Let’s explore the unknown health benefits of eating black rice

Benefits of eating Black Rice

When you are hungry and thinking of foods you mainly envisage either grain-based food items or relishing, mouth-watering vegetables. These are the two ways we can satisfy our satiety. In the case of grains, it might be rice, chapattis, bread, pasta and donuts that strike our mind. And in the case of rice, it is only white, steam-cooked, whole-shaped rice coming to the picture. And sometimes the brown rice.  You could never imagine it to be black in color. The color makes a big impact on our food choices. From ages, we have considered dark shades or colors to belong to a negative or disputed part as compared to the lighter ones. Although black rice is less prominent than white rice, it has very high nutritional value.

Other names of black rice are wild rice, forbidden rice  or taboo rice. This grain has significantly more noteworthy medical advantages than most other firmly related rice assortments.

History and current status of black rice usage

Black rice was grown long back by the African people, thereafter it was migrated by Portuguese to their land. Finally, Europeans came to know about its cultivation and nutritional capacities. Ancient emperors reserved these rice for themselves only. They limited the production of black rice to a few fields. Earlier it was believed to enhance lives, so emperors used to keep this especially for their use only. It was later recommended for the public use.

Black rice has been eaten by locals of Asia for a large number of years. Now, this rice is grabbing in fame and appearing in more wellbeing sustenance stores over different countries like United States, Europe, and Australia. Now the people worldwide are aware of the various medical advantages that entire grain black rice brings to the table. It is the kind of rice that is effective in battling against illness and also known for its wealthiest cell reinforcement properties. As per basic nutritional requirement, it contains dietary fiber. It can stop the improvement of diabetes, growth, coronary illness and even weight pick up.

A comparative nutritional information of different rice

There are just 160 calories contained in a serving of black rice. It is rich in flavonoid phytonutrients and minerals like iron and copper. Apart from dietary fibers, it has a decent wellspring of plant-based protein. It has bountiful of anthocyanin in the outer coating which gives this rice a distinct black or dark purple color.

As the color concept drives your food choices, so you still might be interested in having white rice as compared to black rice on your plate. Here’re the means by which the distinctive sorts of rice vary in nutrients when taking about a 100gm serving of every kind:

rice varieties with black rice

  • Red rice contains 7.0 parts of protein, 5.5 parts of iron, and 2.0 parts of fiber.
  • Polished white rice contains 6.8 parts of protein, 1.2 parts of iron, and 0.6 parts of fiber.
  • Brown rice contains 7.9 parts of protein, 2.2 parts of iron, and 2.8 parts of fiber.
  • Black rice contains 8.5 parts of protein, 3.5 parts of iron and 4.9 parts of fiber,

Health advantages of black rice

Black rice is generally uncommon in the United States eating regimen. With regards to sustenance, black rice has numerous medical advantages. Let us check out some of its benefits:


Supplements are lost when the external layer of rice is uprooted amid the processing method for making white rice. Chestnut rice and black rice are cancer preventing agents. However just black rice contains anthocyanins, the purple colored pigment. This anthocyanin adds significant value to blueberries, grapes, blackberries, and raspberries. Anthocyanin cell reinforcements are connected with medical advantages, for example, memory change and diminished danger of coronary illness and tumor.

black rice high in fibersOne spoonful of black rice grain gives the same sum or more anthocyanins than a spoonful of blueberries as indicated by one of the studies. The cancer prevention agents in this rice might battle coronary illness and diminish blood levels of bad cholesterol or LDL.

Vitamins, Minerals, and Fiber

The medical advantages of this rice are found in the husk of the rice. In a way to get the most supplements from black rice, one needs to pick whole grain rice only. When you check healthy substance and fixings in the nourishment you purchase, search for the words ‘whole black rice’. It is a solid wellspring of minerals, particularly iron. It contains vitamin E and is lower in sugar than berries that have comparative phytochemical qualities.

Food coloring

black rice for coloring foodsAre you interested in coloring your food? Then, Black rice could be the option. Its concentrate’s might offer a sound distinct option for the simulated sustenance colorings. The shades in colors may vary from black to pink, which may make the powder of black rice grain a decent hotspot for common sustenance shading. You can prepare a dried powder and add it to your food items as per your interest.

Preferred at preventing obesity over refined grains

black rice antioxidantsIt is imperative for those with pre-diabetes, diabetes, or other types of metabolic disorder patients. It is not like refined grains which at a point of time lead to a state of insulin irresponsiveness. These refined grains have been processed in such a way so as to make it attractive and pest resistant. This strikes off the nutrition coating of grains by such processing. Many people suffer from a deficiency of vitamin D due to eating of polished rice. Whereas black rice has all such qualities intact due to its dark color, which serves to be its identification. Research has demonstrated that whole black colored rice assortments can forestall insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is the major cause of an increase in diabetes type II patients.


Black rice bran is rich in phytochemicals. Phytochemicals assists with improving and keeping up your wellbeing. As per an expert sayings, people utilize berries to support their wellbeing, then why not black rice should also be added to this list. Particularly its bran makes it a remarkable and conservative material. It builds utilization of wellbeing advancing cancer prevention agents. You can make natively constructed black rice grain powder by crushing dried pieces in an espresso processor. Put the powder on fish or in hotcakes to include flavor, supplements and shading. Dieticians use black rice bran and grain concentrates to build the medical advantages of many food stuffs. It may be used to prepare breakfast oats, drinks, prepared merchandise and other nutrient-rich foods.

Detoxifying agent

Numerous research works demonstrated that devouring black rice can detox the body. It eradicates the liver of destructive lethal release when the body encounters an infection. It is possible on account of the rice’s high cancer prevention agent content. The phytonutrients found in this rice help the body to lessen aggravation and to purge the assemblage of unsafe substances that can add to an extensive variety of conditions. It also relieves from the blockage of heart veins.

Some cooking methodologies using black rice

cooked black rice

  • Since it is grungy and denser than white rice, black rice takes more time to cook. As well as can be expected to be accomplished by first soaking your black rice for no less than one hour before cooking it.
  • You can make an early arrangement for its cooking. You need to drench your rice to eliminate the measure of the cooking time required furthermore to make the supplements in the rice more absorbable.
  • This rice can be the decorative, yet, nutritious item in your cold salad. When red, yellow, green bell peppers form the part of this dressing, it adds a color and enhances the taste also. You need to make it sure that the rice is fully cooked before adding any other ingredients of your salad.
  • Also black colored rice can be used as a stuffing material. You can stuff it with bread, with other herbs and spices.
  • It is also possible to prepare your delicious dessert from this rice.

As of now, you can likely discover it in most wellbeing nourishment stores and extensive gourmet sustenance markets, notwithstanding Asian grocery stores. Many health conscious people are finding out about black rice’s advantages. They are utilizing it. In this way, black colored rice will most likely turn out to be all the more broadly accessible at bigger chain markets and eateries.

If not cooking it on a regular basis, you can use this rice as a part of your Sunday or weekend feast. Just learn to prepare its interesting recipes and you can make your family member running behind these new offerings in their lunch or dinner. There is no way to care for the health, nutrition and taste of your family than a plate of cooked black rice. All you need to do is to search for this in your grocery store, online marketplace or notify a suggested cereal vendor for its arrival.

Stay hale and healthy!