What does it feel to have Fibromyalgia?

An acute pain in your muscles and skeleton which is also characterized by sleeping disorder and several mood swings. You can pretty well be sure that you are suffering from fibromyalgia. The pain sensation sometimes gets multiplied many times and gives a lot of discomforts. The main symptom of Fibromyalgia is extreme pain, however, this syndrome causes a lot of other complications.

There are various ways in which people express their pain which is due to fibromyalgia. They are affected with some kind of flu-like infection. They generally are not able to sleep well and often suffer from insomnia. patients suffering from fibromyalgia do not have a sound sleep.Pain all over. They also suffer from brain disturbance, cramping, and weakness, itchy skin troubles etc.

Causes for Fibromyalgia

The exact causes for Fibromyalgia are still unknown to many of us. There are certain autoimmune diseases which are also responsible for fibromyalgia. They may be anything like arthritis etc.

Apart from this, there are also other factors which might contribute to fibromyalgia. They could be genetical problems, any serious autoimmune disease, or even some kind of accidents also are the main cause of this.

The risk that a woman is affected by this disease is more common than men.


If you are suffering from complete body pain for complete three months or so, Practioner then surely would confirm that it is a symptom of fibromyalgia. There is no particular test identified till now for this chronic disease. If you consult your practitioner, he might look and identify if you are suffering from continuous  pain in your joints. Apart from this, there can be certain blood test which could be done. This is just done not to identify fibromyalgia, but just to eliminate the doubts if the person is suffering from any other disease.

Simple and effective ways to treat the condition:

1Practice dance or Aerobics:

There are certain easy exercises like walking, cycling, aerobics which take a complete control of our muscles. These are the best enemies for fibromyalgia. Repetition of such exercises does make a lot of difference and eradicates the disease.

The only trick is to just to stick to your schedule of working. Make sure you work out at least for half an hour a day. There are also other options of exercises which are available. Namely cycling, cardio etc. Make sure you find the right kind of group so that you could make it as interesting as possible.

2Try stretching yourself as often as possible:

Stretching your body need not necessarily mean you ought to do some exercise. It could be plainly any kind of household activities which you could carry on.

Try concentrating on those zones of the body like hip, thighs etc. Try to stretch your muscle and try holding your breath and simultaneously your breath for 30 seconds. A bit of inhaling and exhaling at the same time would also help.

3Shoulder extension:

This is quite a simple exercise to perform in order to relieve us from the pain of fibromyalgia.

We need to stand straight and erect. Push your arm towards your back as far as possible. Remember to keep your elbows straight.

Hold in this position for 5 seconds and then repeat this entire activity for 5 counts. You will find the relieve you get from this exercise is quite awesome.

4No equivalent to yoga:

The postures and asanas practiced in yoga gives a lot of flexibility and relieves a lot of pain. Yoga also relieves you from various stress factors and improves our concentration. Certain postures and asanas practiced in yoga are very good to practice in our day to day life.

5Heat or cold treatments:

A mild treatment with either with hot water or cold water is very effective method of treating fibromyalgia. It relieves the pain in the muscles, as it loosens the muscles. This is the most simple, yet effective method of dealing with the disease.

6Medications available:

There are various medications to treat fibromyalgia. They are available in the market. However, it is better to consult the doctor before taking these medications in order to treat fibromyalgia. They are named Lyrica, Savella, and Cymbalta.

Different medications have a different impact on the patients. Wherein lyrica calms the nerves, Cymbalta helps the patients to ease the pain. Savella helps the patients to improve their functionality.

There are many medications available in the market. It is advisable to take the consent of the doctor before consuming these medications. As the amount of these medications are at most important.

Fibromyalgia is one of such a disease which cannot have an immediate treatment. However there are many home remedies that can be taken to overcome the disease. There are remedies like hot or cold water packs which are available at everyone’s home. We need to ensure as to we get treated correctly for fibromyalgia. Apart from these medications, it is advisable to follow certain basic life code like yoga to get relieved from this chronic pain. Stick on to these and let us bid goodbye to fibromyalgia.