10 Amazing Vegetables that fires up Fat Burning and Spikes Metabolism

A  lot of studies are being undertaken and the subject being trimmed every day on  obesity and its interrelation with a chain of diseases in recent times. A general remedy for these is most importantly to consume the right kind of fruits and vegetables to stay healthy. Some recent statistics gathered over the past years says

  • The USA counts to be the third country in the obesity country list.
  • In the USA, consumption of processed foods that are known to contain a huge percentage of trans-fat, sugars, and other unhealthy or artificial ingredients is more.  This tops in ranking among the US population.
  • The middle class has been found out with the increasing cases of child/adult obesity.

As an established, direct connection between fat depositions in human body with its metabolism, major environmental factors that affect body fat distribution can be enlisted as:

  • The timing of onset of childhood obesity
  • Strong genetic factors
  • Food habits
  • Alcohol intake and cigarette smoking

Out of these when it comes to controlling body fat deposition, it is suggested to make it possible by controlling the last two factors as former two are inbuilt in nature.


Broccoli, among vegetables, is known for its plenty of fibre content and polyphenols. Apart from fibres, the presence of a unique nutrient in this vegetable called sulforaphane helps cells burn body fat. As per a research finding, this nutrient starts a chemical reaction inside the body that leads directly to the fat loss. As per  our elders’ advice who say to us to enjoy eating the taste of this kind of vegetable, helps to shed excess fat from our body. in such a way, it protects the cardiac system. It is packed with fibre so it keeps you energetic, have proper digestion and make active and leaves you with a feeling of satisfaction.

Do’s: Spice it up with spices or pepper and enjoy the authentic taste of broccoli.

Don’t: Try to skip the broccoli cheese soup, as it doesn’t work for weight loss directly.


Mushrooms, as vegetables contain valuable nutrients, like fiber, niacin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, selenium and copper. Without going over your daily calorie limit, these vegetables have the ability to provide low calories and energy density. This allows you to lose weight and fat without feeling deprived of satisfactory food.

Many studies have suggested for eating a bowl full of these vegetables, instead of a cheesy or gravy filled foods. They are known for providing fullness felt along with minimising blood fat level immediately after eating.

Do’s: Select branched mushroom over buttoned mushrooms.

Don’t: Check for colour and spoilage properly before eating.


Asparagus offers plenty of positive effects on our body, and each of them seems to play a particular role in helping you lose excess weight. The first being, the ability of these vegetables to expel toxins and other wastes, the second it’s assistance in the process of digestion. It helps to maintain gut microflora. it helps to have the proper rest, protects from shrinkage of skin. It has plenty  of vitamins and minerals that help you achieve all-around growth.

Do’s: As it accepts seasonings and spices very well, making it a good addition to your regular menu.

Don’t: No peeling required for asparagus.


The celery’s secret is very simple and prominent. These vegetables are known to contain fewer calories and to help in the fat-burning process. Celery is good as a part of a balanced diet is concerned as it mostly consists of water. However, your body cannot rely upon celery diet only as your body won’t get the necessary minerals and nutrients. So it would be best to combine it with some other foods and make it for a balanced diet. Good to know that Celery has a long history of use, firstly as medicine and then later as a food.

Do’s It celery as a tasty addition to many cooked dishes like stir-fry dishes, soups, stews, and casseroles.

Don’t: Do not cut it short to remove its leafy part, even that is good to eat.


The Vegetable Cabbage is a great immune-booster. This is due to its richness in antioxidants.  It is also rich in  vitamin C. We can enjoy its taste when it is lightly sautéed in a stir-fry pan or eaten raw as a salad item. The phytochemicals found in cabbage, are indoles, estradiol, a safer form of estrogen. This provides with good fat building molecules in the human body. The favorite quality of cabbage is it can be added to any kind of cooking item and with other vegetables also.

Do’s: Eat more of red cabbage as red cabbage has more Vitamin C as compared to green cabbage.

Don’t: Stop using cabbage at least 2 weeks before a scheduled surgery. As it might affect blood glucose levels and create interference.


In the race to provide nutrient benefits, these vegetables are brightly coloured. They  are packed with potassium, folic acid and antioxidants. They also are packed with sulphur compounds that help in the digestion process. Thinly slice and toss it with  a fresh green salad or stuffed in parathas, they can be easily enjoyed with its complete nutrient benefits.

Do’s: Always include the leafy green tops, which contain six times the vitamin C and more calcium than the roots.

Don’t: Don’t just wash under running water but clean using a vegetable brush before usage.


Spinach is often one among the vegetables that are seen left out on a child’s plate. Adults are coming around to it as per the knowledge of its food properties. As it really does contain a lot of good things in it for losing weight and assist in general well-being. This vegetable is to be eaten in several different ways, like fresh as a salad or in a can, in frozen form. It works for weight loss by adding bulk to your stomach with minerals like iron and without creating excess calories. Try to purchase organic form if possible, since conventional spinach picks up a lot of chemicals from the fields.

Do’s: Raw, boiled spinach is best to eat after it is washed properly under running water. Usage of organic spinach will be more beneficial.

Don’t: Don’t just eat spinach as an option for a green leafy vegetable but keep it in rotation with kale and dandelion.

8Tomatoes-Are they vegetables?

Tomatoes are although used as vegetables in most part of US but are a scientifically proven to belong to the category of fruits. It is available in all parts of the world and all type of cooking need tomato as a necessary ingredient.All you need to know here is that it’s got a ton of good things for your body. As a long term, it makes up for a balanced diet and in the short term it works to help you lose weight and help keep it off. They’re low on the calorie meter, but they help to give you that full feeling and contain fiberthat keeps things moving in your digestive system. It is easily blended with other vegetables and as an important item in the vegetable salad.

These super good vegetables bring more to the table than just weight loss. The lycopene brings antioxidants that studies are showing to be potentially helpful with a myriad of diseases.

Do’s: Be sure to add tomatoes to your cart each time you visit vegetables, vendors.

Don’t: Don’t ever take a milk diet, 1 hour before or after a tomato diet, especially after a tomato based diet.


Beans are a staple item but used as an ingredient in vegetables/dishes prepared in the US. They also can be used as sprouts to extract its hidden properties. These vegetables help to regulate blood sugar levels and also help with digestion process due to their fiber content. It contains fatty amino acids, carbohydrate, sufficient quality of protein and other minerals. Many restaurants keep black beans on hand as a substitute for a side.  So they’re a great go-to item when you’re out with friends and want to eat well without looking like you’re on a diet. Along with all other benefits, it also provides with heart protection.

Do’s: Eat boiled, or as sprouts or cooked.

Don’t: Do not follow a strict gym plan based on only beans diet.


A diet based on cucumber salad can be eaten as much as you want and whenever you feel hunger. It counts in ideal food for everybody who doesn’t really want to think about or stick to a diet plan. There are only a few ingredients that are included and the diet can last from 10 to 14 days. As like other fat burning foods, these vegetables has the ability to provide a sense of fullness in eating due to its high water content. The foremost good quality of cucumber is the reduction of the heat of the body and particularly eyes. Doctors say that cucumber kills the negative effect of nicotine lying in the smokers’ body. It is highly beneficial and you don’t have to worry that your body will lack something during this period.

Do’s: Prefer its raw eating in combination with curd instead of its cooked eating.

Don’t: Don’t peel before usage, only wash it properly.

Most of the Vegetables mentioned above can help to burn fat and promote weight loss in so many great ways! The best advantage of vegetables over junk or our regular food is that these provide us with the satisfaction of filling our tummy. A balanced diet would mostly contain a correct and measured quantity of all these vegetables in our diet on a regular basis. This is to improve our body metabolism in a best possible way.