and cherry juice are easy to find. Here are some ways to incorporate tart cherries into your daily diet.

cherries- sleep

Enjoy eating as: Make it a part of your pie, ice-cream sundae or fruit salads. Cherry jam can also be enjoyed for long-term usage.

Do take care at  Only eat cherries after washing under tap water. Hand-picked or frozen will also be a good option.

  • Milk gives sleepy silk: A recollecting memory from your childhood where mother as a habit, offers you with a glass of milk before sleep. This has certainly some scientific cause hidden in it. Milk also contains the amino corrosive tryptophan, which induces cerebrum part of the brain to assist in taking good sleep. Warm milk is very good to build- up sleep hormone in your body.

Enjoy eating as: As against the taste of milk that most of us do not like these days, check the flavor of cartoon-packed milk. Warm milk can also be enjoyed most by combining it with chocolate cookies or cornflakes.

Do take care at  Be careful at drinking milk if you are lactose tolerant.

  • Jasmine rice; a healthy delicacy: When healthy sleepers eat carbohydrate-rich suppers of veggies and tomato sauce over rice, they fell asleep significantly faster at bedtime. Jasmine rice positions high on the glycemic list. This  means the body digests it gradually, discharging glucose bit by bit into the circulatory system.

Enjoy eating as: To the boiled rice add peas, beans and chopped carrots, to enjoy its rich taste.

  • Turkey; adding a memorable quirky: Tryptophan present in high amount in it can induce sleep.

turkey- sleep

Do take care at: As it is rich in carbohydrate content, eating it 3-4 hours before dinner will give the best result. It makes individuals start to nap before the TV in the wake of Thanksgiving supper. A supper of turkey or a glass of milk is more than enough for giving you a sound sleep.

Enjoy eating as: Eat it as rolls or kofte. Also, it makes a great breakfast or your side dish during your mealtime.

Do take care at: Check always for a fresh one, rotten may result in food poisoning.


  • Coffee; an avoidable softie: Caffeine present in coffee is a well-known compound
  • Dark chocolate; should not be a part of your night-auklet: Kids might feel it a fun to keep you active all the day.  A bit can be a double-edged sword when taken before sleep. It snatches your sleep. Caffeine blocks the receptors in your brain that helps you a feeling of the tired and resting state. To eat chocolate at night,  as per old-sayings, one should not eat chocolate at night. The immediate impact as tooth decaying cannot be seen, but your sleep will be restricted definitely due to these chocolates. They also contain caffeine which keeps you awake for a long time as discussed above.
  • Red Bull; a sleep-killing bull: Indeed, the culprit, here again, is caffeine, and it’s present in huge quantity. It increases your energy content to an all-time high level as if you are taking 6 cups of coffee at one time.
  • Cold drinks; galloping your sleep and winks: Sodas aren’t good as far as your health is concerned. You might be following your favorite celebrity by drinking from cold drink cans in a much stylish way as they do but the fact is that the presence of sodium benzoate and other chemicals in these drinks can aggravate the gastrointestinal tract and promote acid reflux, making it certainly not a good choice before night’s sleep.

cold drinks- sleep

  • Chicken and curry; a spice-full of flurry: The sleep and our digestion are directly connected. You will not be able to sleep if hungry and also if you are full to the extent, then your sleep will be definitely hampered. Digestion gets slower by about 50% while you’re sleeping but if you eat a protein-rich dinner then digestion slows down more. Instead of focusing on sleeping, your body is focusing on digesting. So it is suggested to take a carbohydrate-rich diet here.

There may be a number of pretty good ideas to keep you awake at night, like an interesting movie, gossiping, surfing, reading or writing etc. But not all “sleep stealers” are obvious.

Here are some big sleep stealers that could  keep you up at night and you may not know it.

  • Psychological Factors like stress are notorious for taking away your sleep.
  • Lifestyle Stressors like day-night or night-day switching work culture.
  • Drinking alcohol or beverages containing caffeine.
  • Working or doing other mentally intense activities right before or after getting into bed.
  • Medications, there are a few steroids that may alter your sleep.

“Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night.”I follow this marvellous saying so do I suggest you too. Take Care !!!