Water, the Elixir of life. 10 Recommended ways of its intake.

We have heard “People say that if you find water rising up to your ankle, that’s the time to do something about it, not when it’s around your neck.”

The above quote stands perfectly true for handling adverse situations at the right time in your life and also for your recommended daily for your liquid intake.  It has many health benefits in our day-to-day performance and activities. It keeps your organs functioning properly, clears toxins from the body, makes a balance of salt and iron levels and it hydrates your muscle cells. It also liberates fat stores on your body so they are burned off as an energy source. A major decrement in performance can be seen due to dehydration.

What are the immediate horrible effects of not taking enough of water daily?

mood swings- water

  • Greater possibility of facing long-term/short-term health conditions:

Our body organ functioning depends upon the amount of water and nutrients that we take daily. So the lack of it in the body will enhance the chances of getting kidney stones. It will also lead to gastrointestinal and urinary tract cancer, and even a heart attack.

  • The lack of it slows down your metabolism:

All the life process depends upon the percentage of it present in our body at that time. These may be like  digestion, blood circulation, excretion and others.  The lesser is the percentage the slower will be the dependent chemical reactions and so the overall body functioning. One can visualize a man highly thirsty, and without water to drink, can not act in any manner despite he may be an athlete or powerful man in normal times. As water surrounding the earth more than 60%, the human body is filled with 60% water contents.

  • Reduction in brain function and intelligence level:

Dehydration pressures and shrinks your brain, and it will need twice as much time to accomplish the tasks. Your thinking power dampens slowly and you will take a time to recall.

  • Gradually you will look older and lose your skin shine:

It keeps the skin hydrated and fills in the fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a nice and bright skin tone.

  • It will lead to mood swings:

Dehydration leaves you with a feeling of weakness and helplessness. It leaves us confused, depressed and full of anger.

In this exclusive marathon race, the whole world is totally encapsulated by a layer of brand promotion.  Advertising for all types of products that you buy today, from what you drink to the food you eat and the clothes to cover your skin. So we are simply satisfying our thirst with any beverage like coffee, tea, juices or cold drinks. Sometimes beer also as a substitute for plain water.

To help make them know the facts about crystal clear water, experts made a note on ‘how much water we need.  Also, whether drinking it can really help keep those extra calories at bay’.

What are the signs indicating that you do not drink enough water daily?

woman-with-headache- water

  • Dry mouth.
  • Headache
  • Dark-colored urine.
  • Dizziness.
  • Hunger.
  • Laziness.
  • Dry skin.
  • Increased heart rate.
  • Thirsty

The above nine signs are major and clear-cut indications that you are harming your body by just not supplying with the adequate quantity of water needs daily.

What quantity will be enough?

One of the reports specified in requirement of water based on a survey as:


  • 91 ounces or 7-8 full glass of water for women
  • And 125 ounces or 8-9 glasses of water for men.
  • Note here that, these guidelines are for total fluid intake, including fluid from all food and beverages.

Also, if you are habituated to taking beverages then you may decrease your water intake. As to balance the above-suggested intake but one thing to note here that excessive amount of sugar and salt may harm your body.

What are the ways that I can enjoy drinking water apart from quenching my thirst?

  • As far as water is concerned, it is the best fluid and you can drink it early in the morning. You can drink it either by warming it slightly or flavoring it by adding mint powder or basil powder or asafetida or fresh aloe vera juice.

Not to forget here: Do not brush or eat or drink, if you are drinking a glass full of it daily in the morning.

  • Also, you drink water as part of your daily meal either lunch or dinner, so as to adding to the count of 8-10 glass daily.

Not to forget here: Keep a gap of 15-20 minutes for water intake before and after you meal. It will aid in the best benefit of easing out the digestion process.

  • Whenever you think about drinking a soda, try to give the care about the pros and cons. It’s actually full of Aspartame, unnatural sweeteners, and dyes. Water, on the other hand, is something your body needs and flourishes from.

Not to forget here: Plain water is the most beneficial thing that your body needs.

  • Try out some childish ideas to make you drink water.  Maybe some favorite or attractive pot or container or glass that will keep you insisting on drinking water from  it.

Not to forget here: Always beautiful things or any hobby will help you to stick to it or help you to make it a part of your schedule.

  • Drinking water, all day can get a little boring, so spice it up! You can add some fruit to your next glass like cucumber or hibiscus it keeps you feel refreshing and different all day.

Not to forget here: You will do this if you want to take care of your taste buds and also stop yawning during the day time.

  • Eat water enriched fruits like watermelon or tomatoes which will help you stay healthy by increasing your daily water intake.

Not to forget here: Eating them raw will be good and your body will be happy too to get blended.

  • Go techno-savvy by reminding you about the need to drink a glass of water now by installing some mobile apps. These will remind you and will be a fashion trendy too. Go fancy, set a timer!

Not to forget here: Do not be crazy over it, use your brain too.

  • You can drink a glass of water or other calorie-free or low-calorie beverage with each meal and between each meal.

Not to forget here: Drink water before, and after exercise. During the course, if felt highly needed then one can have. A belly full of water does not give good results of the exercise and also not allows you to do it properly.

  • if you are enthusiastic enough then you can just utilize your time spent on a phone by just sipping two to three intakes of water during office or at home too.

Not to forget here: It will lower down your anger by controlling your aggression too at times if needed.

  • Sweat more by doing some physical activity and then drink that water at room temperature. You will forget about pious in front of that a glass of water.

Not to forget here:

Drinking refrigerated water immediately after sweating, running, exercising is very harmful to your body.

Tender coconut, cucumber, and watermelon are the next best to water and natural

We have a habit of drinking water along with food that we eat daily, may be during breakfast, lunch or dinner and drinking one or two glass extra from this routine. This way we set our mind that we have fulfilled our daily water requirement and do not needs to take care of this easily available, unworthy to mention as far as fruits, vegetables and other nutrients are concerned, as a part of our body necessitate. We make a habit of relying upon expensive medicines, health-products and other needful, in a way to take care of our health. Also to our extreme craziness, we start neglecting this utmost essential intake for our body.Water is the essence of life; don’t forget to make it a part of yours!