What Happens to Your Body When You Quit Tea?

Smith is a working professional, but he has a habit of having tea frequently. He used to say, ‘I can’t function properly without my morning cup of tea.’ Sometimes he plans to quit tea as soon as possible. As he tries for the same, after some time by making one or other excuse he start drinking tea again. One day while surfing the internet he got to know about how, why and when should one quit tea-drinking. By making himself strong for a few months, he could finally be able to get rid of his tea addiction. He is now enjoying his health to the full extent.

Before discussing anything else, let us check the composition of tea. Tea contains theanine, caffeine, catechin, and vitamins. These key components in the key are known to prevent cancer and heart diseases. It is the second most popular beverage in the world.

What are the health benefits of tea-drinking?

As per the key component, it contains, and its percentage in the type of tea leaves you to purchase, there can be several good effects of tea-drinking to your body. For example, Catechins are known for decreasing blood cholesterol, cancer prevention effect, antioxidant, antibacterial effect etc. Similarly therein has an anti-hyperglycemic effect, high blood pressure inhibition etc. It is really good if you are taking it in a limited quantity and not making a habit of it. But it is widely believed to be addictive and unsafe to health when taken in large quantities.

Why do you get into a habit of tea-drinking?

drinking tea- quit teaThe truth to be told here that you are suffering from tea addiction. The main reason behind this is its caffeine content, which enhances your alertness, stamina and thereby decreasing tiredness. It makes one to feel some sort of freshness kindling alertness. This caffeine dependency can be a real disorder. Do not worry that it is on the same level as a drug or alcohol dependence. But, for some people, it causes enough problems to induce them to kick the habit.

What happens when you withdraw yourself from caffeine?

A tea drinker may experience withdrawal symptoms from 12 to 20 hours after his last caffeine intake. And it may last for about a week. And believe me, it will not be too difficult and may be late on you will give a few tips to others to minimize the discomfort.

  • A headache: Although not everyone will experience a pounding head, but some may experience a mild to a severe headache.
  • Inability to concentrate: As caffeine is a stimulant,  if you try to remove it from your daily routine, you may lose the energy starts that it made to have brought. You may find the inability to concentrate on a particular work and face mood swings.
  • Irritability or depression: Again quitting tea may make you feel depressed and irritating. You may experience homesickness or bed-sickness. As you will not be able to take up other activities readily.
  • Constipation problems: Caffeine may stimulate bowel activity, due to its sudden low level of circulation in your blood. You should heighten your fiber intake under these situations.

How can you achieve a withdrawal from tea addiction easily?

lemon-water-quit tea

Let us discuss some routine steps or initiatives you need to take-up, in a way to quit tea.

Step 1: Reduce intake, day-by-day.

Suppose you have a habit of drinking 5-6 cups of tea a day then you need to reduce it to 4-5 for one week then again reducing to 3-4 in the next week and so on. Surely you can achieve it.

Step 2: Substitute your tea with other healthy and sugar-free drink like green or black tea.

Step 3: Cut down on your daily sugar intake too. And rely upon eating fresh-cut fruits instead of processed ones or juices.

Step 4: Drink plenty of water. You are not supposed to dehydrate yourself. So in place of tea, you can drink warm water or mineral water, in your own, sip-by-sip style.

Step 5: Daily, in the morning, you need to drink lemon water. This will make you energetic and detoxification.

What health benefits will you enjoy after quitting tea?

The worth of quitting tea can certainly be enjoyed in the form of these incredible health benefits:

1Weight loss:

Although you sweat in your training sessions, for a lot many times, this time, you will see a positive result by the remarkable shift of weighing machine needle to a lesser weight. As by the limiting level of caffeine in the blood, your metabolism will boost up and you will lose pounds easily.

2No headaches if you quit tea:

Yes, you will be happy that you have finally lived a day without a headache and more days to come. Due to increased amount of blood flow to the brain, there is better conduction of brain signals while you work, so the pain gets vanished.

3Hormonal balance:

Poor diet habits, unmanageable lifestyles, and work-culture, badly affects hormone system of your body. Stress hormone will be in reduced level due to cutting down of caffeine. Also, it will effect on insulin and growth hormone positively.

4 No more heartburn:

Caffeine, if taken in a large amount, is known to disrupt the digestive system functioning. Once you quit tea, you will see that there are no more heartburn feelings.

5A better sleep and lack of anxiety:

Caffeine disturbs your sleep cycle, by making you more alert. As per a research work, a cup of tea taken even 6 hours before going to bed has the capability to disrupt your sleep. When you are lessening your caffeine intake, it will result to better and sound sleep. Also, you will not feel the anxiety like sweating palms, stressed-out. So, why not to opt for quitting tea tightening schedules, if it is able to provide you with better health that comes with good hours of sleep.

6Shiny white teeth:

As caffeine builds up tannins upon your enamel, staining it to yellow color. So by a regular care of your teeth, you will again have shiny white teeth. Also, the jaw health will increase. So enjoy a caffeine-free health benefit by getting into a habit of taking other beverages like green or lemon tea.

You need to be careful to take tea only twice a day, and not more than that. So now you know about, what happens to your body when you quit tea? You also know its withdrawal symptoms to its long-term health effects.  As per a famous saying: “Drinking a daily cup of tea will surely starve the apothecary.”


  1. What happens when you withdraw yourself from caffeine?

    My Experience

    1. Day: Exahused, as if I were fasting
    1. Week: Severe headache when smelling tea
    Let’s see following weeks!