Welcome the world with your beautiful smile!

Are you attracted towards your favourite celebrity’s pose in the recent Red Carpet ceremony? And you are admiring this beautiful face to be yours in your next marriage function picture. Then you should better note the sparkling white teeth with a beautiful smile and glittering lips in proper shape. All these give a perfect balance to the face which itself has enough trigger to enhance the look. It is a beautiful smile which provides with a cent percent look for any perfect picture.

With selfies and instant photo sharing becoming so popular, a camera-ready beautiful  smile is one of the great achievement. But you don’t need to be a celebrity to know how to flash a glowing grin, though. Follow these steps to get pictures you’ll be happy to send to your friends.

Dos for a perfect beautiful smile:

Be natural.

natural- beautiful smile

When it’s a picture time, smile gently. That way when your face looks relaxed. Your mouth opens slightly, in a way that your lower lip matches the curve of your upper teeth. It’s the opposite of the quick beautiful smile that flashes across your face when you see an old friend. In the correct sense express your real happiness gently and your photo comes very beautifully than whatsoever you can add in an unnatural way.

Stand up straight.

Does it happen sometimes that your smile in a photo look like you have a double chin? Then watch your posture. “If you slouch or your head is too bent forward, then it spoils your smile,” says an expert from a research institute. So here is a suggestion for you, turn your head slightly and drop your chin so your face is not completely square with the camera.

Ladies, your lipstick choice matters much.

lipstick- beautiful smile

Choose one that works with your skin tone. “The right shade of lipstick can make teeth look whiter,” says an expert. Shades of cherry red, wine, berry, plum, or rosy pink are your best bets. Blue-based or pink-based undertones will help hide yellow stains in your teeth.

Check your teeth and gums.

Getting your smile camera-ready sometimes calls for a little behind-the-scenes prep work. If your choppers have yellowed with age, try a whitening product or visit your dentist regularly. Correcting cracked, broken, or missing teeth will likely mean sometimes with a dental professional. Don’t forget about taking care of your gums. Though you may think of them as supporting actors, they play a crucial role in a nice beautiful smile. So keep them in good shape. Brush, floss and rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash every day.

Practice for a beautiful smile

beautiful smile

Yes, indeed you need to practice if there is any big event for coming. Your perfect beautiful smile might not happen overnight. If you have a big photo event like a wedding or a graduation coming up, try out your grin in front of a mirror. You can see how it looks and feels when you hold your shoulders back proudly and strike a natural, unforced smile. You can also play around with turning your head and finding your best angle.

Don’t for a perfect smile:

Sports drinks


Scientific research has found that the pH levels in many sports drinks could lead to tooth erosion. They contain a high concentration of acidic components, which could wear away at the tooth’s enamel. Additionally, these drinks are often high in sugars that act as “food” for acid- producing bacteria. These bacteria then sneak into the cracks and crevices in your teeth, causing cavities and tooth decay. Some branded ‘soft’ drinks of world fame are reported to have more chemicals equal to that of pesticides.


Diabetes reduces the resistance of your to infection, so you’re at a risk for gum disease. Brushing, flossing, and monitoring your blood sugar can help. Diabetes is directly related to periodontal disease. So, seeing the dentist and having your triglycerides and cholesterol levels checked on a regular basis is also crucial.

Smoking and drinking

drinkingandsmoking- beautiful smile

Smoking turns your teeth to dark yellowish, but it can be much more damaging than that. Using any form of tobacco can harm your teeth and gums in many ways. It can cause throat, lung, and mouth cancer, and even death. Wine drinkers beware, regular wine consumption can harm tooth enamel. Wine’s acidity can dissolve the tooth structure, and both red and white wine can increase dental staining.

“Enamel erosion develops when wine drinkers swish the wine. Avoid constant contact with the enamel, instead, take small sips and rinse with water when you’re done drinking.


Naturally occurring bacteria in the mouth devour sugar, creating acids that attack tooth enamel. These acids can lead to decay and a host of other problems, including gingivitis and cavities. The worst thing you can do is leave sugar lingering on your teeth and gums. Eating any amount of candy and brushing and flossing immediately is actually less damaging than not brushing after eating one piece before bedtime.

With all these, when you are among a set or a group of people, friends, colleagues or otherwise keep your mind to have really associated with them. It gives enormous pleasure in the mind. This is essential because as it is widely said, ” Face is the index of the mind”. Thus have a nice photo of you, we wish.

Your beautiful smile is one of your best assets, so, of course, you want to keep it sparkling. But even if you brush, use white strips, and visit your dentist twice a year, it may not be enough. Here are some factors that can wreak havoc on your teeth and gums, and put a serious damper on your smile.